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 Will my toe nail grow back?
Its been about a month since I damaged my toe nail. Its been slightly attached and yet over a month I haven't seen it fall off. I am starting to get worried that the new nail isn't coming ...

 I sprained my ankle...what type of doctor should i go see?
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 How to get a bandaid off?
I have a bandaid,and it's the clearand very sticky kind that they give you after you had a surgery. It hurts to much to just rip it, what can I do to take it off softly?...

 Is anyone medically trained? My brother has done something to his leg...?
He fell of a curb awkwardly and can't walk on his leg. Just above the knee there is a medium sized bump and it's causing him alot of pain? Anyone know what is wrong?...

 I broke my ankle, but I still want to Skateboard...?
so about 3-4 months ago I rolled my ankle right on the tail of my skateboard, and I pretty much fractured my ankle.. but the doctor said its still a break even tho it wasnt completly broken off...

 [10 POiNTS] I just want to know what it is .. not the slightly bit worried .?
Okay .. on Friday, I was hit across the cheek [ from my right side of mouth all the way to below eye ] playing basketball .. my face was swollen, so I put a ice pack on it .. then I looked down and ...

 Crutches or not?
Well, i have a sever pain in my knee. I cant walk on it. SHould i get crutches for it to go away or should I just walk on it? It really hurts even if i sit still at times!...

 I bent my back backward too far and now it hurts to bend. What should i do?
please answer this if you have any ...

 Weird clear liquid after a cut?
When you like pick a scab and it bleeds, at first blood comes out but then after a bit, a clear liquid comes out of the wound, i was wondering what it ...

 This is a very dumb question?
is it fun to break your leg cause i saw alot of youtube and it looks fun but any one know how bad it really ...

 Metal in eye?
My friend managed to get three pieces of metal stuck in his eye. He had them removed at the hospital 3 days ago and was given drops to use for a week.
However no one told him what to expect ...

 Infant not given Anesthesia during surgery?
If an infant needed surgery under the knife, and the parents wanted to save money and not give the baby anesthesia for the pain, would that be illegal in the U.S?

Also, would the baby ...

 What happens when an entire toenail breaks off and what should I do if it does break off?
I was playing basketball and the ball fell on shoe and hit my toe on the right foot. My toe was bruised and underneath the nail it turned purple. Now its not. However, the toenail appears to have ...

 Does a person who is getting a massage needs a sheet to cover, when the massage therapist says you don't?

 Fallen down stairs and have a painful wrist...?
I fell down the stairs a couple of hours ago and now my wrist hurts. Have taken paracetamol but it's realy bad. It hurts to grip anything and there's a pain straight down my thumb. Any ...

 It hurts really bad?
i have this pain located under head (under chin) on the left side. its really painful EVEYTIME i swallow spit it hurts,EVERYTIME i drink or eat something it hurts especially if its cold. i tried ...

 Self concious of scars?
ive fallen twice in the past 3 months at track during hurdles. in may i fell during the hurdle race and got spiked on my inner thigh. now there are 3 red scars from it and its been 3 months! i dnt ...

 Read me im important im 20 years old and in a wheel chair ......?
Hello Im Danielle and im 20 years old when i was 16 i was involved in a road traffic accident. I was knocked down and was seriously hurt. My doctor told me i had a vertibra which was broken in my ...

 What do you do if you can't stomach changing the dressing on your child's wound?
My son crushed the tip of his index finger in the door at school. We went to the ER and he received 10 stitches. I'm usually okay with most of what I see, but he really did a number on himself ...

 Are X-rays (Radiology) 100% accurate in detecting hairline fractures?
I recently suffered a crush injury. Im in ALOT of pain. I have tenderness & bruising on my ankle/foot but my Doctor said "No obvious fractures". He also said, it is possible that a ...

Kylee D
I punched a wall last night and it sill hurts?
I was angry at my boyfriend and punched a brick wall as hard as I could last night (I know, such a guy thing to do) and it hurts right now as if I just punched it. I can move it, so it isn't broken. I probably don't need a hospital; it isn't broken. It would also be embarrassing to go to a hospital for punching a wall like some retard. What do I do?

i would be so sure its not broken. if u punched a brick wall as hard as u could, it is most likely broken from so mjuch impact. just cuz u can move it does NOT means its not broken. who cares if its embarassing, its probably broken u need 2 c a dr. u need to go, becuase sprains and strains and pulled muscles all are caused from twisting. since u punched something, its most likely broken. wrap it in a bandage, ice it, go to a dr. and they will prob. tell u u need go to the er and they will feel it and they'll ask how u did it (dont be embarassed, it needs to be done to save ur hand from having surgery or something) and they will take some x rays, and if its broken u'll get a castt aand they will tell u how to take care of the cast and stuff.
u neeed to go, it honestly sounds broke......heyyy u want some signs of a break:

is it swelled up HUGE, like the size of a watermelon?
any bruising in the area?
does it hurt to touch it?

if any of those apply, u need to see a dr. rite away. if its broken and swelled up, they wont cast it until the sweling goes down, they will give u something to wear on ur arm and in about a week they willl get u a cast. if its broken but theres not much swellling at all, they will probably cast it immediately. if its a kewl hospital, they will hav all kinds of cast colors and patterns.

dont be scared to tell them. u need to get wahetevr u did fixed.

hope i helped! :)))))))

okay.. well.. if u break a finger.. depending on where u broke it.. most likely u will still be able to move it. so go to the doctor and get x-rays!!! THEY WILL TELL U WHAT TO DO.

i ♥ chicken
wrap it up, if its swelling, put ice on it, and take some Advil

Let me 1st clear something up everybody is lead to believe that if you can move it its not broken this is not the case. Just because you can move it doesnt mean you didnt break something. Also a fracture is the medical word for break alot of people think a fracture is a break that deosnt do all the way through and a break is somehting that goes all the way through this is also not true any crack or break in the bone is a fracture. Now if your hand is swallen or numb or is brusing heaps i would go get it checked out your hand has 8 bones that make up the wrist 5 carples and 14 metacaples so there are alot of bones and you may have a break somewhere in there. Its better to be safe then sorry

Ryan D.
I would just go to thw hospital, they have seen it all there...

hopefully you and your bf makeup.

Well, I bet some time and another we have all done stuff just as crazy. But, don't worry you should be fine. Wrap it up and maybe put some ice on it. It hurts because of the impact and how hard you hit the wall. Since there are bones there it's going to hurt, but it'll get better soon.

Best of luck.

i know ur answer
it will heal by itself

Go and have it looked at. If they ask what happened tell them. They are not there to judge you,just because you can move it does not mean that you have not broken something or cracked something. Believe me, they won't think you are a retard. People do a lot worse things than that.

Ice it to keep the swelling down, take some pain Reliever.

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