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 How to treat srained ankle?
i was skating and when i landeda trick my ankle twisted ad now i can barely walk and i want to skate so bad so how is the best way for the sprain to go ...

 How do you heal swelling?
my finger is swelling like mad after i got hit by a ball...Doctor says it's not broken, he gave me pain killers and some ointments...1 week and nothing works. HELP! I can't even clench my ...

 How painful is a spinal tap?
Question says it all, my sister is going to get one most lickley and we just want to know....

 Smashed Finger 7 year old?
i have a 7 year old who smashed his finger in a door it now has a bump on it now the bump is a reddish green color the entire nail is black should he see a doctor or is there any mmedication he can ...

I was at volleyball tonight and dont ask its a long story but i ended up getting drilled in the back of my head ...hard and not 5 seconds later i got drilled in the face...really hard...well i ...

 How do you make bruises DISAPPEAR????
and fast?...

 My husband hit my leg really hard tonight??
My husband slammed his knee into the side of my calf full force tonight (accident of course) It kind of swelled up and mild brusing, but my problem is I can't move my foot. I cant point my toes ...

 I injured my lower back lifting at workI am getting an MRI tomorrow to rule out a herniated disc. Help please

 I strained my back now iam getting shooting pains down my rear left handside when i lift my right leg any idea

 Is it possible to have a hair line fracture in your wrist and it NOT be swollen or bruised??
I pushed a heavy punching bag as hard as I could. Then since my friend punched it harder I punched it WAY TOO HARD, and my wrist in killing me, but there is no swelling or bruising. This happened ...

 How many stairs would someone have to fall down to be sure they're really dead, and not stuck in a coma?
I want to do it right this time....

 Whats a quick way?
Whats a quick way to heal a cut? I need to know because if my girlfriend or her mom see the cut, they will send me back to rehab. I really don't want to go back.
Additional Details

 How long does it take to mend a broken leg???
I managed to break my lower fibula in four places, (ankle) - I understand its approximately four weeks for setting, then I may be put in a weight bearing plaster.

Does anyone out there ...

 Wats wrong wit my knee?
like a yr ago i was walking to lunch at skool and this kid slammed the door in my knee, now whenever i sit cross legged or have the knee bent for a little while it starts hurting and i cant move it ...

 Lead from pencil in my leg...harmless?
About 2 years ago, I had a pencil stabbed into my leg. The lead rom the pencil got stuck in my skin and I never pulled it out. It hasn't done anything to me yet, but I was wondering if possibly ...

 Is it normal for a 5 yr old to smell like an adult?
her under arms whew whats the best thing for that im afraid deoderant is too strong or is there a certain one HELLLLLLLLLLLP...

 Should i do it now !?
actully iam have hole in my ear drum doctor has advice me to undergo opreration .rite now iam not ready for opreration i am afraid a bit . i possiblely think tat i can do it in another 3-4 moths mean ...

 Did my coworker nearly twist off her leg in an attempt to avoid embarrassment?
It has been slippery here in CO this winter. While she was coming out of the mailroom, she slipped and severely broke her leg, requiring major surgery. She has always been socially embarrassed, ...

 How do you remove a splinter from foot of 3 yr old?
My daughter has a splinter (small but causing area to be red) which she got from our deck. None of the splinter is sticking out of the skin so I can't grab it with tweezers. She won't let ...

 How do I lift weights without getting headaches afterwards?
I've barely lifted in the last 4 years because I always get headaches after I lift. They are like muscle tension headaches, and hurt so bad that it is not worth lifting. How do I avoid this ...

I need to see a doctor but have no insurance...where can i go?

Most cities have free clinics. Most doctors will see you without insurance, but you have to pay full price.

Most large ciites have a public hospital for those unable to pay.

Usually there will be a clinic for people with no insurance or you can go to a county hospital or a Catholic hospital.

quagi m
Many doctors will let you make payments on your medical services.

Dr. Phil?

I do not know about where you live but our hospital has a policy about they cannot turn you away because of an inability to pay. Also, we have a County Health Office that can treat patients free or very very cheap, so you may check your local phone book for your county's Health Unit or call the hospital and ask about your options, your health is nothing to mess with because you cannot afford to pay. There has to be something available in your area.

If you have a serious injury or illness, you should go to the nearest ER, you won't have to pay when services are rendered. The hospital will send you a bill and most of the time you can set up the balance on payments. Get well!

You should get help, and you can probably get help for free or at a discounted price. At worst, you can work out a deal with the hospital or medical facility where you can make periodic payments. You might want to keep a diary of your medical problems so you will be better prepared when you see a doctor.

I’ve included links below to a free clinic directory, the Bureau of Primary Health Care that can help you locate country and state health departments, and a page listing Medicaid state sites. Health insurance is usually less expensive as part of group health plan, so you should try and find work that will help you pay for health insurance. I’ve also included links to Needy Meds and Partnership for Prescription Assistance, both of which have information on how to get financial assistance in buying prescription medication. Needy Meds also has information medical assistance programs categorized by state, federal, private, and disease/condition.

When you can afford your own private plan, try MostChoice.com. You can look up free insurance rates and talk with more than one local insurance agent. There’s no cost or obligation to buy anything from anyone, and you might be surprised to find that insurance is more affordable than you think. Some plans are $60 a month and include preventive care such as routine doctor visits.

You can visit MostChoice here: http://www.mostchoice.com/health-insurance.cfm

Hope this helps,

A lot of cities have clinics that provide free or sliding scale services. One in our area is Visiting Nurse Assoc. Call hospitals to see if they have any places they could refer you to.

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