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 Naval piercing?
I got my naval pierced a few months back and its still all red at the top and it still oozes pus...its horrible and it hurts. I clean it with saline solution but its rubbish...what else can i use?

 Hit by a bike!?
Me and my dog were taking a walk when all of a sudden a guy ridding a bike comes from behind me and hits me. I fell forward smashing my face into the ground. I broke my nose and dislocated my ...

 Any way to prevent injuries??
Well i keep getting injured while skateboarding. This year I:
bruised the bone and trwisted my foot while skateboarding
broke my wrist while skateboarding
had to get stitches ...

 Toe possibly broken, is it worth going to the doctor?
I injured my left small toe while training in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Basically, my toe got stuck in the mat and my foot went the opposite way, forcing my toe to the outside of my foot.

I ...

 Baby with broken femur?
My 3wk old baby was brought to the doctor because she was very cranky. He checked her out and sent for x-rays. He said that she had a broken femur, a fractured rib and arm. The only explanation was ...

 How do you remove stitches from surgery?
Have 6 stitches on the shoulder from an arthroscopic shoulder surgery. Are there directions on how I can remove them myself? How many days actual surgery should I be taking them off?...

 How to tell it i have a broken tailbone?
if you want to see what happened just look at my last ...

 My dad fell on the ice?
ok, so my dad fell on the ice in teh driveway, and hit his head hard. for about 30 seconds, he was out cold. when he came around, he was completely shaky, his head had a small soft spot in it, but ...

 Swallowing ink?
i just accidentaly swallowed ink and will anything happen to me?...

 School want to see a doctors note?
School want to see a doctors note because I missed my mock speaking exam on monday due to a swelling sinus problem to the left side of my face. my mom phoned the school up tiday and now they wanna ...

 Am I bad luck?
Every Saturday this month I worked in a reserve (social work). Every Saturday someone has been shot on the reserve. Am I bad luck?...

 Have you ever cut your foot on a blade of grass?

 My ear is bleeding......?
I was on my cell phone with my husband and something weird happend, the phone started ringing while I was on it and it hurt my ear so bad. Now my hearing is distorted and my ear is bleeding. Can ...

 Whats a good martial art for someone with a hand injury?
I have chronic de-quervains tenosinovitus, which affects the tendons in my left wrist, so I cant do grappling or open handed striking. I can make a fist and am thinking something like Wing-Chun, or T...

 Brain swelling, surgery was done...survival rate?
Long story short: My friend was in a HORRIBLE car accident and ended up in ICU. He went into emergency surgery where they had to open his skull to releave pressure on the brain. He is responsive, ...

 I really need to know what's going on with the cut in my leg!?!?! PLS..?
I got a cut in my knee because i tripped while i was walking.. It was a really (It's Big) serious cut..My sister bought Hydrogen Peroxide and a infection Protection thing.. I Applied the H...

 Hurting Ankle?
This morning I woke up at hearing someone at the door. I got up quickly, and ran, I fell down and twisted my ankle, dragged myself to the door, got it, then sat down with help. It's been 8 hours,...

 I have a patch of numbness above my knee where I fell and hit it pretty hard. Is this normal?
I tripped over something I didn't see and hit the sidewalk pretty hard yesterday. I have a few bruises on the knee that hit hardest, and right above that knee is a spot where my skin is numb. I...

 Ok is it possible to remove an eye without damaging it and put it back and the person is able to see again?

 My finger was bitten on saturday, what should I do?
In all seriousness, the bite didn't break my skin, but my finger is tender and tingly and I'm not sure what to do. It still has blood going to it, and i'm obviously still able to type, ...

I just resently accidently stepped on a pencil. Will the lead be dangerous to me?
its in the middle of my foot and was bleeding a lot.

Make sure your tetanus shots are up to date. If it's a deep puncture wound you should get one if you haven't had one in the last 10 years, or else you can get tetanus or some other infection.

if it was actually lead, i think it might be, but pencils are actually graphite now, so you will be fine

Wash it well, and put on some antiseptic lotion. The pencil lead is not the dangerous kind.

Pencils are made of graphite instead of lead now and I don't think you have anything to worry about. I have a big piece of graphite in my hand. Its been there for eight years and I haven't had any problems with it. Its kind of cool I can still see it, I thought it would break down in my body.

the rock
depends how big the pencil was

There isn't lead in pencils anymore. I stepped on one and had to have it removed. It jammed 3 inches into my foot. No problem. My daughter jammed one in her chin and the tip was in there for over two years until it was removed by a plastic surgeon. Her doctor said it would work itself out eventually but never did. She was fine!

Reva P
It's graphite, not lead. But you should have someone look at it.

Pancils do not have actual lead "leads" anymore. The "lead" in them is made from graphite nowadays, which is not harmful to you.

The 'lead' is actually graphite. It will not hurt. the dirt and germs on it mat though.

Mr. G
No, pencils no longer have lead in them.

The "lead" is actually graphite...a form of carbon...the same carbon that you are made from...

I would be more concerned with infection if it was deep enough to bleed "a lot." Just make sure you treat the wound as you would any other wound.

You do not have to worry about lead poisoning.

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