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 I have a cast on my leg up to my knee. How do take a bath without getting it wet?
I've tried a plastic bag, and water still gets in there....

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I am now left with only 9 inches it ...

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 Why would.....?
i woke up this morning w/ terrible pain in my jaw!? Now my jaw wont stop hurting. What could cause this?...

 Got a question?
my dad woke up with a swollen leg down to ankle is real red and blueish color around his ankle he in the hopsital right now see if they could take out the fluid wat u think may cause that?...

 How do I stop sore legs?
i have to do a 50 meter dash tomorrow....

 Why does elevating the leg help when you have a leg injury?
like what's the science behind it?...

 BLAcK EYE!!!!!!!?????
2 nd a halfweeks ago i had a massive black eye, i put ice nd cream on it for 3 days(then stopped) by 1 week nd a half l8r it dissapeared, i went to brazil nd did a lot of water sports.Now my eye is ...

 Sharp Chest Pain?!?
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 If YOU were the PRESIDENT.....?
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any changes?...

 I have a wooden splinter underneath my fingernail?
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 Has anyone got any advice on using slings?
i was riding my bike and i tunrned a corner realy sharp and flipped under my bike then looked at my wrist and it had swollen sooooo much i went to hospital had my wrist put in a cast aa sling and a ...

 If I take the stitches out myself, what instruments should I use? And whiskey for the pain?

 If you have a leg amputated can you keep the bones?
i think it would be badass to have a skeleton leg on display and be able to say it was mine....

 How do u get a broken arm?

Additional Details
1 word

 Worst injury you have ever had?
mine was when i cracked my skull and my sternum at the same time
Additional Details
i also got the tendon cut in my right hand middle finger from getting stabbed in the hand with a knife,...

 Is this normal to happen after a cat bite?
Ok my cat bit me about 4 days ago and I didn't go to the doctor b/c each day my hand seemed to be getting better, like the redness on my hand went away, the swelling is just starting to go down ...

 If I only have time for a short workout, is it worth it?

 What's best to do when you just broke your finger?
I want it to heal quick so that i can play in my basketball game on Monday, Tuesday, and friday?...

I just burned my fingers on my curling iron?
It hurts soo bad! It is really red. Someone told me to put vasaline or petroleum jelly on it. I did and it still hurts. What should I do? Thanks! :) ♥
Additional Details
Right now my fingers are covered in vaseline sitting in a cup with cold water. Does this help?

Go to the doctor or find a first-aid kit (Use the Burn Ouintmint) and then go to da doc.

heres a few ideas...

soak it in cold water
stick it in peanut butter
wrap it up
shake it out (best idea ive got)

I think what you did is going to help it a lot.

just keep it wrapped up in a wet towel it will go off the pain soon but will be sore for a couple of days oh and also take some paracetomol too

super duper
hurts so bad eh?

put it in a cup of ice or cold water to get rid of the sting should take about 10 minutes then some sudocrem should help

cold water or ice

keep them in cool water till the burning stop then wrap aintibiotic ointment first

The best thing is Noni juice pour some on a rag and
keep it over the burn. But if you dont have that then ice it up for 15 min twice a day and then Vaseline and bandage it up

Rocky K
OUCH! I hate burns, they sure can smart ya cant they? Anyways, Not allot can be done for that initial stinging, except soaking it in ice-water, or just running them under the cold water tap, it's some relief anyways. After that first bad burning goes down some, put some burn ointment on it, or Vaseline if you dont have any burn cremes. Hope this helps hun, :) Sorry you got burned, :( Take Care.

so i know this is really gross, but if they do start to blister take extra good care of them and ensure that they dont get infected!!

get the vasoline off!!

vasoline traps the heat in and will make your burn worse. if the skin isn't broken, vinegar will take away the burning pain. cold/ice water will help - don't leave your hand in ice water for more than 20 minutes at a time

take some Ibuprofen OR Acetaminophen

keep your hand elevated.
wash your hands with COLD water for the next several days - try to keep it away from the spray when you shower.

AFTER a couple days:
Aloe vera/aloe vera gel/Tea Tree Oil will help speed healing.
this is when you can put vasoline on the burn - not while it's still a fresh burn.

Corporate Mom
first of all never put an oil of any kind on a burn, think about it, vaseline puts a coat over the skin so that it holds the heat in! Putting your hand in water with vaseline on it is not going to help, the water will just bead off the vaseline, because oil and water don't mix. I suggest you gently wipe the vaseline off, and put aloe vera gel on it, if you have any, if you don't have any of that, noxema also works well. If you don't have either of those, then you can put mustard on it. The vinegar in the mustard will help heal the burn and the coldness will feel good on it.

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