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I got my belly button pierced about a month ago or so. I know my belly button is infected. The first day it was swolen, red and some liquid came out of it also it hurted and the part that was red it ...

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my knees keep sweeling up and if ther not swolen they hurt alot. ikeep puting heat on it but it still hurts. and i have basketball,track and field and im doing cheerleading in the summer, i want my ...

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this is getting me down....

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So I broke my middle finger on my left hand Saturday. It's in a splint and I've been taking care of it at home but it's still really swollen
Additional Details
Of course I ...

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 How can i break my foot very quickly plz help?
dont call me dumb
Additional Details
no im not going to break my foot i just want to ...

I have a absess and the doc cut it and drained it and put packing in it am i supposed to pull it out?
or does the packing come out by it self and how long does it take

What did the doc say, moron?

HUH YEAH GENIUS. You suppose to change the packing everyday. They packing absorbs the puss the fluid etc and also kills any infection cause the gauze strip has antibiotics in it. It will allow it to heal from the inside out. If you don't pack it everyday WITH NEW CLEAN GAUZE you will get INFECTION also if you don't pack it the outer layer of skin will heal leaving a big empty hole where ever the abscess was. NOT GOOD THING.

yes. pull it out! all the puss and junk in there has to drain!

Kel K
Your doc should have scheduled a follow up 72 hours later to check the packing and remove it. In most cases it does begin to come out on its own, but I definitely would not pull it out. He'll then clean it out again and make sure it's healing like it should. I hope he put you on antibiotics as well to help keep the infection away.

Call the doctor and ask what to do. You might possibly need followup appointments, but I wouldn't expect it to just disappear (since it shouldn't work itself out). You should ask questions like this before you leave next time.

Yeah, take it out and start gargling with warm,salt water.

justa girl
yes you have to pull it out and replace it with clean gauze, if you dont the incision will heal around it and it could fet infected.

You or the doctor should be the one to take the packing out.
And usually, it is the patient's resposibility to constantly change the packing... so call your doc and double check.

NO! before you do anything check with a GP, nurse, pharmasist or Doctor....

Your Doctor should have put you on antibiotics and you should have made another appointment. Or you can just call the office and ask them what to do.

Silver Fox
depends on the packing. some kind of turn to jelly and ooze out on their own, others need to be removed, but usually you'd get a nurse at your doctor's surgery to do this for you.

Me, I'd see the nurse.

You need to check with the doctor that put the packing in there, it mainly depends on where the abscess was, sometimes we leave it in for a few days, sometimes we have the patient change it daily and sometimes we have it taken out the next day.

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