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 What could be the cause of my eye turning red?

 Is it normal to pull a muscle in your sleep?
i think this has happened twice in my life.. once a while ago and once just last night.
all of a sudden last night i moved my leg and there was this tugging feeling and it was so painful!
i ...

 Please help and please be serious, im started to freak out?
I and friend got in a fight, with gloves. I hit in the face and he went to the ground. since then I sent him home on a taxi with another friend. Im starting to freak out cause im getting answers, on ...

 If you hit your foot on something really hard and your toenail comes off, will it eventually grow back?
If so, about how long would it take?

(and yes, this is a serious question, so please, no dumb/sarcastic answers...thanks)...

 Bruised foot possible fracture?
Well, I went swimming today, Public pool = Cement pool. And as I went to kick, I kicked the pool wall not with my toes but some how with the top of my foot. I heard my foot crack when it ...

 Tingling in left arm every time I move it?
Well today I woke up with my left arm numb ever since then been giving me a burnning tingling feeling I notice when I got up fast it tingled
Additional Details
Oh and on my fingure tipps ...

 Help help help?
im not sure i think its Sinus pressure ,but i fell pressure in my head, and then later i get some sorda nerve pain in my head,im not sure, but someone tell what its is?

im really scared

 Whats the most messed up thing you have seen?
I saw a guy get decapitated by debris from a car accident and i was two metres away from it when it happened
it was a shock but it was pretty messed to see because it cut him from his jaw up and ...

 A nail went through the ball of my foot,and my big toe is stiff do u think its broken?
nails going in your ...

 Are eye lids prone to repetitive strain injury?
Due to air pollution there are chances we may tend to wink our eyes more frequently than we used to do several years ago.And will this contribute to repetitive strain injury?....

 I have hurt my little toe. Any help on what doctors would do? Any suggestions on what happened?
I was playing basketball one day when my friend landed strait on my left little toe. The darkest its gotten is purple. Its been swolen now for atleast 4 weeks and is red. I can't move my joint ...

 If my leg hurts to put pressure on it should I go to work?
I work at wal-mart and I have to stand for 8 hours. A couple of nights ago, my leg started spasing and now it hurts to walk on it, or put pressure on it. I have no idea what is wrong, I am so ...

 I had a blood test done.They didn't find anything?
Swollen knees & painful hips.I ach all over & im only 42....

 Please give some support/ my boyfriend went outside 8-10 minutes and came back to find his mother ???
lying on the floor. she was deseased. he called me in panic and said honey i was only gone 8-10 minutes and i think mom fell and hit her head and broke her kneck. me peer anxiety and panic drove here ...

 How do I bring down swelling on my foot?
My friends and I went to the creek and waded around a bit and I stepped on a thorn and I began to swell, my best friend stepped on a nail as well but, she's not swellling. I'm in ballet and ...

 Should i see doctor?
i have a couple different things that i'm concerned about.

My skin hurts to touch..
It hurts the back of my eyes to look around like a muscle is sore and being pulled..

 My friend just went to the hospital in EMS with a broken ankle. How long will it be before she gets to come ho
home? WIll it be a few hours or what?
Additional Details
they think its broke and said they could feel the part where it had ...

 Speed healing?
I hurt my foot about a week ago surfing. It got crushed between two boards and skinned a few toes and a fair bit of bruising. I iced it and the swelling is better but I really need it to hurry up and ...

 I have a bruise??....................
i was put on the drip in hospital and the needle went in my hand.
it been 4 days and i now havewhat looks like a bruise but it doesnt hurt.!!
im so scared could it be hiv ??
im 14 !...

 Broke my leg..go to a big school..should i try and use crutches or just go for a wheelchair?
So i broke my leg a few days ago..the break is in a weird spot so their is no cast, just a knee brace. My school is really big, should i try and go around in crutches, or just get a wheel chair. I ...

I got bitten by my cat what should I do?
Its on my right hand below my index finger knuckle and in the space between my thumb and index finger. It happened 2 1/2 days ago its still swollen and now looks bruised and I can't really exert any pressure from my hand,but its not red anymore. Should I go to a doctor or will it heal on its own?
Additional Details
Also they are pretty deep puncture wounds that are almost completely closed.

just keep using a peroxide and clean it out. You should be fine. If it gets really painful or really infected, you should get an antibotic. next time you should bite your cat back. I know that sounds crazy, but it works...

Ed Teach
Believe it not, "Cat Scratch Fever" is actually a medical condition and not just a song. Look it up!

Hi ! Bad kitty ..Don't scratch because its going to feel quite itchy and if its not red and white around the edges there is no infection and bactracin will make it heal faster..If you hold a pot with water and your feeling pain go see your doctor and can be an imbedded infection and you may need antibiotics...

kelly e
Call your MD - cat bites on humans can be very dangerous.
Just get it looked over and be sure you clean the area well -

It's highly recommended that you seek professional medical treatment for any cat bite. The bite can turn into a nasty, infected mess in less than 12 hours. Treatment includes an IV antibiotic and oral antibiotics. The most commonly used oral antibiotic is Augmentin, which is an amoxocillin and clavulanate mixture. Most cat bites contain Pasterella multocida bacteria, with some Staph thrown in, and these drugs best treat those bacteria.

Carol Ann
I am not a doctor. I do own 4 cats, one of whom bit my vet and me while she was extremely stressed. The vet said cat bites are generally considered "dirty", whereas dog bites are generally not.
He started taking antibiotic immediately. He said I might want to see a doctor. I said no, I would be fine. He said, okay, just watch your wrist and arm. If you see a red line start going up your arm (from the wrist going toward the elbow), then call your doctor or go to the emergency room right away.

Suzan K
There are many types of aggression among dogs and cats.
You should also post your questions in pets category.
I hope you will not keep cats and dogs any more:

Been There~Done That!
Cat bites are sometimes the hardest to heal.

Peroxide is to be used once or twice, after that it makes matters worse.

If there is infection then you need an antibiotic to help clear it up.

Cat bites take a while to heal because they're puncture wounds, and can be dangerous. Keep them clean with peroxide, and antibiotic ointment. You should also be taking an oral antibiotic like Amoxicillin.

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