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 This is really important..?
Please, please help me.?
i know this sounds stupid but i didn't have my seat belt on in my boyfriends car and he was going 20 mph and stopped suddenly and i slammed into the dash (im like 11...

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i want to get an X-Ray on my wrist or leg to see if my growth plates have closen (I'm 16,girl)

I'm only 4'11 and hoping i will grow to more Average height

...and ...

 Chiropracter messed up my lower back, permanently, where can I turn?
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 This might sound crazy but how do you make a scar last longer or preferably forever?
no i didnt cut myself or anything but me and my friend when we were younger burned ourselfs and made a heart burn we re-did them because after a few months they werent visible any longer hopw can i ...

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would I go to jail for assaulting them and causing actual bodily harm?...

 What's the easiest way to get a broken ankle?

Additional Details
I'm asking so I can prevent it, because I am always hurting my ankle. Not to get ...

 Whats Wrong With Me?!?
i was jus sitting down on the ps2 when all of a sudden i had an urge to hit something or someone, and just felt really mad, like a sudden burst of rage, it lasted for about 10 mins, then i calmed ...

 How many surgeries have u had in ur lifetime?And what were they?
i've had 4....4 in six years lol....
1. boxer's fracture right hand..2 temporary pins
2.elbow surgery right arm-bone spurs(baseball)
3.rotator cuff surgery right arm-torn ...

 Lower left abdominal pain that radiates to groin and leg for 10 days. All tests are neg. What could this be?
I went to the ER 5 days ago with acute abdominal pain. I have delt with the pain for 5 days before that. I had a left inguinal hernia repair 15 years ago. The repair site upon a DR exam says no ...

 Hi everyone, i was just wondering if you could advise me anything regarding my problem?
i have discovered a small round lump on my right leg just between the foot and the knee 2 months ago. i didn't pay too much attention on it since i thought i might have bumped into something &...

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 How do I determine (without an x-ray machine) if I have broken or dislocated the small toe on my right foot?
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 Wat coulor cast do i get?
i have broken my arm n i am geting a new cast i dont no wat coulor's to get plz ...

 Hey peeps. I'm really scared. I swallowed a sharp chip at dinner tonight and it feels really painful. Help!
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 Is there something wrong with my ankle..10 points.......I think it is broken?
Ok.....I wascoming out of 3rd period pe and I couldn't be late for class....So I started walking a little faster and my ankle and foot got bent down all the way touching the ground and and the ...

 I have a cut on my arm and I have a urge to itch my cut?
I have a band aid on it and I changed it twice already.
Is it normal?...

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I have pins and neddles in my thumb too? can this be something serious?...

 How to get hospitalised???
Basically i want to be hospitalised for anything.. broken bone, internal problems.. Yes i'm mad, but please help me... it's for a good reason. PLEASE SERIOUS ANSWERS ONLY!! I know this is ...

I fell on my butt, why does it still hurt?
I work in a deli, as I was carrying something I slipped and fell pretty much directly on my butt. That was a little over a month ago. But it still hurts; of course, it's the area around my tailbone. It's a dull, mild pain whenever I sit at a certain angle. Did I hit something other than my ***?

I think u hurt it really bad.

Have an xray -- you may have cracked your tailbone.

No you didn't hit something other than you ***, go see a doctor, the tissue in it might have been damaged

cause u hurt ur tail bone and will hurt for a long time...I hurt my LONG time ago and sometimes even now over 10yrs later still hurts when I hit on hard suffaces

not enough padding - LOL

seriously - DID you file an accident report at work for falling??
worker's comp could have paid any medical bills - but the report has to go in within 48 hours (my state)

had a friend who broke his coccyx (tailbone)
and it was tender for a while

all the best

have a great 2008

It's not your buttocks that hurts. I mean its only meat. Its just probably a bruised tailbone. Just ice it. If your really not sure go see a doctor.

Bleach Heathen
probably bruising.iam sure its nothing serious.

you may have bruised your bone. if it still hurts after a month go see a doctor and make sure nothing is damaged

hmmmm i think that ur *** is broken and u need to get a new one.

lol um you could have a bruised your tailbone? i know it hurts for a long time and most minor injurys can for a while afterwards

I agree. I think you need to get an x-ray of your butt and let the doctor comment on it. Make sure it's a good-looking woman.

you could have fractured your tailbone, the splintered peice could be jabbing you when you sit at a funny angle.

The mom
No, but you probably cracked a tailbone. That's common enough in falls, and unfortunately there's nothing you can do about it but suffer. You can't cast it, it just has to heal. In the waiting, it just hurts. You can take Ibuprofen for it if you like, but that's about it.

Robert D
Well, there is the Coccyx there. You might have damaged it.

There might have been some muscle or tendon damage, which takes months to heal.

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