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 Is it ok to spit up a lot of blood ( dark blood) from a nosebleed?
My nose was bleeding yesterday bad twice and moderate once. Now I am spitting up a lot of blood that is dark and a little black. Could that be from yesterdays nosebleed?...

 I fell off my bike yesterday...?
And hit the ground pretty hard. I think I made contact with just my fore-amrs, and my knees, but a couple mintues after I fell Everything looked very bright and overexposed. Also, I felt very cold ...

 How do I fake an ankle sprain?
Specifically for a doctor's examination.
Additional Details
I'd rather not be "scolded" when there are actually people here who responded honestly to the question &...

 I think i broke my pinkie help!?
it hurts when i move it around but i have to move it around i dont know why but i cant hardly move it ...

 Left arm upper area(around tricep muscle) hurts now and then.?
I have no idea why but sometimes my left arm upper area muscle hurts. It stops and then starts again sometimes. It might happen once a day or sometimes not until a few days.
Additional Details

 I just got an olive stuck up my nose. should i go to the hospital to have them remove it?

Additional Details
my older brother ian told that if i did it that he would give me $20 and i really need the money so i can buy these really cute shoes that i wanted but my mom won'...

 Can any one help:my father needs to have a pin inserted into a broken arm,but cannot have a general anaestheti
can any one suggest another type of anaesthetic that could be used be cause he has breathing and heart ...

 If it hurts when i turn my wrist one way, what does that mean?
i fractured my wrist a few years ago rollerblading, the old injury bothers me every now and then. but now it feels like i injured it all over again. it hurts twist my wrist back and forth. can anyone ...

 I am scared about my wound, please help me!?
There was a pen holder on the floor and I didn't know how but I stepped on it and

one of the sketch/drawing pencil (not a normal pencil) cut me and I started bleeding. I saw some ...

 Muscle Soreness After workouts?
is muscle soreness after a workout a good or a bad thing? Is it a sign that you had a good workout? or is more a sign of overtraining or training improperly?

I am just recently starting to ...

 How long does a femur break take to heal?
broken at the top of femur where it joins the hip? totally snapped in 2!!

looking for people who know or have had this type of break

many thanks!...

 Why do I walk in to walls, fall down, trip on things?
Please help, I'm not trying to joke, I'm always getting into accidents from falling down to being in a huge accident that nearly killed me! (9yrs ago)
I AM CAREFUL seems like the ...

 How do you know if your nose is broken?
How can you tell if you have a broken nose? I got elbowed in the nose and the cartilage sounds crunchy when I move my nose. Also my airway feels a little restricted.
I do not have any black eyes ...

 Why is my elbow hurting when it's my wrist that's sprained?
so i sprained my wrist about a week ago, for the past four days i've been getting pains in my elbow. What's up with that? I sprained my wrist not my elbow....

 Does exercise make a black eye worse?

 Any dangers of pinching people in the underarm?
really stupid question, i know. Could there be any damage done to the victims?...

 Would you rather get a shot, or a paper cut?
I choose shot
I HATE paper cuts

 Belly button piercing?
I have had my belly button pierced for about six months and the bottom hole doesn't seem to be healing or even trying to heal. It just bleeds and scabs and looks unhealthy. The top hole has ...

 I have a burn on my hand?
a few hours ago as i was getting ready - i turned on my hair straightner then i walked away - came back - tripped on the rug - and my hand grasp right around the hot hair iron - ive been puttin it ...

 Have you ever broken any bones? Which ones and how? [tictickchick read inside, please..]?
About a month ago I broke my big toe. And it's not really a big deal, but I couldn't imagine breaking something bigger! (Like a shin bone or a rib.) I broke mine playing sand soccer. Ehh, ...

I fell down hard and now my chest hurts?
So about a day ago I slipped on some ice and fell down really hard flat on the ground. I fell down on my chest so my hards and arms caught me. It hurt really really bad at the time but about an hour later I was fine.
When I woke up this morning though my neck started hurting like crazy, my chest hurts, my arms hurt and it kinda hurts a little to breathe.
I'm pretty sure I don't need to go to the hospital but I'm also not too sure of what to do.

You should have gone to the hospital the day you fell. It's just like being in a car accident-- human bodies aren't supposed to thrash around and be smacked against the ground. The typical reaction after a car accident is pain, no pain, and then a delayed reaction later. At this point, you still need to see someone to set you all right again. I would suggest a chiropractor or an acupuncturist. Meds aren't going to do it, but you could try just waiting it out. (Of course, if you wait too long, you could do permanent damage to your back or ribs.)

Answers Addict
want me to rub it for you ???

; )

you might have whiplash.....and you might have pulled a WHOLE bunch of muscles. I would worry about it, unless it goes on for more than a week...(take some OTC pain killers, heat on the sore spots, heating pad, Icy hot, those new heat patches...)

rebecca m
get an x-ray you probably fractured ribs or bruise them

Hey , Don't be sure you don't have to go to the hospital..I did the same thing .Had the pain in my chest etc. Waited for a week , suffering, then I went to a doctor and they found cracked ribs...... You should at least get it checked out....Pain is a signal that something is wrong...

If you are feeling real bad it wouldn't hurt to get checked out by a doctor. The chest and neck pain does concern me some.

Id definately go to the ER so they can listen to your heart & get an x-ray.Better safe than sorry.Hope you feel better soon.

probably dont need to go to the er but i would make an appointment with ur dr. just to be on the safe side.

I wouldent worry after u take big spills or any kinda pain like that its either instant or takes a day or so before the pain starts . U just bruised urself up good i wouldent worry if its not bette rin a few days go to a doc

Just get some rest. Your soar from the fall. you'll be okay after a day or two.

Rachel S
the reason your chest, arms, and neck hurt is because of the stress that was placed on the bodies tissues. a fall is a tremendous impact on the body and can bruse or pull muscles. your chest muscles / ribs / tissues maybe brused. the reason your neck hurts is the same reason for whiplash, the neck muscles absorbed the impact of the head bouncing from the impact and had a tremendous strain placed on them. your arms will hurt because you braced the impact with them and your pectoral muscles are attached to your humerous (upper arm bone). hope this helps, stretching and Gentle massage may help cure you of some of the pain and tightness and discomfort you feel now

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