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 What should I do about a thorn in my hand ???
I have a long thorn in my hand it for about a month now and if i press I can feel it still it there. It is in a bubble of puss but it has sealed over despite my digging with needles etc and I have ...

 I think i broke my arm :(?
i fell on it this morning whilst getting into the car and now its swollen and bruised and there is a big lump stickin out where there shouldnt be and it feels like a bone what should i do ??...

 Convince me that I'm not a total klutz.?
I'm new to Toronto. While moving, I was taking some items from the moving van to my house, and I tripped and broke my ankle. I'm in the hospital and will stay here for at least 2, ...

 My dad beats me how do i cover up the bruises?
i really need help!!...

 I just put my foot in a puddle and when I pulled my foot out my shoe had changed colour. Can I sue the council

 If you arent supposed to drink & drive, why do bars have parking lots?

 Spinal injury with finger numbness?
i had a bad fall and have had numbness in my pointer finger ever since going on 8 weeks. I have no pain just strange numbness. i have not had this seen no pain why bother anyone out there been there ...

 Help...i have a bead in my nose!?
So, i was playing with my little sister and we were making necklaces, and then she dared me to stick a bead up my nose, and i thought " sure why not" so i did. I didn't think it would ...

 I bruise so easy....I dont understand?
Not a week goes by when I'm not covered in Bruises on my legs and arms and sometimes my back.

I'm 24 and this has only been happening for the past 6 months but its getting worse ...

 How to cure a swollen eye? (caused by fight)?
Are there any over-the-counter ointments or medicines that could help reduce the swollen (black) eye? Vision feels a little blurry when first hit, it's been 3 hours and still a bit blurry. Any ...

 It HURTS a lot.?
okay, so i was running in the dark, in a field. and i fell down a hill. and i think i broke something in my foot because it's all bruised and somethings poking out of the right side of my right ...

 Ow my legs!!?
Went paintballing on sunday, and the next day the muscles in my thighs were absolutely killing me! Because of the constant running and crouching etc. They feel like they are on fire and really hurts ...

 It hurts and my mom doesnt believe me :( :( i'm 13?
on wednesday i was in the pool (i live in spain) and i think i twisted my ankle, but when i came out, it didnt hurt, it just felt weak. on thursday when i got up my foot really hurt and it was a ...

 Herniated disc - best type of doctor to diagnose/treat?
I'm having pretty severe pain in my lower back, on the left side of my spine, and then down my leg. All signs point to a herniated disc. I'm not sure if I should just call my PCP or a ...

 They think its not broken?
My mom says my toe is just jammed.... thats why she wont take me to the doctor! IF IT WAS JAMMED, WOULD IT HURT 15 HOURS LATER? I just want to know..... IT HURTS SO BAD! I CANT EVEN WALK OR STAND ON I...

 Please help me to know what is wrong...?
My head just started hurting really bad. I just got a knot on the back of my neck. It hurts to move my head. I don't think I strained it. It seems to be moving. (as crazy as that sounds). When I ...

 Any cure for tenis elbow?

 Black underneath eyes, what is it?
I'm wondering as to what is making it dark? Is it dry blood in the veins thats making it appear black or what exactly is happening when you have black underneath your eyes? I know it's from ...

 Having problems need help!?
I was in a car accident about 1yr ago got whiplash now I'm feeling dizzy and whoozy and I was wanting to know if it was from that accident? Even after that long....

 Warm feeling in right foot after faling off my bike and scraping it?
I get this warm feeling in my right foot. I feel like 3 days ago off my bike and scraped my right leg, its not bad, but covers a big area. I already went to the nurse and she said it's good and ...

I fell backwards off a bar stool last night?
and I have some pretty severe bruising on my buttock and lower back. It really really hurts alot but I am walking fine now. Is there anything that might be fractured without losing mobility that I am not aware of? I really am worried that I might have fractured my back or may have future problems with it. What should I be aware of that I am at risk for here.

whatever you have done, now hear this.... you did it to yourself--- no one but yourself is to blame--you can sue NO ONE and get NOTHING because it was your own negligence that caused this "accident"..... just be happy you weren;t even MORE stupid and caused even MORE serious accidents to yourself.......

it sounds like ur fine as long as it doens't impede you from getting back on your stool. Is there any chance you could sue for a lawsuit, then it could be very serious in lost wages, pain n suffering.

i think im going to need to rub them so you wont get sore, lol.

brett b
Bruising is normal with any blunt trauma having a forcefull impact. If you were to have broken your tail bone there would be shootin pains down the back of your leg you could have possible hair line fracture which arent severe and usually tend to heal on there on with just a little bit of a prescription called taking it easy. you should have no norries you might also see some different colors come about the area of impact. You will be A ok in about a week as far as the discoloration but the soreness may take up to 10 to 14 days

Stacy S
You may have bruised your tailbone. You could have broken it, but that is unlikely. If it doesn't feel significantly better in the next couple of days I would see a doctor. "Better safe than sorry", RIGHT????!!!!

see your M.D.---that way, you can KNOW,and, NOT MERELY SPECULATE!!!

duh its lisaa♥
stop walking and stop doing activities.........the best way to heal it is give it rest......after a week of resting if it still hurts go see a doctor...

james k
probably nothing. you took a tumble and got a bruise. if you are walknig fine, i betcha you will live to sit atop a bar stool again! if pain persists after a few days, see a doctor.

addendum. i can sure identify with you. one time at football practice years ago, we were doing drills and i didnt have my butt pad in that day. man, i happened to get dumped right on my tail bone, like right there at the end of my back. GAWD! OWWWIE! oh it hurt! i limped on back and you know, gutted it up, then cried like a lil girl! GL with it!

You could have damaged your tailbone, so your best bet would be to have an x-ray.

I am not a doctor but have had extensive first aid training. Most likely, if you are walking, you just bruised your back. A fracture will feel very sharp and in the bone, while a bruise will hurt the muscle surrounding the bone. If it hurts enough that youre worried call your doctor and ask his opinion.

You could have broken your tailbone or cracked some bones. I doubt you did a lot of major damage since you said you are walking ok but but you may want to get it checked out just for piece of mind.

rico suave
you have a broken buttocks, look in the mirror and i bet you see a big crack in it

You are at risk of having a broken ***. This is a very severe condition. In the future please avoid combining alcohol and heights. Your boyfriend will love you for it!

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