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I cut my finger on a can lid, what are the signs of lockjaw and how long should I worry?
It was a freshly cut open can of dog food. The cut was deep. I did not go to the doctor, thus no stitches.

you can get lockjaw from a cut??

go to www.webmd.com

it helps me out a lot!

lockjaw? I never heard of that but im going to google it because im curious.

The "Axeman" cometh
lockjaw comes from eating or drinking off of dirty dishes that have the bacteria on it that gives you lockjaw, if you cleaned your wound good and put anti-biotic ointment on it and keep it clean and covered till it heals, you will be fine.and don't even think of lockjaw.

Lockjaw?? I would be more concerned with losing my finger than lockjaw.... Go to the ER - you at least need a tetanus shot and do get that finger cleaned out. you may need stitches but don't chance it! Your finger can get very infected!

youll be ok....quit worrying!

I actualy had this happen to me. I had cut my finger with a butcher knife then a week after it had healed i cut myself with a can lid. The cut was deep, but the doctors at the ER said there was nothing they could do to it. So all I did was make sure my thumb was taped to my pointer finger so that the cut didn't open. If it is still bleeding I would get it checked out also if you'r tetnis is not up to date you will need to get it done.

If you are up to date on your tetnus immunization don't worry about lockjaw...however, I'd be more concerned with the dog food getting into the cut. Call you doctor and ask the phone nurse what to do. Good luck:)

2-14 days.

When did you last have a tetanus shot? If it's been 10 years, then it's time for another and you should just call your clinic and ask for one. They often can give it to you without an office call.

While it is unlikely that you will get tetanus, I would remind other posters that you can get tetanus even from surgery. That is why they always ask when you last had a vaccination.

If the lid was new, there's little chance of tetanus. I had the exact same thing happen last year while packing trash to put out. I cleaned the wound with betadine and sealed the cut with crazy glue. It healed beautifully.

If your tetanus is current, you should be fine as long as you performed basic first aid ie. cleaned the wound, applied pressure to control the bleeding, applied clean bandage, and changed the bandage 3-4 times per day. If your tetanus is overdue, get to the doctor ASAP.

I do that all the time. I'm clumsy. But just clean it out use alcohol rubbing alcohol it'll close itself up just keep the wound clean and bandaged. I don't get stitches either and it scars but it'll be alright

Bob M
go get a tetnis shot. they are usually free. signs are that the muscles tend to seize up and get stiff...don't fool with it, just do it and wash out the cut,,then tincture of methiolate. what you want to be concerned about is bacteria from rat/mouse feces on the inner lip of the can. if it came from a sealed carton prob ok, but why take a chance. also depends on the size of cut. had this happen to me in 1941, stepped on a nail..

Well first off I would go to the doctor. But the thing is, there havent really been any cases of lockjaw in quite a few years from a can. People use to get it all the time because the cans were made out of led. Now they are made out of aluminum and tin, sometimes Zinc. You really have nothing to worry about besides bleeding all over the place.

it's rust you have to be careful of... you will probably not have any ill effects .. other than the slice of course.

You should be fine. Unless you feel numbness in your finger, or it turns black and dark blue; then you should be fine.


Stop trying to self diagnos. If it's that deep then maybe you SHOULD get stitches. If not run some water and peroxide on it and call it a day.


Symptoms may include:
– Headache
– Stiffness of the jaw (lockjaw)
– Severe muscle spasms
– Sweating
– Fever
– Stiffness of abdominal muscles
– Difficulty swallowing
• Lockjaw is one of the most dangerous symptoms because it can lead to death by suffocation
• Symptoms usually begin about 8 days after infection, but may range in onset from 3 days to 3 weeks


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