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 Im having chest pain on the right side after strenuous workout.?
As stated, I am having pain in the chest area, below the collarbone but just above my right breast. Coughing or taking very deep breaths causes even more pain. Could this be a sign of something worse ...

 About ten years ago I got shot in the leg with a pellet gun and the pellet has been there since. It hurts?
periodically and really hurt the other day so I got my boss to cut it out...Yeah I know I know but I wanted it out like right then because it had never hurt that bad before.

So it was ...

 Would stabbing someone in the back kill them?
you know how in movies and games, someone will sneak up on some guy and cover their mouth and stab their spine or back once and they die in like 3 seconds. does that really happen or is it just ...

 What does it mean when your blood is yellow tinged and a bit orange looking?
What could it mean if your blood is yellow tinged and slightly orange looking even if its not from an infected wound ??...

 How do you prevent your wrists from getting sore from using the computer a lot?
I have to be on the computer for several hours a day and it sometimes makes my right wrist very sore, which usually results in me having to stop using it for a few days. the problem keeps recurring ...

 We were swordfighting?
we took wood brooms that were missing the broom part(just wood) and i got wacked prtty hard right on the bone of my elbowit really hurts... whats the worst that will happen... it already turned red ...

 WHat is going on? 10 points to best answer!?
yesterday i fell in my yard off my trampoliene (its only for one person and about 1ft off the ground..like and excersise one) and my wrist was hurting but now its fine. i woke up the morning and have ...

 What did I do to my ankle?
i was walking out of the locker at my school and i twisted my right ankle and it made a VERY loud cracking/popping sound.i went home from school and my ankle is bruised and kind of swollen. it doesnt ...

 How can I break or crack my foot bone?
I have always wanted to break a bone for some odd reason, how can i? I was thinking I could drop a brick on my foot could that do it?
help me ...

 How to reduce nasty purpule swelling on my face?
I have an injury on my face that is turning all shades of purpule and yellow and it's really nasty, how can I reduce the swelling and the ugly colors?...

 If you break your arm on purpose, can the Doctors tell???
Im not saying i want to go out and break my arm, im only 13.IM just wondering. Likre ifyou hit it on purpose with something then go to the Doctor and tell them you fell of your bike will they be able ...

 Sprained Ankle?
I'm a really in-shape person, and i keep it like that by exersing everyday for a certain amount of time, but yesterday I helped my brother get a ball out of a tree and when i jumped up to get it,...

 Help?! Anyone ?! =[?
Begging and begging my mum to let me get it done i went and got my belly buttton periced ! ,, 4 weeks later i went on holiday & i know i should not of but i changed it ! & have been since it ...

 Is it actually possible to break someone's neck with your bare hands, as they do in Hollywood?
And no, I am not thinking of doing it....

 Is it infected?!?!?!?
red round but greenish inside and a black sorta scab is it infected?!?! and ive been having tis sorta nerve pain down my sthomach!!and diharea!!please and thank ...

 Â· If you had an accident and you had to be at home to recover for a long time, what would you do to relieve?
the boredom?...

 Should i take my cast off?
Ok i broke my hand 2 1/2 weeks ago puching a wall and it came out a fracrued 5th metacarpal. my baseball team is doing really good right now and would be doing a lot better if they had me. If i wait ...

 What's the best way to stop my shoes rubbing my heel?
I recently cut my left heel on a chair leg and now, every time I walk with any shoe, it rubs against the cut and aggravates the cut - makes it deeper, bigger, re-opens it when it starts to heal, etc. ...

 Did i break or bruise my knuckle?
last night i was messing around with my brother and i punch him as hard as i could at his bone right below the knee cap, i felt a little crack,i quickly pulled away then looked at my hand and noticed ...

 Will my scars ever fade?
i started cutting myself about 5 months ago. i`ve stopped [for the time being] but i noticed that some of the cuts [that are now scars] haven`t faded, and i cut them about 3 or so months ago. i just ...

No more love tears
I can't do sit ups.and when i make i only make 5 and i get pain on my ribs?
i can do any kind of excerse and i get tire something that is normal, but when i try to do sit ups i only make 5 that is it, after i get a lot of pain on my ribs even i can't walk or get up. and i have tried to do for the following days and is samething with the pain..... what do you think it would be??? it has been since i was 10 years old ....

Jenna M

maybe you are too heavy for your arms to carry

go see a doctor... maybe u broke a rib when u were 10 & never noticed?

Have you tried making sure that your form is correct? I know with a lot of exercises; particularly sit-ups, if you do them incorrect, it can cause you pain. Always make sure that you keep your back flat and lift from your abdomen.

If this isn't the case, ask your doctor about it. He/She may know something the rest of us don't!

Sounds like you might have twisted intestines and should be seen by a doctor.................make sure he really listens to you. Don't do any more sit ups until you find out. You might need an operation to get yourself right.

that's your muscles getting worked i believe unless it is a sharp pain but people differ,that's probably your abs developing do more and see what happens

Hey U, Yeah U..Get over here
it's b/c you stomach muscles aren't built up and use to the work out. drink lots of water and stretch before you do the sit ups...make sure you muscles are hydrated.

Get a full X-ray scan. Check up with the doctor. But, if you seem to be fine after the check-up. Do sit-ups after you complete some stretching and warm-up exercises. And when you do sit-ups, you shouldn't have eaten anything 2 hours earlier. Take good care.

yes me too, several weeks past i bought this sit up equipment for 100 MYR and i started to do the sit up what i thought i can grow muscle on my stomach, i still didn't get good result, i don't know weither i should give up or keep trying? me too have this pain out the back.

practice verynight before you go to bed

smile and don't stop
Depending how often you try to do sit ups you may have bruised a rib and continue to re-bruise it by doing sit ups. That happened to me when I bruised a rib in gymnastics and didn't do anything about it. try taking a break and see if it gets any better. if not, see a doctor. good luck!

Ask a doctor.
I can do tons of sit ups,
infact, I do sit ups for fun.
But it always feels like my ribs are grinding together.
It's.. Annoying, and I'm not sure if it's normal. o_o

u dont have any abs

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