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 Would it hurt if i cut a small piece of my hear on the end ?

 Has anyone cut off a finger on a car door?
I have cut off the tip of my little finger while shutting the door of my Wife's car and I am wondering just how many other people have done the same....

 If your skin got ripped off, will it leave a scar?
my brother accidentally ran into a clothes line. as a result the skin on the top of his nose got ripped off it's not bleeding its just showing a pink layer.

will it heal, and if it ...

 Im having troubles swallowing...?
my throat is fine. its more of my esophagus [sp?]
a couple seconds after i swallow i get a sharp pain in my chest, about an inch under my collarbone. it happens whether i swallow food, water, ...

 Do bone fracture pains ever go away? I had thigh fracture 4 yrs ago & still have pains till today.?

 How long dose it takw for a nose piericng to heal?
i have had it for 1 week and one ...

 When i cough hard i get a shooting pain in my groin and my legs turn into jelly, should i be worried?
I keep getting re-accuring chest infections, the doctor keeps giving me antibioctics and steroids which clear things up whilst im takeing them, but a couple days after ive finished the course of ...

 Why do I have soo many bruises?

Additional Details
I think I'm just CLUMSY...AND I'M VEGITARIAN...

 Help... how do i make my headband stop hurting me!!!?!?!?!?
okay well i have the hardish ones and it hurts behind my ears..I dont like the soft ones...so what do i do?...

 I got a cortizone shot today in the back. How's that going to feel later?

 Hi im 12 yrs old and my mum hurt her hand when i was swinging a stick then it hit her! how can i help that?
plz plz plz plz plz help emergency btw ice didnt work>want best answer?<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<...

 Headaches please help?
i was in a car wreck when i was 16 and was knocked out for a few hours.. every since i get headaches almost ever day.. i have had a MRI and everything was ok... my DR. put me on vicodin 750mg.. i ...

 Who out there has broken a bone?
and props for the weird ...

 Injured foot help!?
I hurt my foot in kararte so would ice help or a heat pad?
Additional Details
Mostly the front of my foot and my toes hurt every time I move my foot. My ancle is pretty sore too I might ...

 I'm light headed and dizzy?
I woke up out of a dead sleep last night and was in a panic because I was really dizzy like somebody just spun me around and let me go. This lasted about 20 seconds and I went back to sleep. When i ...

 I cut...intensly.....?
what do you think of people who cut??? honestly....

 Help please LOVEBITE !!!?
omfg i have 3 huge f*** of* lovebites on my neck burr i dont wanna tell my parents and i cant use makeup, ive put ice on it and ive put loads of toothpase some HELP PLEASEE!!!!!
Additional D...

 How can i disinfect my lip piercing?
okay ppl, my lip has been swollen for like 3 days. also since my dumbass decided to take out the ring before the 3 weeks the guys who pierced it told me .. i took it out the 3rd day. theres like this ...

 What makes a toe nail that is about to fall off feel better?
It is beeding a lot
I have already kept it elevated
It is extremely sensitive
I have already put anitbiotic cream on ...

 Can an old person die from slipping on ice?
if so, what could cause the death....

I burnt my tounge :[ how do I make it stop hurting?
Ok so I was making soup on the stove and I guess I am stupid enough to try it right out of the pot. I didn't know how hot it would be. It burned my tounge and it feels all rough and weird and it kind of hurts I don't know how to explain it. How can I make it go away? I am 13 btw.

bread... i'm not kidding

Tom T

Your Anything
Milk will work but another thing for any burn is take Vanilla (like in the bottle) and put some on a paper towel and stick it on the burn for a little while, it makes the burn go away i'm 15 and i've been doing this since i was your age so try it

There is no real good answer to this. Burns are painful. There are topical Anesthetics out there like Benzocaine, but they are TOXIC if swallowed. Ice or milk will only relieve the pain temporarily. The best thing to do is to take some Aspirin. It will help a little bit with the pain and swelling. If you can stand the taste, you can even chew it and let it sit on your tongue. Don't take more than the recommended dose, though.

Hey! I did just the same thing last week. Its going to feel like that for maybe a day or two. It'll go away though. I'm not sure if the toothpaste thing will work, but give it a shot. You can also try ice.

i eat ice cream!! it takes your mind of it and helps heal it!:)

{Just a Random Person}
Lovely -- I've scalded my tongue at least a million times; it hurts like hell, but it's not figuratively serious. Rinsing your mouth out with cold water will soothe the pain as well as keeping it clean. You don't have to drink it, just rinsing and spitting works fine. The pain usually stops after the first day or so, but I'd avoid eating any hot food in the meantime, as tongue scalds can last for up to a few days. Also, putting an ice cube in your mouth and letting it melt on your tongue numbs it for a bit.

try drinking some ice water. it should numb your tongue so that it won't be hurting as bad.

MILK. its wont stop but it shold ease the pain right out. me 13 as well

Rinse with ICE COLD water and salt mixed together,

put some ice on it.


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