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 My FRIEND has had pains in her shoulder and neck what would cause this?
she has been to the doctors. could it be some old injury flareing up ...

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 I was bitten by our dog who has anti-rabbies vaccination. Will i still be in danger?
I incurred a wound due to my dog's bite (on my point finger). It bled but i cleansed it with running water immediately. Then had wound medication. After a day the wound area feels numb and ...

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Is it bad if the outer layer is green, and the inner layer is purple?...

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 Will I start feeling better soon?
Yesterday I was hit by a car. Before the car hit me, I put my hand on the hood thinking it would stop. I was hit on the upper portion of my thigh on the side. Now, my back hurts pretty bad and my ...

 I cut my finger on a can lid, what are the signs of lockjaw and how long should I worry?
It was a freshly cut open can of dog food. The cut was deep. I did not go to the doctor, thus no stitches....

 My daughter fell off her top bunk and her wrist is swelling and she is in pain. Should I go to the hospital?

 I accidently cut my leg off while trying to cut my soy steak. It was a freak accident.?
I am totally serious. Please give me advice on how to cope with this accident. I loved my leg, because I used to run in marathons. I named her Polly. Please help, I am desperate....

 What can be a good excuse?
i got into a fight because this kid tried sprayin mace in my eyes he missed and i inhaled it so i started pukin.so i punched him hard in the face.my pinky and my ring finger are swollen and there are ...

 How do I know if my knee is really injured?
A couple of weeks ago, I was on vacation and did a LOT of walking. The third day, my right leg was really stiff, and in the middle of the day I started having intense pain in the back right side of ...

 I burned my finger this morning...how do i make it stop hurting?!?
ugh >_<...

I bruised my big toenail and now it is falling off. Is there anything I should be doing?

keep it protected while your new toenail is growing in. if the new toenail is already there then you dont have to do anything. let the big toenail fall off by itself, (you can put a bandaid over it so it doesn't tear off) or if it almost falling off then you can gently pull it off

eat your toenail so it doesnt go on the carpet

i lost my big toenail as a child too...a rocking chair rocked on it...i remember it falling off about half way...i didn't do anything special to it...it just slowly grew back...

My big toenail on my right foot has fallen off every year for the last 3 years, everytime I start my basketball season.

It actually just feel off today again. :) lol

The 1st year, it hurt alot while it was bruised so I went to the doctor. He burned a hole in it (no pain involved) to relieve pressure, and he put me on antibiotics. You don't sound like you need this if it's already in the course of falling off.

Treat it if it's painful. If not, it'll be fine. Let it go its course, and take a few months to grow back.

Hope this helps.

Be very careful with it and keep it clean as best as you can. If it looks infected then get to a doctor, he will probably remove the toe nail to allow the infection to clear up

Been there twice. Wrap it in gauze to protect it. Try and get it off as soon as you can. Watch out where you're walking.

agree with above .... it will grow back

I've had that happened before mine did fall off but actually it will grow back you might want to put an ice pak on it for swelling but trust me it will grow back. Well mine did

should giv the DogTor a visit. I encountered the same problem, was hurting like hell.

Clean with Hydrogen Peroxide and go to webmd. It a website where you can find out the whats wrong by simply typing in the symptom.

Yes, you could start by getting some toenail clippers and trimming it so that the toenail edges can't get caught on anything and pull any more nail off. Disinfect it with some Hydrogen Peroxide and if the nail bed is sensitive, cover with a bandaid just till it desensitizes-probably as soon as tomorrow. Always dry your toe thoroughly after showering so you don't get a fungus in there and your toe will thank you till it grows back.

If it is starting to fall off now, chances are the new nail is already starting to develop underneath. There's not much you can do except protect it from further trauma or infection until the new nail grows in. Put a bandaid on it or wrap it in gauze until then.

nope. just let it fall off. it will grow back again. that must of hurt!

wrap it in gauze. my fingernail fell off when i was little and i went to the doctor and i remember wrapping it in gauze until the new nail grew back. and just recently half of my little toenail came off somehow, and it eventually grew back and i didn't do anything to it. but probably gauze would be the safest thing to do if your toe is bruised.

You poor thing, I know it hurts. I lost my big toenail when I was a child, but the bright side is, they grow back! Just make sure it doesn't get infected.

no let it fall off another one will grow back

Tina G
Keep it clean and dry. Let nature take its course.

You are going to want to wrap it so that you can keep the nail as long as possible. After it falls off you will know why because you will suffer.

After it is off keep it wrapped in heavy gauze and wear really loose shoes. Keep antibiotic ointment on it. I pray you are better soon.

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