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 How can I tell if my wrist is fractured or sprained?
I fell yesterday, It doesn't hurt when it's just settin there normal, but when I twist is about 90* to either side it hurts really ...

 What do we do when a blood vessel pops?
Im in pain right now so give me answers quick!!!!!!!!!...

 I keep coming out in bruiseseverywhere...?
but I cant remember falling or being hit so what is the ...

 Why does the male scrotum get larger as you get older[serious question]?

 About my ankle....?
I sprained my ankle about 3 weeks ago and went to a podiatrist 2 weeks ago and today i went again they took x rays and saw nothing. The doc suggested physical therapy and said to continue using the ...

 How have u broken a bone b4?
When I wasa 2 i feel out of a chair and had to have my arm casted....

 Can Bone Be Bruised?
Because I Blocked A Hit And It Hurt Worse Than Any Bruise I've Ever Had L...

 Im thinking of getting my ears pinned back. Help?
Ever since i was in primary school ive been teased about my ears as they stick out. I always wear my hair down and although this sounds stupid ive had a really hard time over the name calling and i ...

 I have a cut that won't heal after months... What should I do?
I got a cut from the edge of a mirror and it left a bit of my skin flapping out (yes, it bled a little). Although it was a small cut, barely the size of a pin-head, it left a bad scar that is blister-...

 What is a good way to break your leg?
don't call me stupid because i have many reasons for needing a broken leg to get out of things and ...

 What the hell happened to my neck?
I got a little rough over the weekend and woke up with a pain in my neck. I can't turn to the right all the way. If I do, it hurts like hell! My father (MD for 25 years) thinks I slipped a ...

 What's the best way to sanitize a sharp object used to perform surgery on myself?
I have a pimple from hell. Actually I'm not really sure what it is, but I think it might be a cyst. Whatever it is, I want it gone and I don't want to see a doctor. So I'm going to ...

 Who is injured right now?

 Ok question? my foot is black!?
3 and a half weeks ago... i injured my foot...it was red and swollen... i went to the doctors they didnt know what it was so they treated it like a sprain...now im in a walking boot.. but still in ALO...

 My sister burned her palm on the stove burner, set on high. What should she do?
it left the range grill marks on her palm. its not black, but looks puffy and kind of like freddy crouger. she says it hurts really bad and can't sleep. what can she do to stop the pain? we ran ...

 I have migrain headeache it hurts really bad wat should i do to make it go away?

 My foot ran away and my ankle's bleeding funny colors. I'm scared...what should I do?

Additional Details
But they're like colors I've never seen before in my life....

 I was just stung by a bee. What do I do?
I'm 21 years old, and this is the first time that I've ever been stung by a bee (no clue how, but I've somehow avoided it until tonight). I didn't even know bees were awake at ...

 If your back hurts to bend it should you go to the docters?
my back hurts to bend and i was wondering if it was serious and if there was ...

 Ok i need opinions please.?
This morning i was wrestling around with my cousin. i didnt feel any pain or anything. But when i was at work i noticed my neck was a bit cricked. not alot just a little. then when i got home i was ...

Whitney Danielle
I ate some ants on accident today...will it hurt me?

yes it can go to the er

John S
No, they're mostly protein. Aardvarks live solely on ants. You can buy chocolate covered ants in Mexico.

Heavens no! In some countries, this is considered a delicacy. Some even coat them with chocolate. Nothing to worry about, but personally, I would not make a habit of it. Bonappetite'

no, ants are actually edible,I've ate them on purpose

grossss...............! but no.

Ever hear of chocolate covered ants? Also, Australian Aborigines eat them all the time. They aren't a problem, they are a food source! I find that they are kinda peppery tasting.

I highly doubt it will hurt you because most ants aren't poisonous. it'll just be a little extra protein in your diet!

your body is designed to expel waste. No worries. People eat worse than ants in the world.

lol.... well you shouldnt have done that lol... but no it shouldnt hurt u if ne thing you just might feel something creepy crawly kinda in your mouth and in your tummy... i wouldnt recommend doing it again tho...

No it won't do you no harm but I know it did it to the ants....lol lol......In other countries people eat ants so you just had a little more of the normal vitamins added to your body.

In the Museum of Natural History in New York, there are stores that sell ants, roaches and grasshoppers covered with chocolate. They are real insects. I was shocked and disgusted.

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