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 What do you feel when you bruise your rib?

 Does it hurt when you get and ingrown toenail surgery?
im so damn scared of doctors and getting surgery. please i need some motivation or something to go before Christmas vacation is over so i can heal before school starts....

 Whats the worst pain you ever been in?
Also did you cry??
Additional Details
just asking because i brokemy tibia skateboarding and i broke it down the growth plate!!...

 Any tips on what to do with a small cut on the inside of my lip?
okay, so i was eating toaster strudles this morning, and i always get the last bit of the icing in the little packages out with my mouth, and apparrently the edgas are sharp, because it sliced the ...

 I need help?
i cant stop eating crushed soft ice i make home , know its not good and althat ..but what do i do?...

 Chest pain.?
ive been getting a sharp pain in the centre of my pecs. it doesnt hurt when im training it hurts if i have a couple of days rest. but i always know its there. it doesnt hurt to touch either. anyone ...

 How do I prevent a ripped fingernail from ripping further?
I accidentally hit my finger last week and my fingernail got a tear. Normally I would just tear off the end of the nail, but if I did that this time, I would take half my finger nail off (painful!!). ...

 Ear Infection Please Help??
Ive had an ear infection for about 6 weeks and its really bugging me is it normall for an ear infection to make u a bit deff in the ear the infection is in. I went to the doctors on monday tinking it ...

 I have a cast on my leg up to my knee. How do take a bath without getting it wet?
I've tried a plastic bag, and water still gets in there....

 Cutting Myself addicting?
I cut myself with nail clippers this afternoon....I just pinched the skin on my wrist and pulled the skin off and let it bleed. I was so upset. this is the first time I ever used self harm on myself. ...

 Answers from gentlemen only please.Rather sensitive issue and not at all funny.?
Some time ago my c**k was cut off in an industrial accident.
By the time it was sewn back on by doctors several inches had to be removed due to crushing.
I am now left with only 9 inches it ...

 Would u choose a stressful job with a high salary OR a more relaxed job with a lower salary?
Would you choose a highly stressful job, where you would have no time for leisure, hobbies, friends OR a relaxed job, working only four days a week? The stressful job is very well paid, the relaxed ...

 Why would.....?
i woke up this morning w/ terrible pain in my jaw!? Now my jaw wont stop hurting. What could cause this?...

 Got a question?
my dad woke up with a swollen leg down to ankle is real red and blueish color around his ankle he in the hopsital right now see if they could take out the fluid wat u think may cause that?...

 How do I stop sore legs?
i have to do a 50 meter dash tomorrow....

 Why does elevating the leg help when you have a leg injury?
like what's the science behind it?...

 BLAcK EYE!!!!!!!?????
2 nd a halfweeks ago i had a massive black eye, i put ice nd cream on it for 3 days(then stopped) by 1 week nd a half l8r it dissapeared, i went to brazil nd did a lot of water sports.Now my eye is ...

 Sharp Chest Pain?!?
I have a sharp pain on the left side of my chest...just below/under my pectoral muscle. It cuases shortness of breath sometimes, and it hurts if I bend over and put pressure on it. I hurts when I ...

 If YOU were the PRESIDENT.....?
if u were the president for 1 week or how ever time you would like :-) what would you do; create new laws?, get rid of laws?
any changes?...

 I have a wooden splinter underneath my fingernail?
I got a splinter from a shish kebab skewer. I guess I have to take it out (its kind of sticking out from under my fingernail) but it is so incredibly painful! Advice? I guess I'll just use ...

I accidently got soda in my eye?
I was drinking a soda and some splashed out and dribbled into my eye. My eye was basically closed and most of the soda was deflected by my glasses and I know a little bit got in. I put some water in my eyes and flushed it out but I'm scared....what should i do ?
Additional Details
It was root beer, BTW .

Stylez Unlimited

don't be aftraid, no big deal, do this:
look up and dont close your eyes, until some tears come out, tears will clean it,.

‚ô†Mrs Reznor‚ô†
blink a few times and it will go away

Don't worry soda in your eye isn't a serious injury unless it's swollen or you can't see don't worry. Just flush it with some water and you'll be fine.

there is no reason to be scared it happens to all of us. just flush it out with water and you'll be absolutely fine.

Alice In Wonderland
dont worry at all. nothing will happen.

Lisa K
Nothing, unless it hurts. then rinse it out with water. your fine, it was just soda.

nothing bad happens its ok ive done it befor

flush it out more. it will go away. soda isnt that damaging.

Do not be scared young lady. You did the best thing by flushing it out with water. You'll be just fine. It wouldn't hurt your eyes even if you didn't flush it out. Your eyes would have taken care of it by themselves. Forget about it and have a great life.

You'll be all right. (I'm glad you call it soda and not "pop". What the heck is that?)

Zach B
uhhh drinkmoresoda

Leonore H.
Dont sweat about it.. It should be fine after you washed your eye out with water. But if it swells up, Go see your doctor

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