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 Is it normal to have a little redness around where the staples go into skin, and it itches too?
I had my gallbladder removed 9 days ago. I had staples to close the incisions it was laposopric. There is a redness around where the sptaples go in and they itch. There is no pain. Is it normal to ...

 I need some medical advice,but if not,some suggestions would help?
i been in severe back pain for over 4 days and don't know why.i been taking ibuprofen 600mg/s 3 x's daily and 2 darvocets 3x's times day,and glued myself to a heating pad,and i still ...

 Cover up a cut mark?
ok first off I DONT WANT TO HEAR I SHOULDNT CUT! i kno its bad, and i stopped for a long time (almost 5 months) but then something really terrible happened, so i did it one last time.
so how do ...

 I think i pulled a muscle in my neck....?
or maybe i slept on it wrong or something...but anyways, it hurts and i can't like pop it or anything to make if feel any better. what should i do to make it feel better? {i can't take ...

 My friend crushed his pinky in 5 places and got no help and treatment. Now finger barely moves ans deformed. ?
Any suggestions for him? His finger barley works and his deformed with the bones popped out even though it has been 2 years....

 IF you had.........................
You had to spend a birthday on your own - what would you do to make it more exciting?
Additional Details
Thanks nesty - I am so saaad - cant do heights!...

 How long does it take to heal and fully recover from a torn ACL injury?
Also, did your injury require surgery to repair the torn ligament?...

 I would like to know if any one has dealt with a partner with a head injury ?
my husband has been in the hospital with a head injury, to the brain it has been 2 and a half weeks and he is just waking up but he's really confussed about why he;s there. can any one help me ...

 I accidently cut off most of the tip of my finger a week ago.?
now its flat instead of rounded like the others
will it ever go back to normal??...

 Can you have a break without extreme pain??
I was playing softball (why isnt it spelled soffball??) but anyways, I slid into second and felt a pop in my leg/ankle and extreme pain. I got an X-ray and they said "Oh it's not broken ...

I bruise really easily and it is very annoying. Sometimes i will get hit and it won't hurt at all and i will still bruise. I am 13 yrs. old and i am average(i read somewhere that you might not ...

 My leg wound infection. 2 weeks now, what should i do?
i am in the philippines and had a bad accident 2 weeks ago which ended up with 11 stitches in my leg after a piece of wood went 2 inches deep. after 7 days on co-amoxiclav then 5days on staffloxin, ...

 Any ideas how not to be bored while convalescing with sore hands?
A friend must convalesce for two weeks and is already really bored with TV. They have sore hands so that even holding a book, internet typing, holding a phone etc hurts after a short whle. Any ideas ...

The front of my knee is killing me after cross country practice! It feels like a pounding bruise! It usually goes away by the next day but once i finish running again it comes back! i have already ...

 I think I have deep vein thrombosis...How worried should I be?
I was recently in a car accident and have been resting alot for the last 3 weeks. I have noticed tenderness in my right thigh and a redness going up the vein. I had been to the doctor and he looked ...

 I just got hit in the nose? now Iam really worried somethings wrong?
Someone hit me in hte nose really hard like were my septum is under my nose. And now the whole bottom part is swollen really bad and, my septum looks all funny and pushed in. and theres an sharp ...

 Kelloid on ear?
Ok,so I've had a kelloid on the back of my ear for quite some time...
I've tried EVERYTHING possible to get it removed,
I have used home-made treatments, store bought treathments, ...

 Is it possible????
Is it possible???

to cut someones head off clean with a sword with one swing???
or arm or leg or something

because i think it would chop into the bone and just stick it ...

 What have i done?
k i was doing yoga other nite on my own have not done yoga for 3 weeks as been ill with flu.
i was anoyed i could not strech as far as i couldso pushed my self too, i then got pain in back and ...

 How do you fix a possibly sprained ankle?

Stacy C
How to make swelling in cold sores go down?
I got sick and woke up with 2 cold sores, they werent that bad. Well 2 days later I woke up with another one that has caused my lip to swell! It looks like ive bit hit in that spot about 10 times. It embarrassing! Ive read that nothing works on cold sores. Ive tried Abreva a while back but it didnt work at all! Does anyone know of ANYTHING that helps heal these things or at least make the swelling go down?
Additional Details
No ice, Ice only eases the pain. It causes the blisters to dry up and sometimes bleed. I forgot to mention that ive been dealing with these all my life. Im using carmex right now, it stops the tingling and itching but the swelling is whats getting to me!

ashley l
try using blistex it might help the swollen go down because i had four cold sores and i used blistex and mine all went away in two and a half days there my opinon tu use if you want it to be gone then i would use it so it wont be embarrising

Lucine H
ice it

Belva D
I had cold sores all my life and they used to get just huge-like you, I looked like I had been hit. A doctor told me to take
L-Lysine and I swear I have never had another one. I took it regularly for a few months but then quit. For the last ten years, if I feel the tingle of a cold sore starting, I quick take two pills and then take one a day for the next couple days. It completely stops the cold sore from coming to the surface. Hope it will work as well for you!

get some cream

well if abreva doesnt work then u should seek medical attention before it gets worse

Try hemorrhoid cream its known to make the swelling go down when using it for puffy eyes.

Take some vitamin C as that will help it somewhat.

ice helps.

you could try ice cubes for swelling to go down i use blisteez cream

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