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 What could cause 13yr boys ear to bleed?
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could a ...

How long does lower back pain last after a fall?
I had an accident at work and I still feel pain in my lower back and I cant sleep. do you know how long it takes to feel better. Its been more than 4 weeks and I still feel pain.


possibly the rest of your life.

OH. there could be a zillion reasons as to why and for how long it will last, if it will ever go away..
I have arthritis in my lower back, do to falling down stairs when I was a child.. it just healed that way.. If I bend funny or fast, it catches and my back cramps up for weeks.. Once it really went out and I was in pain for over 6 weeks.. took therapy to get out of that one.. Mostly just ibuprofin helps me. but I have my days..I have learned to bend and stretch a certain way to keep pain free now..
goodluck!.. I hope your doctor gave you instructions and you are following them.. If you have access to a jacuzzi or hot tub.. take full advantage.. it makes you feel wonderful..

Hope you filed an accident report at work. Go to the doctor.

I fell in 1993 and the pain hasn't gone as of yet.

sickand tired
seven going on eight years

Back pain can last for a long time--even a life time. Go to the doctor and have this checked (again). You can make matters worse if you don't get treatment for it.

Jungle Luv
It depends how bad the ingury is ....go to the doctor have him/her check it out and thy should be able to tell you . If you dont go to a doctor or physio it will just get worse/ wont get better.

don't rely on an internet diagnostic.

It lasts until it gets better. If you are doing stuff it will take longer. What does your doctor say?

well it should heal but if not go to a doctor

depends on what and where you hurt....have u tried a relaxer? like Robax? usually the platinum version works wonderfully....

if oyu are in canada, go to a pharmacy adn pick up some Tylenol #1 will help with pain :)

it depends on the impact of the shock. if some ligament have been destroyed then it may last for long. in this case, u may have to consult a doctor...

Have you seen a doctor? It depends on what type of back injury you have.

I fell on my back 10 years ago and it still hurts to this day. It is better, but I still have bad days.

As long as I go on a walk daily, it feels good.

I would go to a chiropractor. Your work should be covering your medical bills, so let them pay for it. The back muscles are some of the weakest muscles in the body and if injured, may take a very long time to heal up, if at all. I suffered a very major back injury when I was 11 years old and for the past 25 years, I have lived with some of the most horrible pain. When I go to the chiropractor, I generally feel better for a few days, but I have to go often to get popped back into shape.

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