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 I fell ten floors from a building, and hit concrete but just got up should i see a doctor i feel ok.?

 Im 15 and i lift weights. my right shoulder has been hurting and so have my ancles what should i do?
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 I got jumped after school, I put a real hurting on them. Do you think i will get introuble?
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All i got ...

 Is this normal? Has it happened to you?
Well,whenever I get up off of the bed or couch i sometimes stand up and my vision suddenly becomes blurred for like 3 seconds and i will get dizzy and then everything will be fine.

is it ...

 Break my leg?
it hurts!! :(...

 I have pain on my right side of my head HELP!?
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 I dropped a rifle on my bare foot, it was about 7 lbs. can my foot be fractured?
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 Okay, if someone get's a cut and it start's to turn yellow, what does that mean?
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 How do I cure a scratch/scrape?
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 My friend apparently split her leg open, but i can't see her, so can you tell me ,is this a really bad injury?
She split her leg open on a mountain walk, and it needed 25 stitches,.. is that really bad? would it be painful for her right now? or would 25 stitches be a little split? and by split, does it mean ...

 Cotton buds cause ear bleeding?
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 My grandpa broke his leg and now needs surgery. The hospital gave him a blood transfusion, why?
My grandfather is in is 80's he fell and broke his leg this week. The tibia to be exact. The doctors say he needs to have sugery to put a metal plate in his leg to help strengthen it. My grandpa ...

 Scared about surgery?
I have to have surgery on my knee on Wednesday, and I'm freakin terrified. Has any of you out there gotten surgery on your knee? If so, how did it go???

Thanks. =[...

 Some one please help me.?
Please i know i just want attion but i really want a cast because i have never had one. Please someone tell me how to break either my: ARM, WRIST, LEG, ANKLE, OR FOOT please some one give me advice....

 How would you know if a part of an iv needle was left in your vein?
i had an iv needle one week ago on the main vein on the left arm on the inside of my elbow, itsbeen a week sice its been taken out and i have had about an inch on that vein hard as a rock. i have ...

How long does it take to recover from a broken tibia?
I have had it broken since may and the bone was snapped i can put all my weight on it i just can't walk yet with out crutches

Alastair McTavish
As long as it took me to bang you last night XD

(That was a joke)

I would say ~5-6 months

Deanna loves cole
wat the **** is a tibia?????????? iz dat ur leg wtf


Frosta Darlin (BCA)
It depends on how much you let it heal. Usually takes 6 months or so, but please don't put your body weight on it until you get the okay from the doctor, If the bone hasn't healed yet then you are doing more damage and not letting the leg heal itself.

A Landers
6 weeks is the rule of thumb for a broken bone but can vary depending on. Healing can be delayed by cigarette smoking.

To be honest, you may want to find another orthopedist. I know of one or two cases where the lack of care by the physician was the primary cause the bone didn't heal properly and the individual had to have it rebroken and reset.

The Phantom Lord
The tibia is the bone below the front of the knee. You have two of them, obviously because you have two legs.

LaTanya M
at least 6 months but you will always have some kind of trouble with it. it also depends on your age

L.azyE.ccentricA.w yeaL.ovely
took me a month. hurt like hell. good luck.

tibia is a bone. Talk to your doctor... we dont kno

It depends on the extent of the injury. I broke mine (crushed really) in November and ended up with 2 plates and 17 screws. I moved from 2 crutches with no weight to 2 crutches with weight on a walking cast to just the walking cast. I completed my treatment in April. Your orthopedic surgeon should be taking monthly x-rays to see how the healing is progressing. That's what tells him/her how much weight you can put on it. You should also be receiving physical therapy to help with motion.

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