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 Broken Bone?
Have any of you had a broken leg or knew someone who had a broken leg and your/their outlook on everything became negative?

My friend had broken his tibia and fibia broken right below his ...

 I got stung by 8 wasps bout an hour ago and still hurts BAD.Best way to ease pain?

 Injured Knee?
Cant extend it, what should I do?...

 Ouch! I bit my cheek!?
Its pretty deep of a cut, when it happened i tasted blood. Is there anything I can do to make it heal? how can i prevent myself from biting it again?...

 Disability living allowance?
hi all,
i have been on DLA for 3 years now and am due to reapply soon. i have a deteriating facet joint in my back, i have had a number of injections done and they have worked with the pain for ...

 I might have broke my toe......?
i was running inside to answer the phone and hit my little toe on the bar, i can move it a little but its constantly hurting, i did this yesterday, it is purple and bruising is now going into my foot,...

 I cut my knuckle and i can see the cartilage should i go the doctor?
its about 1/4" long but it pretty deep, its on my ring finger knuckle so it opens every time i bend my finger....

 When someone gets shot ...?
When someone is standing up and they get shot, why do they ALWAYS fall down, even if they got shot in the arm or in the stomach? I just watched a film & lots of people got shot whilst they where ...

 Ran into pole while skiing, and leg is swollen? Cant judge whether I should visit a dr.?
I was skiing for the first time and I lost control and hit a pole, hitting my right leg first. The leg has bleeding and is heavily swollen. I have trouble walking, but I can get from place to ...

 Has anyone ever had broken ribs (2) my husband has already gone to the emergency room.?
he does have 2 broken ribs but they said that they can't do anything but prescribe his pain meds. Can this cause other problems other health issues -how long does it take to heal?...

 Shin splints (please help!)?
i have had shin splints at least four times in my life that i can remember, and i'm only 20 years old. i have read every website on the internet and done everything they've said to do and ...

 Is my leg broken?
yesterday i was swimming and i jumped in the creek and it was kinda NOT deep[i know stupid right?]lol anyways the pain was so bad i thought i was dieing, i can kinda walk on it but it hurts ALOT its ...

 Trapped Nerve?? How do i get rid of it??
I think I have a trapped nerve in my left wrist.
My symptoms are,
Pain travelling up the back of my upper arm,
Pain in the wrist obviously,
Pain travelling into my hand especially ...

 When i eat i feel like it is coming back up?!?!?!?
i have been exercising and stretching a lot lately for dance team..and it is pretty intense!! i got really toned in like a little over a week, but when ever i eat now i feel like im gonna throw up!!! ...

 Could this be a concussion or just in my head?
Yesterday, I was with a couple of friends and we were joking around when one of my friends elbowed me really hard in the head. Then got me in a headlock. Except he kinda missed my neck and wrapped ...

 Will this be ok? I've sliced part of my finger nail off down to the nail bed?
I was chopping fish and with a big knife i slice all the way through the nail on my indez finger right down to the nail bed. It hurts a bit. Will i lose my nail? Will it get infected? SHould i do ...

 Is my hand broken, do I need to go to A&E?
Okay, here's what happened: I got my GCSE results yesterday... and they weren't very good. So, to punish myself, I hit my wrist really hard with a baseball bat. I know - bad idea - I wish I ...

 When i stand up really fast i almost pass out?
I was wondering when i stand up really fast and everything starts to go black and feels like my blood is rushing to my head does this mean im about to pass out or is something wrong?I m geting tired ...

 Cutting across the wrist? Fatal?
Okay yea yea i know it's bad to cut. I'm not suicidal- that's why i'm asking this question. I don't want to die. Anyways, if i cut across my wrist (from left to right) and it ...

 How do I get the bleeding to stop? (Please answer, I'm in serious pain)?
2 nights ago I cut myleg shaving I cut about 6 inches of it (yes I know, it big). It's been bleeding ever since.)

I don't have anymore band-aids and don't tell me to go to a ...

How long does it take for a broken tibia (shinbone) to heal?
I broke my tibia on Feb. 2nd. It was about 1 1/2 to 2 inches below my knee. The hospital inserted a steel rod and secured it with heavy screws in my knee and ankle (no cast). I can bear weight slightly, but I don't mess around on that count and don't bear weight on it

vraju m
4 to 5 weeks

i've heard this, and it might sound absurb, but it works, eat lots of jello its going to help for the bone to heal. i know, i told you it sounded wierd, but it works! (cause jello has lots of Calcium, but you gotta it like like day and night, and for a long period of time) you don't have to believe me, but hey, it works, i heard it from a massage therapist. and the guy is veeeeeeeery experienced.

Just broke mine and am walking in ten days. It hurts, but you need to acclimate to that.

I crushed both of those bones in a motorcycle accident and was laid up for about two months with a cast. still hurts but I can walk pretty good. Yes I still ride. No I wasn't wearing a helmet. If I was maybe I would not have busted my leg up.

it takes 6-8 weeks for a bone to heal. In your case, since it is weight bearing bone, it may take longer to get to 100%.
Healing also depends on your age, smoker, overall health level, etc.

do you have a frame on it, it all depends how big the fracture is and whether you need the intervention of mechano or just a plaster cast, if its just a cast thats hopefully a good thing

Figure about 4-6 weeks on average.

dances with unicorns
You're looking at about 6 to 8 weeks healing time for the initial bone repair; it may take quite a lot longer than that before it feels "normal." Ask your doctor about putting weight on it; some weight may be good to encourage it to heal, but don't overdo so as to prevent deformation. Even surgical screws can only stand so much!

It depends on the individual. If You are a fast heel-er 4 months.
If not try 6 months. Take it from a guy who fell off a bridge.
Just hang in there. A little patient, the time will pass and you
will be better off for waiting till it has heeled.
Hope this is helpful.

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