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 I want a nose job..help plz?
when i was younger i broke my nose and it left me with a slight bump that i didnt really care about it and it never bothered me but recently i broke it again and now the bump grew twice as large!! ...

 I had stiches on my leg and they cameout o early. is there anything that i can do so diminish the scar?
It is on my shin bone where there is very little meat, i might have an indention as well. I have liquid vitamin E but is there anything that might work better?...

 How can I break my leg or ankle?

 I hit my head hard, it bled quite a lot, now I feel really shaky inside ?
I usually drink a good amount of alcohol daily, but didn't for 3 days and felt shaky yesterday....Is this alcohol or injury related?...

 Does piercing your ear cause it to swell up, and if the answer is yes-then for how long(on average).?

Additional Details
You're talking to a guy who lit his arm on fire. Who's worried, I was just curious :P...

 I broke my ankle on Dec 3(the tibia, fibula and just below my knee) and had surgery on Dec 4?
I just started walking with an aircast on it two weeks ago now and was wondering about how long its going to take before i will be able to walk without it?...I still have a lot of pain in certain ...

 Whats wrong with my arm?]?
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 I got thrombophlebitis from an IV and can't move my arm does anyone know whether this immobility could last?
Just wondering if the use of my arm will return after the thrombophlebitis goes away....

 How do you know if your arm is broken? plz help!?
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 Is it true that if you have a pre-existing illness and you get a new insurance they will not cover?
I was injuerd at work and will have a pre-exsiting illness (RSD) for the rest of my life. I am not sure that I will be able to go back to work. This is why I am looking ahead for an insurance. Or I ...

 Swollen feet - what is happening?
I will post the short version -
My bf's feet sweel on the top and mostly around the ankles. Both feet do this. They have checked him for gout and it is 100% NOT that. The swelling and ...

 Pulled muscles in my shoulder... what to do for relief. its been ongoing for about 3 weeks?

 Knee Troubles?Any Advise,please?
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 I sprained my ankle about a month ago. When the heck's it gonna heal?
I fell of a curb about a month ago. My ankle bent to an L shape and I was tossed to the ground like a sack of potatoes. I wore an air brace for two weeks but the mother still hurts! Once in a ...

 Sprained foot ...?
I think I've sprained my foot. I'm not sure how or when, but yesterday it started hurting a little on the arch between my heel and toes. I've been walking about on it as usual ...

 When Should I Go to the Chiropractor?
I have had acute low back pain for the last 36 hours. I have been to the Urgent Care center immediteley after the injury and was in the ER about 12 hours ago. At both visits I was given a shot of T...

 Have you ever broken a bone or seen one?
when i was 15 my girlfriend fell off my porch and broke her forearm in two places. it looked like that clip where that dude is sitting there and his arm has a huge bend. anyway the doctor popped it ...

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 My lip is really really swollen after my lip piercing two days ago help?
my lip is three times the normal size, im cleaning it properly, it looks like my bar is gna disappear into my lip from front and back, do i need a bigger bar or is this normal, what can i do to make ...

 Ice or heat the knee?
The other day i had a football game and someone fell on the side of my leg buckling it inwards and now i can't straighten my leg all the way without extreme pain and effort. Also i can't ...

jolly r
How long does it take for a big toe after its been removed to heal?
I was at work and droped a very heavy object on my big toe. resultiing in the doctor having to remove the toe nail and stitch up the gash i had.(fractured nail bed). I NEVER had anything more painful in my entire life. i could barely walk and now im finally off the crutches but its still pretty hard to walk normally. My toes still looks pretty bad and i just want to know about how long after the stiches are removed with my toe nail look semi-normal.

Lindsey E
It will take up to 6 months (or longer) for the nail to replace itself from the cuticle to the free edge. xxx

Several weeks.

This is one of the most painful injuries one can have. There are a wealth of sensory nerves in that area, and the circulation may be compromised, due to other factors in your life. You can also depend on a secondary infection virtually 100 percent of the time. All of these factors add up to a very painful and lengthy convalesence. How long is difficult to predict, form he information you have given, however, it would not be uncommon to be debelitated until the new nail grows back, if it does. That takes several weeks. Talk to your physicain, there are some long lasting NSAID analgesics that may make your life easier, Good luck.

OMG!!! that must have been painful... Taht once happened to my dad and it took alot of months like 6 for the nail to grow back but about 1 month for the pain to stop.... but if you damaged the nail bed chances are the nail may never grow back.....please note i said chance i did not say it will never grow back...

Dirty D
At least 6 months for the nail to grow back. Sorry to hear about your toe and hope it gets better soon..

Ya,,,toes are pretty sensitive for sure! My guess is you'll be back to normal (pain free), in about 6 months (from when the accident happened).
I also advise you to wear protective steel toed shoes if you are ever again in a situation in which you might sustain an injury to your feet.
God bless you and your pretty little toes!

andrew p
Toes don't grow back, sorry.

mike t
Unfortunately, the answer is not really possible to give, as dependant on the damage, and each individuals powers of recovery.
Sometimes, it is better to totally remove the nail, as to allow a new nail to form equally over the bed. and would likely give a better, even growth of new tissue.
For some it may be quick, others slower, depending on age, but generally I would reckon it could be up to 6 weeks.
Soaking the toes in a warm saline solution, though it might sting, should help keep the wounds clean.
Good luck,
Mike t.

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