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 What can I do for lower back spasms? other than calling my doctor and getting a prescription?
I was in a car accident in 2001, hit on the left side of the car (driver side) I was not driving, airbags went off and car was totatled, so now I get back spasms on my lower left side and some times ...

 Have you ever faked an injury?
Ethier faked an injury to get out of something, or faked that you weren't injured to stay in something.
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It would be more interesting to know what you did....

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 When you have a surgery planned why cant you drink water or eat for 24 hours prior?

 Numbness in left pinky but no pain?
I use my computer a lot at home and iam constantly putting my elbows on my desk and 9 times out of 10 I manage to bang my funny bone,resulting in the tingling feeling in my left pinky.
I have ...

 How can I heal my ankles?
I was running for about 5 months and in a last month or two my ankles began to hurt. I've been taking a 2 week break between seasons and my right ankle has healed, but my left has not yet. Its ...

 Can you describe the worst kind of pain possible?
i need to have a description of the worst kind of pain that someone could possibly feel; preferably referring to the eye, but not necessarily....

 Can anyone help me?
ok I was doing gymnastics at cheerleading practice one day and I landed wrong on my ankle and fell. It didnt hurt that bad so I tried to do my skill again. It hurt like heck!! I can walk on it a ...

 Car accident that wasn't my fault how much compensation?
can any one help me my taxi broke down so i sat there with my lights on and hazard lights on and a hgv hit me from behind doing about 50 the police said i did every thing i could have done to ...

 Why do two of my fingers and edge of my hand keep going numb and having pins and needles?
Over the past week or so, the last two fingers on my left hand and the edge of my hand have been getting pins and needles and going numb. I'm female, 25, healthy and don't smoke. I have a ...

 How can I stop my wound from bleeding?
I got a cut on my bottom which is a difficult area to treat. For three days it is bleeding and in pain. Whenever I move - walk or sit, the cut bursts open and starts bleeding and hurts so bad. I put ...

 What's in that injection that they give you in school that leaves a scar on your arm?

 How do i know if my foot is broken?
I'm not sure what i did, but now whenever i stretch my foot up or walk it hurts. It hurts right in the middle. This has been going on for about 3 days. It's probably not broken, but i was ...

 What has my boyfriend done to his back????
He was fine one minute, bent down to tie up a bin liner and has been in agony eversince. it feels low down in the middle of his ...

 My tounge fell off while i accidentally drank scalding tea!?
my great grandpa nanpo told me it was ice tea, and so i gulped it down and my tongue fell off! should i sue?...

 I want to know how to throw a good punch?

 What is the best thing to put on a minor burn?
i accidently burnt my hand on the oven when taking out my pizza...so i was wondering what to put on it to ease the burning pain?...

 PLEASE help!! My mom is sick. I dont know what to do!?
Something is wrong with my mom.
She works as a dump truck driver, so its not much heavy lifting labour or anything. But somehow she`s gotten nerve damage.
She went to the doctor they said ...

 Is there a bone that cannot heal?
I read an article that said almost any bone can heal. Is this true?
Additional Details
And if so what bone?...

 How long do you keep stitches in before they need to be removed?
I had a minor surgical procedure performed on my leg. I only have 4 stitches and he only went in about half an inch. My doctor didn't tell me when to come back to get them removed. Office is ...

How long does it take a bruise to heal?
I got hit in the face with a my car door, and my cheek and nose are bruised. It's really embarrissing cuz on of my friends spread the rumor that my boyfriend hit me, which he would NEVER do, he has never even yelled at me, anyway, how long before this embarrissing bruise goes away, and what stages will it go through while healing (I mean what will it look like)

Tell your boyfriend to get some anger management counseling, and stop lying for him. You are an enabler and should be ashamed of yourself!

A car door? Sounds nasty. Metal against skin will turn black, and blue, . There might be a fracture, noses can sustain cartilage injuries. Have an xray before things heal. Some nose injuries will appear healed but never do and require surgery to fix in the future.

After the black and blue stage, it turns green then yellow. so it will be a while. 2 weeks to around 25 days.

If the injury is from somebodys car door, consider filing a complaint. And people get hit by people they trust and love. If it was really your boyfriend, leave. Say goodbye now. Lucky you are not married to him yet.

Men who hit women will hit them again. This is not an easy path to take.

Mily T
give it time.
about 3-6 days.
depends on how bad it is.
rumors are rumors
what cha gonna do....

depends on the person,where it is and how big the bruise is...

ms. sunshine
make up will help you cover it it will take couple of days to heal

It depends on how bad the bruise is...it may take a few days or a couple weeks for it to fully heal, it may get, black/blue at first then fade into like a yellowish color that is when it will be almost gone.

Depending on how bad the bruise is and how your body heals, it could be days or weeks.

Try getting some Arnica. it's a homeopathic remedy for brusing and it really works. You can get it in a gel or cream form or in a pill that dissolves under the tongue. I prefer the topical Arnica.

It'll go from blue/purple to lighter blue/greenish to light brownish yellow then gone....it can take up to 3 weeks for some people...depends on how good ur immune system is. A facial bruise tends to hold its colour alittle longer...thank god for make up tho. Oh, and u should punch ur friend in the face, then spread the rumor that u punched her in the face....that'll learn her! Joking, don't hit her.............kick her! Good luck! =)

Edward Cullen
During the healing process, it will most likely change different colors. I guess your 'friend' is jealous of your bf don't you think? It will probably go away in a couple of weeks, but it depends how bad the bruise is. OUCH! feel better soon!

depends on your age, overall health and how bad the bruise is

I recommend making up a really good story with lots of outlandish embellishments -- it will make people laugh and keep them wondering. I'm reminded of a friend of my dad's who got his face all cut up when he fell down an escalator -- he told everybody he had been in a chainsaw fight!

It all depends on the severity of the bruise. You can get a facial massage where you are bruised, and that will help dissapate the blood that is pooled and will disappear faster.

hamster angel
Well I fell on a sidewalk and its been almost a month and its still bruised. Your bruise is probably black since your skin had been hit against metal. The it'll turn blue/purple later on. It also depends on the person(I know many people are saying this...). My bruises take forever to heal completely so I don't think your bruise will take a month like mine.

Vampire Kissed
Depends how deep the bruise in in your skin-but when its a yellow greenish color kinda, then its usually be done healing soon

1-2 weeks depending on how deep the bruise is.

Every person is different. Get some Arnica montana from the grocery store. It is homeopathic and comes in both little pills and lotions. You can either rub the gel/lotion on the bruise or take some of the little pills. They won't hurt you otherwise, but are renowned for helping bruises.

Oreo Schmoreo
It could take up to 7-10 days to completely disappear. You might want to check into some Dermablend makeup to cover the bruises.

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