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 Hurt my Knee?
This morning I fell down the stairs (third step from the bottom) and landed squarely on my knee. I can bear some wieght on it, wiggle my toes, and bend it as much as I usually can, but I can't ...

 Is self injury a sin?

Additional Details
i used to cut but now i am converting to a catholic i need to know if i should tell the ...

 Trying to deal with a gunshot wound without going to the emergency room.........?
thanks for the earlier answers but just to clarify things, do I heat up the tongs to red or white hot and how much alchohol should I pour in the wound after I pulled the bullet out ?...

 What happened to me?...?
I was playing videogames and all of sudden, something weird happened. First, my eyes crossed by themselves. Then, there was like a bright flash where my vision went white, but then went to black and ...

 Am I going to die?
I am a thirdteen year old boy and i suddenly tried to crack my neck and the i felt something very painful!Did a blood vessel burst?My neck started to feel very warm!What happened?If a blood vessel ...

 I cut my foot on a piece of glass, it's bleedy a LOT, should I be worried?
Is there any artieres in your foot? What if you cut a vein what happens? I cut it on the side of the ball of my foot, I think I got the glass out. Any nurse answers will be greatly appricated. It was ...

 If yesterday's tomorrow was today...what was yesterday?

 Any advice on how to heal a swollen leg?
I was walking and I tripped on my side. It didn't hurt too bad until the afternoon. Now my leg is swollen and it kind of hurts to bend it. Does anyone have any advice how to make it heal faster? ...

 My knee!!!!!!!!!!! need help!!!?
k well i just got back from a town picnic and we were playing tug a war boys against girls. there were 6 girls and 19 boys so they won, and i fell on my butt with me legs extended straight infront of ...

 Should one ever employ a henchman who hasn't got a facial scar?
My good friend Count Sniffy Pookins Smyth has hired a henchman without a facial scar, I fear this chap may not be up to the task of carrying out his duties with the correct amount of venom. As a test ...

 Someone just jumped off the top of my building. OH MY GOD - What do I do?

Additional Details
I keep telling you people, 911 wont work. I keep dialling but nothing will ...

 Video footage of russian cutting mans head off with knife?
a man takes his rambo knife out and sticks it in another mans neck and saws his head ...

 I really want crutches! What is the quickest and least painfull way to do it without faking?
I'm not trying to get out of anything or extend my summer vacation. I just want to feel what it is like to actually hurt my leg (below the knee) because I have broken my left arm three times. I ...

 Could my mom have a concussion?
Yesterday my mom hit her head on a ladder. She seemed okay yesterday, but today she is feeling really sick. Her head doesn't feel right and she is groggy. Could she have a concussion a day later?...

 Do you think i'd die if i got stabbed?
its not a stupid question! ok maybe it is.
if someone stabbed me in my chest (not where my heart is, on the other side) would i die? oh shut up!
Additional Details
no but i wish ...

 Um will the blood stay?
I got this cut on my left foot under my "pinkey" toe and what we did was we put butterfly band-aids on it so it would close, well there is a cut under it so there is dried up blood. Would ...

 Pain under my tongue. very scared.?
Three days ago I started having a pain under my tongue. It hurts to stick my tongue out and the further i stick it out the more it hurts. It slightly hurts when swallowing. I have looked with a ...

 I need a good excuse as to why i am always covered in bruises?
i bruise really easily and i'm always covered in bruises, but people never believe this, and i don't want people thinking i'm abused, any help would be ...

 I steped on a nail. but i had my shot 10 years ago comeing in november. dose that matter?
do i need to go get another shot. the doctor told me i would be fine but they didnt look up my record. they finaly did and it said the in november of this year it would be 10 years ago. i steped on ...

 What can be done with a broken toe?
I think I have broken my little toe, is it worth bothering with a doctor? there isn't really anything that can be done about it is there? I will do anything to avoid hospitals and have been ...

How long do you keep stitches in before they need to be removed?
I had a minor surgical procedure performed on my leg. I only have 4 stitches and he only went in about half an inch. My doctor didn't tell me when to come back to get them removed. Office is closed and just wanted to know

Pink polkadots!
did he give you the ones that desolve by themselves? because with those you dont need to go back. also, they probaly will call you when its time

Lynn M
When I had knee surgery they took out the stitches 6 days later. When I had stitches on my breast for Breast cancer they took them out in 1 week. For stitches on my thumb they took them out in a week. I would say it all depends if you are healing well.

depends where they are and what procedure was done to cause you to have stitches---usually around a week tho

10 days.

YEP, WHAT THEY SAID,,,week to 10 days unless specified by your Dr....

Common Sense
Our dog got 12 stiches in his head about two weeks ago
and the vet said to leave them in for 14 days...
I took them out today...Not a big deal...He was a good boy....
He got a treat...

I had two quite large operations in the last month. I never had the stitches taken out, and have no appointments to have it done. The material being used now ( at least most of the time ) deteorate and fall out all by themselves.
If your doctor didn't give you a date for having the stitches out, you can be sure they're the ones that come out by themselves.

normally one week to 10 days. Less in the face.

R Purushotham Rao
PL .ring the doctor instead of meddling yourself in medical arena.

around 10 days or less depending on the injury

4 to 7 days

Five to seven days if they are not disoveable stitches, if they are disolveable they will fall out in a about a week or 2.

Depends entirely on your healing ability, your skin type and other factors, such as the amount of blood clotters in your blood. Ask yourself how long it take you cut to heal the last time you had one. That's about how long to remove stitches. You tell the doc when, not the other way around.

i've had major shoulder surgery on both shoulders now ,and usually anywhere from 6 to 10 days , depending upon how its healing ,mine have been taken out as early as 3 days though ,by my doctor, i would give your doctor a call ,to have him /her look at them though they usally don't charge you anything to remove the stitches

Usually about 1 week.

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