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 How did you get your scar(s)?
The one on my knee is from when I went down my neighbor's driveway on a skatebord for the first time, and forgot to ask how to get off at the end. I jumped. Scraped the skin clean off my knee. I ...

 My ear popped?
but it hurttt super bad like i couldnt hear for awhile and it gave me a headache

could it be my sine-eses
Additional Details

 Anybody have any at home remedies for poor ankle circulation to stop the pressure?
In motorcycle accident and had surgery. Have been keeping it up but when I do put it down there is a lot of pressure. Dr. told me it will be months before any change. Just seeing if anyone as any ...

 My mom just fell off a chair and hit her head on solid tile what should i do?
Well she was trying to get medicine on this really high drawer and then she fell off next thing i know shes crying she can still talk its not bleeding or anything but it has this huge bump! Please ...

 Haow can i take my cast off my arm?
please no responses saying its a bad ideas just want to know how i can get it ...

 How much pain would I be in if I ripped my scab off my arm?
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 Why is it that when a child goes out, the mother says "Don't come running to me when you break your leg!"

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 Should I go to the Doctor?
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 Okay please help me.. i seriously think i just broke my pinky toe?
hahah it was really funny but i tried to be like karate kid and kick my sister but it caught on the table and like jammed out...

well its like red, swollen, THROBBING, and leaning to the ...

 What is an omelette?
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 How do i get rid of muscle soreness after a long workout?

 What is your opinion of doctors?
A long time ago, I lost faith that doctors are generally competent, or care about their patients. For example, you may have to wait a week to get an appointment, and then, when you FINALLY get "...

 Does your origional skin comes back when you get sunburned?
i got a sunburned badly and my face turned brown , it looks burned in my forehead. But, it not hurting and my skin isn't hot. the burn part looks Permanent. I'm actually yellowish light ...

 I have a lump on my head?
I have a medium size lump on my head that hurts when I touch it. I haven't hit my head on anything in the past month or so and I am starting to worry.. what do you think it is and what should I ...

 Help!! I don't know whats wrong?
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 I hurt my foot but...?
My mom wont take me to the docter. It happened when my friend and I were playing around and we did a roundhouse kick at the same time. I was in flipflops and my foot hit her shin. I didnt hear ...

 What would happen if I held my nose when I sneezed?

 Every time I hit my thumb with a hammer, my thumb hurts. What should I do?

How long do i have to work before i can received disability?
i need to be off work just started working 3months ago

you must be from Louisiana

u can't receive disability checks if you're NOT disabled. You're looking to get unemployment checks and you can't get those unless you're laid off or fired from my understanding.

you are an idiot. its unemployment not dissabilty, lazy punk

technical difficulties
off work for what reason?

Patrick Bateman
read your company policy handbook Human resources will have it, or just ask them, I'm on disability, my company offered long term and short term policies you had to work for 6 months to qualify for those. Human resources should help you out,esp if you are really disabled, disability is not paid by your company, but by an insurance company and THEY will make sure you are disabled before paying, so don't think a hang nail will do it. unemployment is not an option of course call social security too if things don't work out I don' think you have to work long at One company for ssdi,just alot of straightforward paperwork not rocket science.

Geez people go easy on this guy, people do get injured/ sick in this life. I was a healthy 29 year old and was diagnosed with a brain tumor after working over 7 years , say i started working there 3 months prior, it would be the same story.

♪♪Knowledge is Power♪♪
You would have to contact ssi.

after ur probation period, or u get hurt and u cant work no more

Dennis Fargo
For SSI you don't need to have worked at all.
It will take a while for the paperwork to go through. Anywhere from six months to two years.

Wonetta B
my husband has been trying to get his disability for 6-10 year's,he's gotten approved for the disability,it's been a long haul,and he's still waiting to get the paper work so he can get his check,he's worked @ different job's,you'll just need is to file & and if they denie you just reapply,also make sure that you have a lawyer to help you get disability,a friend of mine,her mom & step brother has been getting an S.S.I. check's for 16 yr's & they both never worked a day in their life & they've got the retirement early,the step bro,.was 10 y/o when her got his check & the mother was 40 y/o...i wish u the best o'LUCK!!!!!! please let me know what happen's alright!!!!

lenghth of time working is not a factor in deciding eligibility for disability... with workmans comp if you got hurt at work even if you were only employed there for 1 minute you are still intitled, with disability insurance it depends on the type insurance you have and if it pays benefits for temporary disabilites or long term disabilities or totally disabled, with social security it depends on the same things as insurance plus your age

have to work until you can get a Dr. to diagnose a disability. look for a job that you enjoy. maybe one you can do from home. check with Donald trump, see if he will pay you to be his critic.


Unless you're going to be cruising in your motorized wheelchair.
You don't have to be off work, just your lazy fat A s s.

First L
Your question indicates that you are mentally disabled.

I will say go ahead and file for disability.

Getting on disabilty is very hard to do and in most cases people fight for years before they even get on it. Most people have to hire attorneys to even get the interviews. It doesn't totally depend on how long someone has worked or even how disabled they are. I tryed 4 years ago after 9 surgerys and alot of other health reason and I was turned down, was told I could still work 1 hour a week and that alone disqualified me 4 years later 16 surgerys, can't walk well with out help and they still say nope I am still able to work at least 1 hour a week which is crap. But any way good luck cause it is not easy to get on.

i believe you have to be off for a year, or have proof that your injury will cause you not to be able to work for a year...at least if you are talking about disability payments from Social Security.

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