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 How to keep scaring to a minimum?
i just laid out a nice 21/2'' gash on the back of my left hand with a grinder at work last friday had it stitched up at the doctor i know its going to scar thats a givein and i have plenty ...

 What is the best thing to do if you have cramp?
e.g. Cramp in your calf:

Should you stretch the muscle, contract it, or just relax it and leave it to go away?...

 My son has had alot of stomoch pains.?
Since a few years ago, he has been admitted to hospotal a few times with severe stomoch pains, but they can never give an answer, is it just growing pains? He is never sick, and is frantic at the ...

 On average how long does it take for a broken (arm) bone to heal?
Like how many weeks and stuff?
And also, what are casts made out of?...

 What does it suppose to mean when your left eye keeps twicthing?

 How do u stop cracking your knuckles?
i cant stop ever since i started its been an addiction!...

 I had a neck spasm last summer and its always sore and it hurts what do i do?
Its stiff anf i have to rub it constantly and it all started after my neck spasm. What do i do?
Additional Details
now they say i have scoliosis, is this an effect from my ...

 How to fracture your wrist?
pleaz no stupid answers straight up answers pleaz in your answers try to include detail and step how to fracture your wrist thank you......

 Make bruises go away?
I'd love to know if there is anything that will make some bruises go away faster. Anything that would make them hurt less would be great, but if not, I'd love to at least make the color go ...

 Have you ever fainted?
I fainted when I was a teenager because I did not eat all day and I was out in the sun.I was riding a burro/donkey and when I jumped off I fell on my face like when someone gets knocked out in boxing....

 How can i break my arm?

 I fell off a horse yesterday and landed on my shoulder and hip. My shoulder is very sore and I can't raise
my arm more than a 50 degree angle, could I have torn a muscle?...

 What is the best way to get fiberglass out of your hands?
And what is the best thing to use to keep it out of your hands?.. I wear gloves for work but its still getting my hands....

 I have a walking problem?
Sometimes when I walk, my feet are always pointed diagonally outward instead of straight. Is this something bad that needs to be fixed or should I just let it stay?...

 Is this normal?
This last july I happen to get hit by a huge heavy tire swing and it left a giant bruise on the front part of my arm, right around the elbow area. But the bruise is long gone, its almost october, and ...

 How do you break it?
How do you break you foot on purpose.
Additional Details
i am looking for ways to break it so i will not have to do something. And wht do yall mean when you say kick kick kick
i am ...

 Where can i find home remedies for the lower back and pinched sciatic nerve.?
I have little-no money and my boyfriend pulled his lower back so bad that he wound up going to chiropractor. He was walking when he went in and by the time he got home, he could barely walk. He'...

 How to reduce swelling?
how to speed up reducing post operative swelling, following jaw surgery.

tried heat/cold packs, sleeping at 45 degrees
anymore ...

 Burnt my leg...?
so i was riding on a motorcycle with my friend and when we got to our destination, i got of fthe bike, but in the process I ended up touching my calf to the exhaust pipe. The pipe was obviously ...

 Is it fair to a 16 yr. to help pay for his unnecessary hospital bills.?
Over the summer he took a chance jumping dirt hills with a bicycle and broke his collar bone.
Also before his collar bone was healed he shattered his wrist riding a moped without a helmet that ...

How do you know if you popped a blood vessel in your brain?
what does it look like, were is it. and how do you pop it?

You wouldn't you would die almost instantly if it were a major "pop" a smaller leak or hemorrhage would make the side of your face droop, leave you weak or paralyzed on one side, slurr your speech. However, a palsy such as Bells palsy can mimic a stroke , so if you or someone you know is displaying these symptoms , get to the emergency room as soon as possible.

The "warning leak" of a subarachnoid hemorrhage has been called the most important diagnosis in emergency medicine. Typically, this begins with a thunderclap headache, with an abrupt, severe pain that subsides after onset. There may or may not be associated neurologic symptoms, and it often takes a lumbar puncture (spinal tap) to find out. About a tenth of strokes are caused by bleeding, and this is usually noted on CT scan in the initial evaluation of the stroke symptoms.
Sometimes bleeding is caused by an injury, such as a car accident or a 7-iron to the head by an angry spouse. Sometimes a vessel stressed, say, by high blood pressure just gives way in a weak spot, and sometimes there's an abnormality you're born with that is really just a time-bomb waiting to explode, and this can take decades, as recent news points out.

we come to your funeral

You would be dead!

i think you would be dead by now or having serious problems with typing on the computer

you would probably be dead or had a stroke by now.

you're scary.......

Dodge's lil girl
your head hurts like hell and then you are good as dead. A large bump, purple, anywhere, too many causes to mention

You would probably be dead so you would not know that you popped it lol

That's called an aneurysm, & you'd know it because it hurts like hell. There are many things that can cause it... a combination of drinking, smoking, high blood pressure, doing drugs, weak blood vessels ... all of these can contribute. Sometimes they can't figure out why it happens. A friend of mine had an aneurysm & now she has severe brain damage.

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