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 What are some of the most painful sports accidents?

OK i was on the bus and some boy triped me and i feel on my knee and know it is sore and its like purpleish and hot is it broken
i can walk (barley) and if i do it hurts

 After a deep wound, how long can you wait before getting a tetanus shot?
It is Sunday afternoon where I am. My husband sliced his hand pretty badly on a mandolin. He hasn't had a tetanus shot in 20 years or so. Tomorrow is a really busy day. Can we wait until T...

 Broken wrist and push-ups?
i broke my wrist in a quad accident a year ago. i still dont have the total range of motion back. (its actually pretty bad because i cant bend it half like i used to. it is also sometimes very ...

 That bump on your back?
ok that bump on the back of my neck my mom says its a HUMP and my dad says its juust my SPINE and i think its a hump because no 1 else has it do u know what it might be im really stressed about it i ...

 Whats the best thing to do if you have a bad back?
I've had pains in my lower back for ages but its recently got worse, somedays though its ok! I'm self employed and need to get back to work....

 What can I with my foot when somebody has rolled over it?
I was working one day and this other co worker accidently rolled over my foot with a cart. She went to move the cart out of her way but she didn't no my foot was there so she accidently rolled ...

 I have several canker sores in my mouth, would it hurt to put hydrogen peroxide on them with a Q-Tip?
would it do anything as far as health?
Additional Details
Kentucky girls rock, what part of kentucky are you from? ...

 Omg help!!!!!?
when i was sleeping my gf answered the phone and it was my secret other family and she stuck a habenero pepper up my rectum also a jalapeno and some "peruvian death sauce" to lube it.it ...

 Health question???
I pulled my brother's right arm yesterday (he's only 2)and my mom got so scared we went to the hospital they did a X-Ray and then they said there is nothing wrong it wouldn't stop ...

 Can anyone tell me how to get rid of bad black & blue marks under a fingernail?
I smashed my thumb a few weeks ago and boy did it HURT! Turned greenish blue at first. Now it's really black under the nail. Thank god it does'nt hurt anymore but looks real bad!...

 My friend took 50 advil the other day. Will she be ok? She said she threw up but I havent seen her in two days
She said she threw up but I haven't seen her in two days because it is the weekend. I just really hope she is ok, she lives in the mountains so I can't call her because she doesn't ...

 What is it? :( it hurts!!!!?
The day before yesterday, there was like a little blister on my finger, on the inside right where i bend it.
Yesterday i woke up, and it had turned into a big lump.. kinda looked like a zit. But ...

 Have I broken my foot?
someone stood my my foot on sat night, it really hurt at the time. it still hurts now, 2 days later. it was on the side, it does look bruised but i dont think it is swollen. The pain is constant, but ...

 Wuts general anesthesia like?
wuts it like when u go in and u go under???...

I slamed my finger in the door and it hurts.It's bright purple!!! Did I jam it?...

 Whats your most memorable scar from?
mine would be on my left hand, broke my hand while being pulled on an inner tube by a 4wheeler after i hit a concrete structure. had a spiral fracture, got 3 pins in her and about 10 stitches. how ...

 OK then, if I have a concussion...what is a doctor going to do about it?
My son had one a few years ago, doctor didnt do anything about it. So what is the treatment then if I have one?...

 I fell over and seriously squashed my plums.... please help?
I went shopping earlier today at ASDA. Whilst leaving the store I tripped over a kerb and landed on my shopping bags, I quickly got up to avoid embarrasment and when I got home I noticed I had ...

 How do you recover from C.F.S?
I have C.F.S and i have had it since 3 am i am now 13 i dont go to school and i have oline learning. Can people please give me some advice cus i am begging you....

How do you get a sliver out of your foot?
I walked through the yard the other day and I stepped on a thorn. The thorn loged into the bottom of my foot and it broke off about an 1/8 inch in. Its in the ball of my foot. It really hurts to walk but I have to anyway. Any ideas to get it out of there?

I would sterilize a needle by getting it red hot (then cool it) and using that and a tweezer, try digging it out.

use needle to move skin around it then get splinters and pull!!

A needle and some tweezers. You tear the skin a little around it (just by it) and pry a little bit up with the needle. Then grab the sliver with the tweezers. It hurts.

It would help if you had someone do it for you if you can't reach. After it's out put Hydrogen Peroxide on it. Place bandaid if it's bleeding a little.

well, it's common sense really. get a needle, also massage the area with your fingers, push it out, use needle carefully ( I know it will hurt) wash your feet first, if you have some alcohol you can wet that area do disinfect, etc.

it's a combination for me. I use a needle, use my fingers to push out the sliver out. with the needle i stick it really close to the area and just try to push it out.

If its broke off to deep that a clean needle wont get out and with that you work from the botton of the thorn out to the top of the hole to ease it out. In a few days your body works the sliver out itself.

Have a nice warm bath or shower, if you let your foot soak in a warm liquid it'll come out easily.

you can dig it out with a needle. or you can try soaking it in warm water. or you can get some Tea Tree Oil and it is supposed to draw out the thorn. also you can leave it alone and it will fester up and pop out by its self. gross I know but yeah. if you do nothing pretty soon it will get all puss filled and pop right out.

soak your foot in warm water take a needle and twizzers...and go to town.

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