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 How do I get rid of bruises real fast? Had some bruise but after rubbing it, it become more darker and bigger.

 Can hitting someon in the back of the head really cause brain damage, trouble, and deep resentment?
I just wonder what the big deal is......

 Can a potato really break a bone?
I heard like alot of different things about it..
is it true
Additional Details
no I mean like cut it in half and put it on ure wrist for 8 ...

 I think I broke my arm..HELP!!?
I fell my my right elbow. My whole arm, including my fingers feel stiff but I can bend slowly but it hurts really bad. Can it just be a bruise? But why is my arm stiff? Do I NEED to go to the ...

 My Doctor's Orders-- What Now?
Broke my middle finger - in a big splint and cast. Must keep it elevated up at face-level for 4 weeks. Feels like im giving every one I see the finger.!!! weird....

 Anyone know what kind of exercises I should be doing for a torn calf muscle?

 When you wipe your bottom after a poo, do you sometimes have a bit of blood?
when you wipe your bottom after a poo, do you sometimes have a bit of blood? why? is it normal?
thanks very much....

 Wasp or hornet sting — what does it feel like?
Ever since I was a child and to this day (I'm 31), I've always been extremely afraid of wasps and hornets, I might even have a phobia.
But I haven't yet ever been stung by a wasp ...

 Please, i cant take the pain anymore!!
Well, im a 12 year old boy and what do you know..we always like playing with stuff. But in this incident i happened to have a pen in my mouth biting the cap. But the pen slipped to my lower gum and ...

 Rear ended in car accident. How much could I get if I sue?
I was involved a a car accident in which I was sitting at a red light behind another vehichle. I was rear ended, and it slamed me into the car in front of me so hard it pushed them into the ...

 A Problem With my Legs?
I'm a jogger/runner, and I've been running every night as a means of a good work out. I usually go a distance of about a mile. However, I'm now experiencing a problem with my legs. It ...

 Annoying lump on my head should I be worried?
I March I fell and cut the back on my scalp open on a rock leaving a small but quite deep cut. I was check over by the ambulance men at the time and did not need to go to A&E. I now have ...

 If you were in the hospital and they had to either save your leg, your eye, or your arm. what would it be that
youll ...

 Swollen arm?
I have banged my wrist lower arm today and there is a massive sweeling.

It is tender to the touch, I dont feel any pain when I dont touch it.

Could it be broken?

 My toddler is limping............?
My 2 1/2 year old daughter has been limping for a week now and is turning her left foot inwards. I have moved her toes, knee, ankle and circled her hips round and she has full movement and is not in ...

 Whats wrong .....?
this past week in the left side of my lower back by my crack there was a bone poping out and was really sore.the when i woke up this morning i couldnt even get up.it hurts to sit and stand up to walk ...

 I got shot?
my friend got an airsoft gun and was playing with it and he shot me right in the eyeball, my vision is all white and blurry and i can only keep my eye open for ten seconds at a time untill it gets ...

 I'm looking for some really good linament or heat rub for my back.?
I used to use Ralgex years ago. As I remember it, you applied it and about 10 minutes later you wish you hadn't! It felt like you were burning up - but it did the trick!

I have ...

 I have very recently hurt the bottom of my back, any suggestions as to how to ease the pain?
The pain is worse while standing, walking or lying ...

 How can i make sure i dont get a scar?
I managed to burn myself with with an iron a couple of days ago.its not very bad but I'm terrified it will leave a scar.Its on my waist and unfortunately i dont know what i can do to keep it ...

How do u tell if ur finger is jammed or broken?
I was playing basketball and i hit the ball and my finger kinda popped and now it's black and i can't do much i can barely type with it

If you can't move it.

seriously get it checked
it's a potential life long damage if untreated

Valley R
if you can move it then its not broke .. sounds like bad sprain ... ice it.

The only sure way to know is have your doc do an xray. Good luck!

if you can bend it, its probrobly not broke. but i would go to walmart or some place and get a finger slinter thing. and try putting some ice on it.

It may just be stowed but the only way to know for sure is with an xray

broken: severe, severe pain. will not be able to move it at all without pain

If your finger is broken it depends on where the fracture is and the type of fracture, you can still move it most the time, just go to the doctor Mon or the ER tomarrow if you need a splint and something for pain.

Sometimes with a finger fracture, it is possible to move it a little so this isn't the best way to tell if it's broken or merely sprained. An X-ray is the best way to tell. For now, get off the computer and splint your finger by taping or wrapping it to the finger next to it. Not too tightly, it may be swollen and may continue to swell. If it's between two fingers, splint using both the outside fingers. After doing this, avoid using your hand. Tomorrow is Sunday, so first thing you'll have to go to an Urgent Care or Walk-in clinic. This is not ER stuff.

I did something similair but I didn't do anythink and the pain was the for a while but it eventualy went away.

Well, one can hurt as much as the other one for sure and in ways it doesn't matter on how they treat it. If you go to your doctor or the emergency room they will probably treat it the same way. On finger breaks they don't cast it or anything but they do put a piece of a metal thing on it and tape around it to keep it straight until it heals which is usually a few weeks or so. You can even do that at home to save a trip to your Dr or the hospital by using a pop cycle stick and applying tape around it until its not too tight but secure enough to hold it.

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