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 When i was 14 my dad brought me a knife, it had a six inch blade and a bone handle.?
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 Does chlorine hurt or heal cuts?
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He wants to go swimming.
I need a FOR SURE answer.
What will this do to him?...

 How do you break your ankle and have it be painless? Don't Write back saying how stupid this is. Pleaseanwser!
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 How many times can i hit myself in the head before dying?
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 My eye is swollen help!?
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 What's the best way help get rid of the color and swelling from a bruise aside from the obvious "ice it"?
i've been in colorguard for five years now, but i've just recently obtained some of the biggest, nastiest bruises that i've ever gotten. I've iced and elevated, but i wanted to ...

 Why do bruises go blue?

 How much does an MRI cost?
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 Blood test? experiences pleeeaaaassseee??? any like mine?
has anyone else fainted after a blood test?

i had one today and im REALLY petrified of needles, the nurse obviously realised because she wouldnt show me the needle or my blood and told me ...

 Blood taken from inside of elbow?
I had blood taken from the inside of my elbow, and the nurse kept moving it around and I think she hit a nerve one time because a got a shooting pain down to my fingers. It was like an hour ago now ...

 My 7 year old stepped on a nail ?
He stepped on it this morning. It was about a inch long and over half of it went into his foot. My husband pulled the nail out. It started to bleed then stopped. He is up to date on the tetanus shot. ...

 What is the worst place you can hurt on your body?
Additional Details
the worst place you can get an ...

 I am getting older and my body aches after playing sports, is it better to take an ICE bath or a HOT bath??
Ice or Heat, that's the big Q!...

 Did I break my foot or my toe?
I have -0- insurance. I tripped and fell on my long pants last night. There was no noise (snap or break) and I had shooting pain up my foot. Today, my big toe is a little swollen and it hurts to ...

 Im scared my cartilage piercing wont heal because its been after 24 hrs and it still hurts a little bit?
what should i do?
i clean it 3 times a ...

 My daughter was kicking a football a week ago and accidently kicked the floor. Help needed?
The underside of her foot has been hurting since and the pain has got worse rather than better. I know she is not having me on because she is limping slightly and saying ouch.

The doctors ...

 What is this little white bump towards my throat??
what is it?? it hurts rele bad 2 swallow nethin. && wen i drink sumthin it hurts worse! wut is it?? my friends say they had it 2 long time ago, but it went away!...

 How to brek a wrist or forearm easily?
My cousin is tryin to get out of construction ...

 What kind of doctor do I need?
This may be a really dumb question but I injured my big toe and now I have shooting pains up my entire leg. Must be something to do with nerves and I am not sure if I need a podiatrist or another ...

How do u know u have a blood clot in ur leg?

The Cheat
I'd be interested to know why you're concerned that you may have one. The previous posters have offered accurate descriptions of the signs/symptoms of such clots, but only clots in 'deep veins' are dangerous. Clots in superficial (shallow) veins are not dangerous. If you have 'varicose veins' and this is your only reason for asking, then you shouldn't be too concerned about life-threatening blood clots.
However, as previous posters have said, the safest thing would be to see a physician. Only he/she can give you an accurate response.

You will usually have pain and swelling and maybe redness at the site of the clot. On the leg that hurts, raise your foot at the toes up and see if the pain is worse. If it is, this could be a sign you have a clot. A doctor told me this once. See your doctor and have a ultrasound done to see if you do have one. Good luck.

~miss mississippi~
Pain, redness, and hot to the touch. Also a postive Homan's sign...bend the foot forward and if you have one, it will hurt a lot in the calf of your leg. Young active people can get this too so go to the doctor asap to get checked.

if your leg swells up more then the other if you sit or stand a lot, if you are walking or running and it just really hurt or it swells, if it become hard to move you knee because of the swelling, if when it swells and you walk it dose not reduce and you get short of breath. If you think you have one you should really get it checked out my leg will never be the same

you won't know, you will experience pain and hard time moving your leg, u must see a doctor and you will need a ultrasound.

sherry V.
I agree with the answer above mine and if you think you might have one; you may not have time to wait for answers it's best to go to doctor asap!!!! I HAD A FRIEND DIE FROM A BLOOD CLOT.

when I got one I had a hard sore bump just above my ankle on the back of my leg. the actual clot was just below my knee. i forget the actual reason the bump was low and the clot high but it had something to do with the blood flow. if you think you have one don't wait, go to the doctor and get an ultrasound - it is a serious thing

You have pain and swelling. Google blood clot symptoms. They will perform a vascular ultrasound of your leg.

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