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How do i know if i bruse or broke my rib?
i fell of a stair 2 week ago, but only now i start to fel pain in the side of my rib, its pain when i breathe or laugh and when i make strong movenmet with my arm.
is it brused or broken and what to do about it.

if you broke a rib, you'd be inexcruciating pain whenever you moved your side, or even breathed. it'd actually be hard to breathe. if you're concerned, go to the ER now. if your rib heals in the wrong position, the pain will never go away.

Get a doctor to check that out, a broken rib can be dangerous.. our bodies are strange, it's possible to break something and not feel much pain at first or at all.
A guy threw a football at me and knocked me off of a inflatable obstacle course... my wrist just kind of ached but now years later (I never went to a doctor), my wrist really aches sometimes and the bone is pushed farther in than before.

You may have fractured it, or weakened it in some way in your prior injury, and its possible that you damaged it further in your sleep of someother activity. In its weakened state you could have "cracked" it more, without actually fully breaking it. Ribs are thin and relatively weak individually. Does it hurt to raise your arm or extend it outward? And can you inhale deeply and hold the air in your lungs? (is the pain bearable enough, and does it intensify or dull while holding?)

Shannon V
you need to go get it xray'd that will tell you if you broke it. both hurt just as bad whether they are bruised are broken i certainly feel for you been there. but go get it xray'd.

you would be crying if you broke your rib. go check up with the docs.

if you fractured it, you would know, b/c you wouldn't be able to get into a position that was comfortable... especially to sleep. it sounds like you may have a rib that is out of place. the muscles that are around it may be in spasm, causing the rib to move, which has irritated the nerves and the muscles around it. go see a chiropractor, I've knocked a few ribs out, and that is the only way that I've been able to get relief. I'll be honest, it doesn't feel the greatest having it adjusted, but being able to take a deep breath and move with out that pain is worth it!

If it only hurts when laughing, breathing, and strong arm movement, then it's a bruised rib.
If it hurts when you walk, when you talk, when you make any kind of movement, it's a cracked rib. Either way, there's nothing a doctor can do for it except put you in a brace. I'd wrap an ace bandage around my ribs tightly if I were you. It will mend on it's own.

Baby Girl 911
u should go check with the docs.

You need to get an x-ray--no other way to know if it is broken.

The fact that your just now experiencing pain suggests a possible hair line fracture.
If it was a bruise--it would have hurt right away.

My mother cracked a rib when she fell--it was 3 weeks before she felt pain and the Doc didnt think it was broken but sure enough--after an x-ray he found a small hair line fracture.

There is not much that can be done but wait for it to heal (6-8 weeks).
It is important for you to make an effort to take deep breaths to avoid pnemonia.
You can wrap it to give support while your active but do not leave it on as it causes people to forget to do deep breathing which really is essentual.
Anti-inflammatory meds and ice for the pain (ice should only be used at 15 min at a time.)

Go get an x-ray to determine if it is broke and how bad.

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