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 Could it be fractured?
my friend was kicked in the fibula by her bf when he had on steel-toe boots. there is some swelling and pain.
Additional Details
the swelling has semmed to goe down a little but the ...

 Worst injury ever?
Describe your worst injury ever. How did it feel, how did you heal?...

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 Is it normal for a persons neck to hurt 24/7?
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 My 8 year old daughter told me this morning that her back hurt on one side...?
i thought she probably just slept on it wrong and she went off to school. When she got home she said that she felt sick to her stomach and so i asked her if it was a pukey feeling or a pain and she ...

 How do I care for my leg that I cut with a CHAINSAW!!!???
I cut my leg on accident with a chainsaw. I am hiding it from my parents cuz they would be pissed. I needed stitches cuz its like and inch long cut on my leg above my ankle and like a centimeter deep....

 What is the best way to get rid of scars (not just acne scars, but scars in general)?

 How do you sprain your ankle please answer soon my friend needs to?

Additional Details
i cant just fall! if i dropped a 10 lb weight on it would that do ...

 (10 Points!!)What am I supposed to do at school??
Okay today I hurt my toe really bad and it is swollen and PURPLE. My nurse said all I can do is tape two together. I did it..didn't help. Tomorrow Im not wearing tennis shoes= hurt. It's ...

 I have a really big bruse on my leg. How can I make it go away?
In one of my dances I have to do a split in 1 beat and I can't do a split that fast so I end up falling on ym left knee and it is very badly brused. How can I make the bruse or the color of ...

 My nose ring keeps getting infected...what should i use?

 Shoulder on my right arm hurts. i cant bend my arm back like i can with my other arm.,?
shoulder only hurts not arm. have no idea how this happened.its been like this for a few days...myother arm and shoulder are fine. i cant put myarm behind my head cos the shoulder hurts too much.

 Making cuts heal quickly??
I have some cuts on my lower leg and i really need them to heal quickly cause i am going to my lake house with my mom and she will notice them. There is alot of them but they aren't deep at all. ...

 Why would you bruise wherever you have been touched?
I have bruises on my legs and it seems to be wherever someone or somethings has touched them. My knee caps hurt and are especially bruised. Does anyone know what would cause this?...

 Face Cream got in my left eye now it stings?
it got in last night after i came back home from work.
how do i fix it, i woke up this morning hoping it would be okay but its still not better.

so i put in some eye drops and went ...

 What's the worst injury you've ever had?
I would say either blowing my knee out or almost cutting my finger off on a table saw would be mine. Both hurt like a mother!...

 I fell backwards off a bar stool last night?
and I have some pretty severe bruising on my buttock and lower back. It really really hurts alot but I am walking fine now. Is there anything that might be fractured without losing mobility that I ...

 HeLp PlEaSe!!?
If a doctor suddenly died while doing surgery, would the other doctors work on the doctor or the patient?...

 I think I may have broken my wrist!?!?
Im a clutz and when i was in my bedroom, I lost my balance and fell and hit my wrist very hard on a dvd player that was on my floor. I did that last night. Now its a little swollen and the bones feel ...

 Stomach problems?
My stomach has been hurting with severe pains for the past 2days and the pains are below my belly botton..and the pains are sharp and sometimes it hurts to just move or walk.
Any ideas of what ...

How do I know if a cut is serious enough to get stitches?
I cut my finger on a broken glass tequila bottle last night. It bled a whole lot, but it didnt really hurt (obviously i was intoxicated). Anyways, the cut is pretty deep, its long but the deep, open part is maybe half an inch long. It doesnt hurt and i've neosporined it and left it bandaged, but I dont know if its serious enough for me to go to the doctors to get stitches

Wait to see if it falls off.

rockabillly motha******
do not get stitches,, it will leave more of a scar and is way more expensive than a butterfly bandage, you can get em at any drug store or most super markets, a butterfly stitch or bandage pulls the skin together and lets it heal on its own, obviously it's not as sturdy as a stitch, so if you do anything strenuous it will re open,,, but it's worth the shot, because even if it doesn't work scars are cool

u did say its deep and would not stop bleeding so maybe u do need stitches. ask or see a doctor

Linda B
First...you were bleeding alot because you were drinking. Second, since this happened last night and not today, it is kinda too late to go and get stiches unless it continues to open up and bleed. But if you have stopped bleeding then you really do not need to go to the doctors now. Just keep an eye on it that it does not become infected. Signs of infection are increased reddness at the site, any white/pus coming from the site, or increased pain and swelling at the site. If any of these things happen or you develop a fever, consult your doctor and be seen. Next time...if you get cut and it is a "gash" with a flap opened...you should probably go to the ER for stiches. Good to be safe then sorry later. Or you could just not break tequilla bottles with your hands while your drunk! Good luck to you...

Has it stopped bleeding and scabbed over? If so, chances are it'll be ok, just keep plenty of antibiotic on it, try to keep it dry and elevated. For future reference though, if you have to ask a question like this again, chances are, you should probably play it safe and go to the hospital.

Hmm.... lack of pain might mean you damaged the nerves. If the cut is 'pretty deep', as you say, I'll bet you need stitches.

If it keeps bleeding, won't heal, or gets infected you need to go to a doctor or free clinic. Other than to stop bleeding or prevent infection, stitches reduce scarring. So if you don't go and just take care of it yourself it will probably be fine but will leave a scar.

So long as it stops bleeding rather quickly, you should be okay. Considering what you cut it on however, you should assure that there are no glass fragments present. Sometimes the object you cut yourself with can be so sharp that you actually will not feel any pain. THAT combined with your enebriation masked the pain somewhat. You will prob feel it today tho. So long as you keep a pressure dressing on it for a day or 2 then let it air heal, you should be okay. Now, if you experience lack of sensation in the area today (before 24 hrs from time of injury), then by all means go to the EOR. The EOR will NOT suture any injury older than 24 hrs. In addition, if you feel throbbing in the finger, hold you hand up in the air to keep the blood from flowing the affected area. Neosporin or Bacitracin are good Antibacterial ointments to keep on the cut. Be sure it is washed out thoroughly.

It sounds like stitches may be warranted. If It's not bleeding and it doesnt get infected, then just butterflying it will work too, but it will take longer to mend and leave a worse scar.

You dont need stitches unless you want to reduce the scarring.

if a cut is more than 1/2 in deep. or 4 in long. then i would advise you to put some antibiotics on it and concider getting stitches.

Sounds to me like it could use a couple of stitches...if not cloth stitches, then butterfly stitches.
You can buy butterfly stitches in the drug store. Of course to be sewn up with thread or "cloth" stitches, you need to go to the ER
Even though it doesn't hurt, you should be concerned about how OPEN it is...this will leave you vulnerable to infection and could cause you more problems in the long run.

$Sun King$
Go to a walk-in clinic or emergency and let them decide.

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