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 I think I broke my toe. Help?
I was walking to get a cup for my daughter and the room was dimly lit. I ran into the side of my couch ramming my big toe into it. Tylenol isn't working and it went from being swelling in my ...

 My daughters foot is swollen, bruised and sore?
My daughter had a bit too much to drink last night.
When I was taking her home, she miscalculated the kerb and fell. she complained then about her foot, and had trouble walking on it.

 How do I get rid of fluid build up?
I dont have it in my knees or anything, its halfway between my knee and my ankle on the right side of my shin bone on my right leg. Its like a hole with fluid in it. It hurts and I would love to get ...

 What is your worst sports/training related injury?
I was just curious what was your worst injury you have ever received that did NOT require an operation OR an extended hospital stay.

Mine was from refereeing 25 soccer games in 9 days. I ...

 Cracked Rib?
I cracked a rib on my lower right side about 10 days ago. The muscle spasms are calming down. I can cough and a hiccup is a twinge instead of an experience. My question is how long do I need to wait ...

 Can you give a dog asprin for pain?

 Help ! stuck in bed injury to back muslce?
I train most days.I am at present downloading the 1954 version of Jules Vernes 2000 leagues under the sea.(The one with Kirk Douglas) Been here since Friday although I managed a shower this morning. <...

 I broke my ankle several months ago, and it's finally been feeling normal. But this past Sunday I?
went to my karate class to stretch with them for the first time since my injury, and in the afternoon I went on a walking tour. When I woke up monday morning, I had a lot of pain and swelling from my ...

 Still swollen after 2 1/2 months!!???
I fractured my foot about 2 1/2 months ago and my ankle is still swollen and larger than normal size, why????...

 What are the signs for fractures??
like are there signs that it's fractured besides taking an x-ray?...

 I get a eyelash in my eye, my eye starts to swell..What do I do?
All day yesterday I had an eyelash in my eye. I get home, find out that it is in the far corner on my eye, not on the other corner where you find sleep and all that other junk. I try to get it out, ...

 I have a swollen ankle, any way to get the swelling down without ice?
I am currently at work and there is no one here to relieve me and my ankle is killing me. The swelling is pretty big and I can't walk on it at all. I have no access to ice for the next hour ...

 Tounge problems!?
2 days ago on the right side of my tounge it felt numb , and i could feel a small ..like little pimple like lump thing, but now thats gone away and on the left side of my tounge is feels like its ...

 How much danger is dere in removing the fluid from stomatch?

 My toe nail got ripped off what do i do i don't want to go to the hospital?
My grandson step on my foot and brought his foot up and my tope nail got ripped off i have had proublems with this toe befor like in grown toenails and stuff like that but i toe nail never came what ...

 I don't know if I sprained or broke my ankle?
I was at volleyball practice and I was hitting and this other girl was blocking, and she stuck her foot under the net to the other side and my right foot landed on it and twisted. It hurt so bad at ...

 Ok sorry if I've asked this twice. i can't tell if it posted my last question. anyway, i have an injury
Ok so I smashed my thumb in my car door about a month ago and the doctor said the nail was going to fall off but it hasn't. It's still attached but the cuticle is gone. it's yellow ...

 What can be done about hammer toes?
My big toes are much bigger than the rest of my feet, is it possible to get part of it removed or not?...

 My left eye is hurting really bad espically when i close it and it watering bad what is wrong?
i need help fast i got a big race ...

 If you have staples can you still go in the pool?
My friend got staples and we were suppose to go to the pool today! She still wants to go but shes not sure if they fall off!!
Will they??...

How do I get rid of infection in a wound?
I got a really bad blister a couple of weeks ago on my heel and it's been infected for a week or so. I've been cleaning the would regularly by soaking it in warm, salted water and then putting hydrogen peroxide on it. Then, I've been putting Bacterium ointment on it and putting a bandaid on it. But it's still infected. I know I could go to the doctor and get antibiotics, but that type of medication wreaks havoc on my system and I don't want to go that route. Any other suggestions?

Don´t use antibiotics, they mess up your system and lower your resistance level and is not appropiate for the problem.

I´d cut it, squeeze the yellow stuff out, clean it and put Savlon on it.

If you can´t get Savlon use some other Ointment, the one you used doesn´t seem to be effective.

Then get some SchĂĽssler remedies, no 3.

Gone fishin'
Is it infected or open? With all that treatment it shouldn't be infected. It may need to dry out to heal. Cover it for a few days and keep it dry to allow healing.

take the chance of taking the anitbiotics. its a better way to go than get a really bad infection where u could lose your foot.

Mad Roy
Try some Tea Tree Oil topically. That usually kills surface germs. You may also want to give your immune system a boost with a daily Multiple vitamin with minerals. Take vitamin C 500 mg 4x daily til healed then reduce to 500 mg daily; Also, try oil of Oregano 300-500 mg 4x daily for infection. A daily serving of yogurt is good for natural immunity too. Good luck!

Either try to put honey on the wound and get air to it.
Put aloe plant on it for fast healing and to relieve pain instantly.
Break a plant, put the plant on wound, bandange and leave on for a day...heals fast.

Blisters on the heels can take sooo long to heal...I hate 'em!
The reason it takes so long is because it keeps getting agitated due to the rubbing from your shoes...which is unavoidable this time of year-not like you can wear flip-flops and backless shoes right now! ;-( When you are able too, try to let it "air-out" as often as possible by removing your shoes/socks.
All you can really do is continue w/the cleansing and ointments...unless it is getting to the point of being dangerously/unhealthily infected...then you just may need to consult a doctor.

it's antibiotics or nothing really.

you say they "wreak havoc" with your system... think of it this way... would you rather have a few days of discomfort, or die from septicemia?

You honestly need to go to the doctor to have this evaluated. If you have problems with certain antibiotics, the doctor can prescribe an antibiotic for you that will be compatible with your system, or they can quite possibly give you an injection of antibiotics to help your body fight off the infection. The chances of other bacteria invading your wound and causing more infection are abundant, so it's important that you get proper medical care for your wound. In the meantime, you might want to wear open-backed shoes to give the wound a chance to heal. Even with band-aids, the wound is still being agitated by contact with the heels of shoes, which can prevent it from healing.

Trust no 1
Take the antibiotics along with Acidophilus (?sp). It will help mitigate the negative effects so that they may not even be noticible, but you will still get the benefits of the antibiotic.

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