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 What would be the signs of a broken leg??
i slipped on ice sunday morning and fell really hard on my leg i'm going to the doctor on friday but its a little swollen and hurts like hell. i cant put any pressure on it so im using crutches ...

 I sprained my ankle at a department store due to lack of lighting. Can I sue?
I miscalculated the number of steps left while going down a flight of stairs. I thought I had reached the bottom but there was another set of steps and my foot unexpectedly went lower; I rolled and ...

 What should I do.?
So, I was trying to cut something and the scissors slipped, and hit me in the eye. It wasn't that hard. My eye feels weird, like irritated, and it's really watery. I look in the mirror and ...

 Do you get a warm tingly feeling when...?
Someone calls you duckie?

I do....

 My eye!!!!!!!?
it's really swollen!
i don't know how it got that way,
I took benadryl(sp)
I don't know how to make the swelling stop!

I have a date tonight and if it doesnt ...

 What is the most inapropriate activity for somone with a suspected broken ankle?
My friend Kevin has just phoned me at 1 am to tell me is on his way round with a suspected broken ankle and I want to lay on some entertainments....

 I just got hit in the back of the head with a hockey puck.. would there be obvious symptoms of concussion?
I just was playing hockey and was struck in the area of the helmet between the helmet and shoulder pads.. Im a worry-wart and am wondering if there would be any obvious symptoms of serious injury......

 How do i break my arm?
I am in my early teens and i am not crazy. But i really want to break my wrist, how?
Additional Details
I am in my early teens and i am not crazy. I really want to break my wrist.
I ...

 Should I sue? yes or no?
Well my gym teacher made the class play this stupid game and I really hurt my kneecap. It is possibe that I need surgery. Should I sue her? Do u think she will get fired and hate me for eternity?

 I'm a nurse, "Have you had your bowels open today "?

 How do you know when youve broken your hand?

Additional Details
This is a question im asking about my boyfriend, he thinks he might have but is not sure....

 What is a good snappy answer?
I'm 14 and I recently fractured my wrist, and got a head laceration while I was at work (I work for Kalamazoo Parks & Recreation for their summer program for little kids.).

I ...

 What Happens When A Toenail Turns Black?
I have banged my little toe like i have many times before but this time the nail has gone black for the first few days it was painful but now its not, a friends at school says the nail will fall off ...

 Help me, i have hurt myself !?
I went to put my pan in the upper cupboard, and the lid slid off the pan and hit me in the face.
My nose, and lips and teeth hurt now !

I am making a list of people i can sue for this ...

 Help my !!!!!!!!!!!!!?
yesterday a man took the lift to the 50 th floor, then he walked un the stairs to the 99th floor.

 What is wrong with my hands???
When I get cold, even just a little bit, my hands turn purple. My hands are never really normal. And every time people look at my hands they ask what's wrong. What is this??...

 How long can the brain do with out oxygen before it starts to die?

 Whats the best treatment for burns??
ok so i have some burns from hot oil on my both of my legs it just happened recently... is there anything that you can recomend me using or doing to help prevent scaring on my legs...??? please ...

 Broken Tailbone?
On my last snowboarding run of the day my board slipped out from me on ice and I landed on my tailbone. I heard/felt something crack, but I guess it could've been like cracking your knuckles? It ...

 My mom smashed her index finger with a hammer two days ago. She complains it hurts. What to do?

Too Many Tubləts™
How come my hand hurts when I punch someone, shouldn't it only hurt the person who gets punched?

You just asked 2 dumbass questions in a row. Grow up.

i agree with the first person

Well, you hurt yourself, hurt God, and hurt the other person, because he or she is a creation of God, and we are created at the image of God. Think about it before you do that. Soon or later, you will have to pay for it. Ask God for forgiveness and forgive those that have hurt you, and you will feel much better. Read the Bible, know God and His will. It will be better for you.

God bless you

that's a dumb question.....
i bruised my freakin pinky when i punch this guy once

[Ju ni oR]
well if u have fragile nuckles...

Phucking Peachy
Don't you enjoy the pain ?

My friend broke two fingers punching someone once. It is because your hand is taking the impact, and thus receives pain.

self explanatory...

Kevin C
its gonna hurt u even doe ur the one hitting and also deppent where u hit the person

are you makeing a fist right? and it depends on how hard you punch.

Razor Sharp
You're only supposed to use the first two knuckles when punching (index and middle fingers). Using the others can result in fractures in your own hand or wrist.

Also, punching someone is a trauma to both people, with the punchee getting trauma to wherever they are punched, and the puncher suffering a trauma to the hand.

Chuck Norris never had that problem.

The Power of Words
Nurses are not supposed to punch nobody.


Instead of punching try being merciful and you will be painless.

well think about if you hand hurts ,that mean they must be in a sh*t load of pain lol

think about it.. you're applying a great amount of pressure to hit that person, and you're not hitting some fluffy pillow, you're hitting a person, with bones and muscle, of course you're going to get hurt too.

you should not be punching people

sir Isaac Newton's third law,

every action has an equal and opposite reaction

your fist hits someones face just as hard as there face hits your fist,

however they will feel more pain because you fist has a smaller surface area thus giving more pressure per square inch then then there face to your fist

put simply

hand hit face
face hit hand

its all physics

No, it hurts you too. Think about it, your slamming your hand into another hard object, its going to hurt them but it also inflicts damage on your hand.

Holding your hand wrong, hon.

Josh B
lmao that is a dumb question. absoluletly right. well. 2 free points for me

u might have a cartilage problem but i got a boxers fracture because i punched some kid too hard

Artificial S
hahah umm no silly

Kitty English
how many ppl have you punched? .... maybe you have a hand cramp rub it a bit

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