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 My brother pushed me?
my bro triped me and my nee hurts why. what should i ...

 I had an accident?
on December 29th, I was hit by a car. I suffered a head trauma, the doctors told me I might suffer some slight to severe short term memory loss, which I did.But I have noticed I am very short ...

 How long am i suppose to stay awake for after i just got into a fight with some girl and got hit in the head.?
please help me.?
- im really really tired but i heard it was dangerous to go to sleep . plus i have to have my head against the wall or laying down because its hurts to lift it, it feels heavy . ...

 Toe problems help hurry!!!?
Ok i can be clumsy and last night i stubbed my toe but the pain had stopped well just a little bit ago my toe started hurting super bad when i took my uggs off my toe was really red and have 3 small ...

 Will staples in the head cause hair to not grow back on the scar?
I recently had a head injury that had me go get 9 staples in the head, will my hair grow back on the scar after I have my staples removed in 2 weeks?...

 Had a shin split two years ago and I am looking to resume jogging. Any advice?
Two years ago I had vicious shin split which forced me to take a break for two years without jogging.

Right now it feels OK and I am looing to start jogging and most importantly avoid ...

 How long to keep someone awake to make sure they don't have a concussion?
My son got hit with a bat on accident by his sister. He has a knot but we are using ice and I think he is ok. I know he has to stay awake for awhile but I don't know how long.
Additional D...

 Friend in cycle crash-in icu. head trauma-did craneotomy relieve pressure of brain-put in coma-will he live?
today they reduced the sedative to about half. took out the drain tubes from his scull. he has collasped lung, broken collar bone and broken arm they will put pins in. they said today at half of ...

 OMG my 2yr-old son just fell under the lawnmower and his face is all messed up and bleeding, what do I DO??!!!
Arrghh!! One of his eyes is almost hanging out and everything OMG...

I just got chalazion and im supposed 2 have a very important interview with a university that i want 2 go 2 in 2 days time. this thing started hurting yasterday n now its swelling up fast n it really ...

 Small 3rd degree burn discharge and smelly,infection?
ok ive had a small 3rd degree burn for about 3 weeks and the bottom of it will sometimes discharge and smell but only the outline of the burn is red doesnt streak anywhere and is on my leg not hands ...

 Can someone tell me what to do for carpal tunnel syndrome? i am in a lot of pain and i keep dropping things?

 Carpal tunnel syndrome queston?
i have had the examination and surgery . my wife is a very timid woman and easily scared she is to undergo this test monday. should i warn her the test is very painful or keep my mouth shut?please ...

 Make a bruise look worse? lmao?
Can't believe i'm actually going to ask this....but last week i got into a fight with one of my friends....like a physical fight...
and she kicked me HARD and on the side of my knee i ...

 Cheerleading Jumps?
Hi, I want to join my high school cheerleading team next year (I've been cheerleading for about three years) but I have a problem. Whenever I do a toe-touch I end up hurting myself. I'm ...

 Pus coming out of my pierced ears, what should i do?
Like there is that sticky stuff coming out of my ear that i had pierced 3 weeks ago. Does it mean its infected?
There are sites that say i should take it out and clean it really well and put it ...

 My boyfriend slammed my wrist in the trunk in the summer. and it still hurts! what's the deal?

 Whats a backslab plaster cast ?

Additional Details
10 points to who ever gets it right,oh and im a orthopaedic plaster technician.No Cheating....

 Is this serious?
i have a doubt that my tail bone is weak. a couple of years ago, i fell down on the floor and it hurt the area around my hip bone. i didnt pay much attention to this matter b4 but recently i have ...

 Brken leg 7 operations what compensation should i get out of work now 3 full years had external fixator 7mths?
accident at work slipped on wet floor and broke my tibia and fibia i have had 7 operation to try and correct the problem over the past 3 years i have had 5 nches taken off my leg through opperations ...

How can you tell if your rib is dislocated or broken/cracked?
I either broke/cracked a rib or its dislocated.(Not sure but is dislocation even possible?) The pain is less, its been almost a week since the incident but it feel odd. Sort of like when you have phlegm rattle in your chest, except the feeling is on my rib. Will it heal on its own or will I have to see someone about it? The only time it really hurts is when I laugh. thanks for the help!

billy h
have done it many times hurts like hell but all you can do is wear a rib belt

You look if it's in line

yes,when the rib is broken it pains and it can only heal on its own

Riven Liether
No, you can't dislocate a rib, since your ribs don't have joints. I'm surprised that you're not in excrutiating pain if it's broken or cracked; and since it only hurts when you laugh, it doesn't sound like either. The feeling is probably in your lungs, so close to the surface that it feels like your rib. It may be something as harmless as phlegm, as you mentioned, or as serious as a growth. You should definitely see a doctor for an x-ray, just in case.

Well the fact that it only hurts when you laugh says right there that it is more than likely NOT a broken or cracked rib. Otherwise it would hurt very badly all the time, even when you breath. It sounds more like a muscle issue. Either way, have it checked out. It will probably heal on it's own, and you already said that it's already feeling better than it did. But you still want to make sure that everything is ok.

See a doctor if you have trouble breathing, otherwise there is really nothing they can do. Here's a tip. Sneezing will be excruciating. When you get the itch exhale as much and as fast as you can.

Get an ex ray is really the only way to tell because of how our ribs are located

clifford g
I have never heard of a dislocated rib. A cracked rib is common. The treatment is to wrap the torso to help stabilize the rib. That is about all a doctor would tell you. That is provided you haven't punctured a lung. But if you did that, I think you would know it. Yes, it will heal on its own, provided you take it easy. If you don't want to wrap your torso, try a relatively snug shirt. Something stretchy, like those shorts that bicyclists like to wear. Pay attention to your posture. Try to not laugh too hard, or cough to hard, if that is possible. Fractures heal in 4 to 6 weeks, generally. Not true that you would feel the pain constantly. When I broke my right hand, it only hurt when I tried to pull open a heavy door. Most anything else did not hurt.

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