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 Is it possible to fall from a 2nd story window and survive without serious injury?
I am writing a story and want to know if it's plausible....

 My wrist hurts really bad!?
ok if i move my right wrist forward and back it hurts. i talked to my dad earlier and he said it was probably because i crack my wrist all the time (forward and back)
what do you think it could ...

 How can i quit smoking?

 Does Saxophone playing cause cold sores?
I've been trying out the sax for a week now, and got a cold sore on my lips... is it just coincidence?...

 Why is my wound always wet?
I fell down 4 days ago and got a bad wound....I clean it everyday with hydrogen peroxide and betadine....during the day, i put a bandage but when I take it out in the afternoon, the bandage is wet ...

 How do i get rid a bruise?
just a discoloration not swollen, ive tried RUBBIN rully hord and ...

 What food does help me out of sore throat??
Please help me-I have got a cold for a week and cough too much ,
Additional Details
Thank you so much for you kind everyone!! I hope tomorrow I will get better. :)...

 Should i go to the ER?
I dont kno exactly what i should do. I fell on my leg and it has been hurting for three weeks but i didnt go to the doctor becuase i thought it was just bruised and it would go away. Now most of the ...

 Have you ever had any kind of Surgery?

 I lost my voice from screaming on a roller coaster how do i get it back?
i've also had a headache for a day and a ...

 My Finger?!? easy 10 points!!!!!?
ok, so, on saturday i was playing around with a shotput and i accidently dropped it on my middle finger...a shotput is about as heavy as a brick...its swelled and brownish...do u think its bruised, ...

 What does it mean if you cut yourself badly and it doesn't hurt?
I dropped a heavy mirror (with sharp edges) on my foot yesterday and the bleeding was insane, it soaked several dressings. The cut is very deep, but bizarrely it doesn't hurt at all.


 My brother got out of the pool a couple hours ago, he's complaining that his ears ache now?What can i do;quick
What can i do at home to help him?
He's 11.
what can i put on his ear to make him feel better? any help and quick!
Additional Details
it needs to instantly work.

 I drank so much water and a can of sprite, is it normal to find blood in urine?

2 days ago, I had many cup of ice and a can of sprite, I peed alot.

But yesterday, I didn't have any cup of ice, but I only drank a can of sprite, I just didn't feel like ...

 What would be the worst way to die? (give 3 answers)?
I think the worst way to die is from being stabbed, burned, or dehydrated. But I wanna here your answers. Who knows? You could proove me wrong!...

 Ever Since My Car Accident My Shoulder Hurts!?
I was in a bad car accident recently where the car flipped a few times. I was okay but got wiplsh. They exrayed everything and no broken bones but my right shoulder still hurts and it has been like 2 ...

 Need to know about over counter medicine?
my five year old just trip and cut his neck on an open drawer corner the cut is deep enough to bleed but does not separate when pulled apart it is about two inches long i need to know is there any ...

 Question regarding PINK EYE...?
Do you of any good "home remedies" that can help fight the eye infection,without having to go to the doctor..Something that can speed up the healing process..Any suggestions will do..

 Do stitches hurt when u get them taken out?
I got stitches in awhile ago and i have to get them out does it hurt? cause i have no pain tolerence ....

 Hurt my foot last night, is it broken?
I was on my brother's skateboard last night and I tried to go down a ramp but I fell off halfway down and put all my weight on my left foot.

It hurt at the time - the pain is sharp ...

How can i tell if my knee is broken = ( help plz?
i fell and my knee has a lot of flowid and it is about the size of a baseball and its really swollen it hurts to bend it and i limp abit wut should i do HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Angela Q
Get it checked out. Chances are it's not broken, but why take the chance?

See how they run
Go and get it X rayed. that's really the only way you're going to know for sure.

Go to the doctor, I broke my knee joint about a year ago and it's still broken because I didin't get proper treatment. Unless you wanna have a messed up knee forever then get t checked.

you should've gone to a doctor/hospital instead of asking us. seriously. get your knee check, soon!

Heyy--wat r u waiting for????Please visit a doctor---will u visit doctor when it is severe? or u think it will be ok automatically???

See don't mind i might have reacted more.

Bryan W
If you're able to walk on it at ALL, then no it is not broken. Just really badly sprained. The swolleness might be because of a muscle tissue bruise.

However, your best option is to seek a doctor.

Irish CailĂ­n
go and get an x-ray

You might have just hurt it a little. I hurt my knee about a month ago and it swelled up and I hurt to walk on it, but now it's fine. If it looks bad and really hurts then I suggest you go see a doctor and they'll be able to tell if it's broken or not. Try to walk on it a little, it might make it feel better - it did for me. But if it's really painful then try not to strain it cos you might make it worse. Go let a doctor look at it.

Sophie T
Have a x-ray

Foo & Boo
Firstly, relax. Bone is pretty sturdy. There is more chance that you have bruised or sprained it. I would suggest you apply RICE (Rest, Ice, Compress & Elevate- not the grainy stuff!) and see how it goes for a few days.
If you fell, it is unlikely you have broken it, it's more likely that you may have chipped or sprained it. See how it goes, if it still hurts in a weeks time, see your doctor.
The fact that you can move it indicates to me that you have just bruised your patella (kneecap).

Punjabi Pyar
You should not wait ....just go to the doctor as soon as possible!!!

chandrasekharam b
There may be a haemorthrosis associated with a fracture. Please consult your orthopedic surgeon for necessary X-ray, examination and immediate treatment.

ummmm...go 2 the doctor maybe?

:) Lucy (:
go to a doctor duh.

D not listen to the person who said if you can walk on it then its not broken, it can be fractured and you still be able to walk on it. if its very badly swollen then go to a dr!!! believe me i hurt my kne and never went to a dr and know i have problems with it!

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