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 Is it sprained?
i was playing soccer with some friends ( not on a team) and i was running to catch up to the person that had the ball and i stepped in a hole and my foot got stuck and i tripped! ( my luck) and now ...

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Should you stretch the muscle, contract it, or just relax it and leave it to go away?...

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now they say i have scoliosis, is this an effect from my ...

 How to fracture your wrist?
pleaz no stupid answers straight up answers pleaz in your answers try to include detail and step how to fracture your wrist thank you......

 Make bruises go away?
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 Have you ever fainted?
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 How can i break my arm?

 I fell off a horse yesterday and landed on my shoulder and hip. My shoulder is very sore and I can't raise
my arm more than a 50 degree angle, could I have torn a muscle?...

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 Is this normal?
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 How do you break it?
How do you break you foot on purpose.
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i am looking for ways to break it so i will not have to do something. And wht do yall mean when you say kick kick kick
i am ...

 Where can i find home remedies for the lower back and pinched sciatic nerve.?
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 How to reduce swelling?
how to speed up reducing post operative swelling, following jaw surgery.

tried heat/cold packs, sleeping at 45 degrees
anymore ...

mike v
How can I learn to walk again?
I was confined to bed rest and muscle relaxers for about 3 weeks, for a back injury. I had surgery and was in bed rest for about another two weeks. So five weeks of non walking its like my body forgot to walk. I can only walk with a walker. When I try to walk normally It is almost impossible because the muscles in my legs and butt are basically done for. What are some things or excersises I can do to learn to walk again?

It is just a slow process, but you will walk better with each day that you practice. I had been bed ridden for just about 8 months due to botched knee surgeries and complications. With PT and gradual weight bearing with a walker, crutches and a cane, walking became no problem. It is odd at first, but just take it slow. I hope that you are in PT for back surgery and the therapists should be showing you what to do, but if not, do some exercises that strengthen your quads and calves and stretch your hamstrings. Good luck to you.

Go see a physiotherapist. They will walk you through exercises that will build up the muscles over time so you can walk again.

I hope that your surgery went well.

I would try a stationary bike also. It builds a lot of muscles back that you don't consciously think about all the time. You also don't have to stress about walking back to where you were so you can relax a little more, and do more miles. It is also non invasive. It's really all about miles. Don't give up you'll get there. Just go slow it will pay off. They really should have you in therapy somewhere though. Surgeons don't like it when their patients don't heal fast. whats going on w/ that?

2 words: physical therapy. i had 2 knee surgerys after i broke it 4 times. PT really helps ( as ive learned )

I have never been in your situation, but if i was you I would do start out with little exercises, like trying to raise my legs up. With someone there to help me. To regain the strength in my legs and my butt. Then I would just try to walk.

You said you can walk with your walker.
Be patient with yourself and take a little walk each day with your walker. Your muscles will get strong again very soon.
Doing some light stretching after you walk might help, but don't hurt your back.
Lay on your back and bring one knee to your chest and hold for 30 seconds and then switch to the other leg.
Give your muscles Gentle massaging after you walk & stretch.
Support yourself against a wall and do some calf-raises also.
You can try a squat, but if it hurts, don't do it.
I hope you heal up soon.

I kind of know what you're going through. I got a skin infection right above my ankle. It swelled up bad and got to the point that I couldnt put any pressure on it. I was on crutches and never let it rest on ground level. I was constantly in bed when ever i could to keep it levitated.
When I got better- enough to keep it down with out extreme pain - I tried to walk on it and failed to be able to do so. I kinda freaked out. I hadn't walked on it for 2 and a half weeks. I used the crutches as a walker. Slowly i started to put more and more pressure on it. When I was in bed I would wiggle my toes and crunch them to get the ankle muscles back to moving. This hurt alot but it was a good exercise that worked. Just keep moving your legs and muscles and gradually applying weight and pushing yourself, But not to much. don't want to ruin what you worked for. If you do butt work outs (clench and unclench over and over) you can start using muscles and getting the blood flowing. Do little workouts that help keep things going. (it's like when your leg falls asleep, you gotta wake it up to get it back to normal). Good luck and just keep striving for it!

Keep walking with the walker. You'll get to the point when you can move to crutches or a cane then you'll be on your own power before you know it.
good luck

purple p
Dont worry i broke my ankle and diddnt walk 4 8 weeks i used a walker then when i falt ready i used a cane and used it on the same side as my breakage it took me about 3 weeks to finaly walk again.

TIP: if u r @ school be prepared 2 b called ''old fart'' and other things!

My best wishes!=)

My dad was paralyzed from the armpits down a few years ago, but he was determined to walk again. He just kept walking with his walker and cane, but he still has to use his wheelchair for places to far to walk. Keep your determination and go to physical therapy. They will help you stretch your legs in certain positions and help you regain strength. You could be walking pretty good in no time!

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