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 My 14 yr old sprained her ankle playing basketball, I took her to the Dr. and they said nothing was broken?
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 Could my wrist be fractured with out any bruising or swelling?
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 Broken hand?
My boyfriend likes to hit punching bags without gloves. He recently hurt one of his knuckles doing that. Tonight, after barely punching the punching bag once, his hurt knuckle swole up again. Is it ...

 Can you rebreak an bone that was already broken once? I have not fallen or it hit up against anything?
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Additional Details
I ...

 Should I take the week off?
On Thursday afternoon, I got a 3rd degree sprained ankle (all the ligaments are torn). I am not that good on crutches and I did not go to school on Friday and I have been relaxing all weekend. I ...

 What is happening to my wrist?
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I have cut ny wrist for 2 mounths now and i can't stop. what can i do to release my stress in a good way. and what can i do 2 heal the scars!!!!plz ...

 I have a crooked nose from an accident, if i broke it again and put a splint on it, would this straighten it?

 Side hurts what can it be?
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 What is the most painful place to get shot ?

 What makes a toenail just fall off?
My Middle Toenail On My Left Foot Just Fell Off... How Long Will It Take To Grow Back?
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 Where can i buy a bomb shelters for my home?

 Do you think my baby toe is broken or just bruised ?
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 I want to break my wrist??
is this a weird idea..ive been bored the whole effing day dude.. i want to break my wrist so i can have a cool looking cast and have people sign it.yay..is there a simple way to do this..or can i get ...

 Does breaking your arm hurt?
Ok my friend for some reason wants to break her arm. But she needs an easy, fast way to do that. And she also wants to know if it hurts. And give a detail. Like does it hurt just like breaking your ...

 Worried about my knee - painful for 3 months after playing soccer - now a bump and bruise - what could it be?

I played a couple of games of soccer three months ago, after having been out for a year and a half due to a sesamoid break. After the second game, my knee felt sore and I put it down ...

ok look i went to the beach on the 4 july and i got a realy abd sunburn and it blistering badly like 4 inch blister and i cant go to the doctors for reason. is there anything i could do to help it ...

Help! I got stabbed by a pencil and I don't know what to do...?
ok, so this kid In my class stabbed my right ring finger right before we began the 8th grade Social Studies State Test. He looked at his pencil and some of the sharp tip was gone. I started to bleed a lot and freak out. But I'll try to make this as quick as possible. After I got to the nurse’s office the bleeding stop (but there was blood all over my hands because he punctured right into a blood vessel). She said that it was either my blood stops fast or I got graphite in it. It turns out the graphite is deep in my dermis and very painful to get out. Can anyone answer either or all of the fallowing?

-How to get the graphite out with less pain?
-Will the mark stay on my finger forever?
-Will the graphite effect my body (ie. Sickness, poisoning)
-How long will I have pain in my write and lower arm or is that even normal?

Thanks for you help, it's all greatly appreciated ^-^

You can easily get lead poisoning. This happened to someone in my class. You should go the emergency room and see a dr. as soon as possible.! bettyk

Go to the emergency room RIGHT NOW and get that looked at.

Send the bill to the other kids family. They are entirely liable and you can sue them if they don't pay.

Brett A.
How long will I have pain in my write and lower arm or is that even normal?... about a week

I would treat the graphite like a splinter. I would use a simple sewing needle to push it up and then I would take a pair of tweezers to pull the graphite out of the finger. Make sure you do sterilize the needle and tweezers first and after doing this. If you are having pain in your arms from this, I would tell your parent(s) and try to make an appointment with a doctor. They can get this out easily and probably less painfully than what you can. If you also go to a doctor, he or she can answer all of your questions for you better than we can. Good luck and I hope you feel better.

Dig out the chunk of graphite like you would a sliver. Yes, it will hurt, but not as much as leaving it in. It's a very minor injury, don't worry about poisoning, you'll be fine. If you get a little tiny scar, hide it with a big plaster cast so you can get all the attention you need for your owie. Good luck.

Well.....you might want to get that looked at infection can be an issue but if your determined not to go to a doc. One no need to worry about poisoning or anything.......they aren't lead anymore. if your gonna try to dig it out yourself get some tweezers and sterilize them with alcohol or open flame. try to well dig it out. you might have to use a needle. once you get it out clean it well peroxide or alcohol and then use some antibiotic sab on it and keep it clean.

there are thousands of kids who have bits of graphite in their hands from pencils. don't worry.

Bert E
My sister did this to me all the time. Pinch the wound as hard as you can an the pencil tip will pop out. Ooo-Rah!

Laurence W
Graphite is not poisonous. Its carbon, and we are carbon based creatures.

I still have a small mark in my hand from the 3rd grade. I am 54.

Your body may slowly push it out. If it is painful, use ice. If a lot of pain, see a doctor, who may recommend a minor surgery to remove it.

Definitely notify your parents, teacher, and principal about the kid that stabbed you.

A) Getting the Graphite out- either pry it out with some tweezers, or put some Neosporin over it, and it should work itself out. It won't hurt you if you leave it in, though.

b) Yes, the mark will stay forever. Congratuations, you've been tattooed. It will form a small, round grayish blue mark. I've got several of them.

c) The reason they switched from lead to graphite is that graphite isn't poisonous. You can leave the graphite end in there, if you wish.. it won't poison you.

d) Pain isn't good. Obviously, you got stabbed, so its going to hurt, but if you feel tingling in your finger or arm, go to a doctor. Its possible the pencil may have caused nerve damage, or may be pressing on a nerve. In that case, it needs to be removed by a doctor.

I really hope you got that kid in trouble for stabbing you- what a nasty kid!

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