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 Should I sue? yes or no?
Well my gym teacher made the class play this stupid game and I really hurt my kneecap. It is possibe that I need surgery. Should I sue her? Do u think she will get fired and hate me for eternity?

 I'm a nurse, "Have you had your bowels open today "?

 How do you know when youve broken your hand?

Additional Details
This is a question im asking about my boyfriend, he thinks he might have but is not sure....

 What is a good snappy answer?
I'm 14 and I recently fractured my wrist, and got a head laceration while I was at work (I work for Kalamazoo Parks & Recreation for their summer program for little kids.).

I ...

 What Happens When A Toenail Turns Black?
I have banged my little toe like i have many times before but this time the nail has gone black for the first few days it was painful but now its not, a friends at school says the nail will fall off ...

 Help me, i have hurt myself !?
I went to put my pan in the upper cupboard, and the lid slid off the pan and hit me in the face.
My nose, and lips and teeth hurt now !

I am making a list of people i can sue for this ...

 Help my !!!!!!!!!!!!!?
yesterday a man took the lift to the 50 th floor, then he walked un the stairs to the 99th floor.

 What is wrong with my hands???
When I get cold, even just a little bit, my hands turn purple. My hands are never really normal. And every time people look at my hands they ask what's wrong. What is this??...

 How long can the brain do with out oxygen before it starts to die?

 Whats the best treatment for burns??
ok so i have some burns from hot oil on my both of my legs it just happened recently... is there anything that you can recomend me using or doing to help prevent scaring on my legs...??? please ...

 Broken Tailbone?
On my last snowboarding run of the day my board slipped out from me on ice and I landed on my tailbone. I heard/felt something crack, but I guess it could've been like cracking your knuckles? It ...

 My mom smashed her index finger with a hammer two days ago. She complains it hurts. What to do?

 I got hit in the kidney a week ago, now I'm peeing blood. Should I go to the doctor?
I got hit really hard in the back with a snowboard 1 week ago. There is bruising where my left kidney should be. I just started peeing blood, but there is no pain. Can anybody explain?...

 Sprained/Broken/Fractured wrist? Any ideas?
I fell skateboarding today and landed on my left wrist...it hurt pretty bad when it happened, but I immediately tested to see if I could move it, and I could...the pain isnt really there much anymore,...

 How do i know if i broke my arm???
I was playing football on the school team when a kid hit my arm with his helmet to my arm.After he hit me I felt like I was gona vomit.It doesn't look broken but I cant move it.So is it broken?...

 What should I do for my daughter's bruised, swollen finger?
My 18 month old daughter fell and hurt her finger (the pointer). She can still bend it and is using it limitedly, so I don't think it is broken. It is pretty swollen and very badly bruised, ...

 Hard swollen area under daughters armpit?
my daughter plays soccer and very entergetic and clumsy so i am unsure if she has injury or something more severe but her armpit seems to have slight bruise and hurts to touch but i got a quick feel ...

 This needs to be answered immediatly!!!!?
-how many people in a year die or get injured in car crashes (give me a approximation)
Additional Details
sorry, im in a rush! lol, pwetty pweese wiv a cherry!!!!!1...

 Does anyone know any home treatment for broken ribs?

 How can I break my leg fast and easy?
if i don't i'm gonna have to leave my home.... i don't want to go to the army or anything!...

Have you ever fainted or been knocked out cold before?
What happened?

Allie A
Hell Naw.

No, but I have had the wind knocked out of me from my own accidental fall on the sidewalk on my street. It was embarrassing to say the least and I hopped all the way home. *laughs*


Nick P
Yep, i went down like a sack of sh*t, didnt know anything about it untill i woke up, very strange feeling!

yes, extremely embaressing. the only things i remember are starting to feel dizzy and overheated, then i went blind. the next thing i knew, i was lying on the classroom floor, not knowing whether i was in a dream or not lol.

*♥* bAbY cUpCaKe! *♥*
I was at school in yr5 i think and it was a really hot day and i was due to audition for a dance comp and just as i was rehearsing i went *CLUNK* on the floor and passed out!!! x

Yesss. I was knocked out cold at warped tour last month.
I was in the crowd for all time low, near the stage and a guy that shouldnt have been crowd surfing landed on me and fell on and then i got kicked in the face and fell below the crowd then my friend said i got stepped on a few times

You go from hot to cold very very quickly and you slowly start to fall over(which is not completely obvious to yourself at the time)

one day i was going to faint in gym class
i was laying and i just couldn't get up ,,i tried and i couldn't ,,i kept laying and closed my eyes for moments and move so slowly and tried to catch myself*don't like to make fuss*
i felt my for head was sweating and i know for sure if i move fast i will faint thats all what happen so i kept that way till i started to regain my power and started to drink water slowly

Yes,I fainted in church as a kid.I felt hot and weak,saw lots of squares,collapsed,and was taken outside by the Priests helper,a mad Irishwoman called Martha,who insisted on splashing me with incense!

pink hearts3 ♥
I've fainted, I was so embarrased, I was 9 at a swimming pool in this summer activity club, I felt ill then passed out, they got me an ambulance.

Andromeda Newtonâ„¢
I have only ever fainted once when I was pregnant with my daughter five years ago. It was cold weather and I was going in and out of shops with my mum and I think the mix of hot to cold to hot again just kicked my system into overdrive and i over heated. I was standing in a card shop, said to mum i really didn't feel very good. Next thing I know I hear mum shout my name and my ear really stings. I'm laying there thinking 'wow that was a weird dream' convinced I was in bed and just waking up so encompassing was the darkness. After a few moments it dawned on me someone was trying to stir me and it was my mum and the shop assistant of course. I'd landed on my ear, hitting the earring i have in the top, which is why it stung. mum had also tried to catch me which had ripped one of her nails off, i told her that was daft given how big i was at the time! i was brought a chair and a glass of water by the shop assistant but i was fine, i even drove myself home but there was nothing like the feeling of relief when my little girl kicked me, knowing she was alright as well!

It is not an experience i want to repeat in a hurry, even tho i'm now pregnant again!

i've fainted a few times, once after a shot (haha) and once after falling and getting hurt, my blood sugar level was low and it was extremely hot outside. I dont remember much, but my parents said its like i was just sleeping. then i woke up like normal. the first time i fainted i had a dream about red balloons. i know, crazy.

I once fainted on a trip to West Virginia. It was Christmas night and I fainted in the shower. I threw-up later.

yes, soooooo embarrassed !
i used to play water polo, got hit in head with ball and went unconscious for a bit, had to be pulled out of water! the ball also cracked one of my teeth, had blood coming out of mouth , had to have tooth taken out in the end, dont remember much apart from getting wacked and laying on the poolside freezing cold

Annie B
someone threw a weight ball at my head.

i had never really liked them...

had a cuncussion

ive been knocked out cold by a man outside a pub once. cant remember a thing, was all on video footage though. saw it in court couple week later.. not pretty

I used to faint regularly at primary school. We had prayers at the start of the day and we all had to stand up. i was the tallest girl in the class and the teachers used to drag me into the staff room and try to make me feel ok. Are you tall? I haven't had a problem in years but still remember the awful feeling. Hot, cold,black. I still have a scar on my arm from fainting, that was almost 40 years ago. No drugs, I was just tall.

More Te Vicar?
drove my bike into a bike shed not realising that there were large beams under the roof so ducked under as i stupidly rode in - I wasn't wearing a helmet and when i bobbed back up I took myself clean off the thing, i was only proably doing about 15mph but that's a high enought speed for your head to lose against solid wood. i staggered about for a few minutes with blood pouring down me until medicial help arrived the medic applied pressure to the wound knocking me clean out and I hit the deck like a sack of potatoes,unfortunatley i regained conciousness a millisecond before i hit the deck so i felt it as head my already painful head bounced off the floor. then i got a lovely bow tied bandage in my hair which made me look like a right pansy and finshed off my day to perfection by 10am.

Fainted many times...I'm just a fainty kind of girl! It's horrible...everything goes echoey and you feel sick..then you wake up on the floor.

i'm 12 and i have fainted 5 times before. 1 in class when i stood up and someone throw a book at my head. 2 in gym class we were playing soccer a ball went flying 2 inches a way from my head.3 when a dog bit me in the butt (THAT HURT). 4 why i was swimming (almost drowned).5 yesterday i was running and i fainted.

when I was younger a teenager than I went through a phase of fainting which was due to hormonal changes and have I ever been knocked out cold ? once be my sister when we were kids she punched me, she thought she'd killed me so that was enough revenge for me, knowing she'd panicked!


When I was in my teens, I used to pass out all the time. Its to do with the blood pressure in my head. Don't know the full technicality of it... but it wasnt nice... you would be doing something and the next thing you would come to on the ground with loads of people around you... Very embarrassing.

The only times I have been knocked out have been in car crashes. Once I wrote off 3 Go-Karts when I managed to land mine on top of my dads, and I was knocked out and got concussion.

The other time was when a drink driver put me and my car in a hedge a few years ago, and I was out cold for about 5 secs.

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