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huh? pleasee! i need answers from people wid experience cuz i am confused if it will hurt or not......

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xxx sara xxx
Hard lump at the base of my middle finger, HELP?
Iv got a pea sized hard lump at the base of my middle finger on my palm, and it is so painful, it only started hurting yesterday and i havnt noticed it before, any ideas what it could be?
Additional Details
sorry it is inside of my skin, so i cant see it.

kelc couture ♥
Possibly a wart which can be treated with the right things. Or an out of joint bone?

Apricot Lover
We can't diagnose it unless we are doctors who've actually seen it. Get it checked out.

°♥Amelia Rose♥°
It sounds like a wart.
Usually warts burn themselves out after a month or so, but then again some can stay.
Then again i'm not entirely sure of what it can be because you haven explained all of the looks about it.
Best thing to do is get it checked by a doctor.

could be a ganglion - they are painful to touch. look it up on the internet - nothing to worry about - they come and go. There is an old wives tale that if you hit them with a book they go away but I wouldn't recommend it!!

Mrs M
I have the same thing at the base of my pointer finger. Does it happen to be on the hand you use to write with? I've had mine for years now, and when I first had it, it hurt sooo much when I would hit it against something. The doctor told me it was some kind of mass that develops in areas that are used a lot. She also said that it only had to be removed if it was bothersome. At the time it was, but as time went by it stopped hurting. Now it doesn't hurt and it's actually a lot smaller. The doctor told me it is very common and nothing to worry about. No tests needed to be done, she just simply looked at it and felt it with her hand. It may be worth the trip to the office just for the peace of mind;) Hope that is helpful.

It does sound like a Ganglion, nothing serious. I know some doctors can sort of massage them away. Go see the doc on Monday to get a proper diagnosis.

Bufford M
Understanding that no one can really say without seeing you or examining your hand, this sounds like a cyst of the Flexor tendon pulley. There is a tunnel which begins at about the level of the last crease in the palm through which the tendons to the finger go. The base of the finger (area of the metacarpophalangeal joint) on the palm (volar) side is one of the most common areas for this to occur. Most of the time the cause is unknown.

In cysts that are causing pain, the solution is to remove the cyst. This is about a 30 minute outpatient procedure.

You should have this seen by someone with a particular interest in hand surgery. Plastic surgeons as well as orthopedic surgeons receive extensive training in hand surgery as part of their overall residency. Many will go on for an extra year of training in hand surgery ("fellowship"). If you have someone available with a fellowship in hand surgery, then you can be confident in safe comprehensive diagnosis and competent surgery if needed

Good luck

I've got one too,i am going to the doctor about it next week,good luck.

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