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 I got backpain?
i have had a back pain for i think 3 day it started when i woke up from sleepnig on my small sofa since then my back has been hurting at nite and i dont feel like takeing med to ...

 If you break a mirrow do you really get seven years of bad luck?
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 I stepped on a nail?
i just stepped on a nail like 30 min. ago. and it refuses to bleed and i dont know how dirty the nail was. but there is something in my foot and its not the nail. its on my heel and it itches and ...

 Can anyone please help me its kind of urgent??
(ok this is my first question and i am so grateful to anyone who answers this.)
2 days ago i was running and i tripped and as i tripped i put out my hand and i fell on it.when i got home it was ...

 How can you reduce the show of scars after cutting yourself?

 Should i put ice on a bruised thumb?
i bruised my thumb and it's about 1/4th purple, what should i do.

Is it okay to put ice on it?...

 Help Me Please!?
Okay I have this breathing problem and my mom says its normal but I dont think so. When I breathe in it hurts and then when I exhale it hurts really bad!! I have no idea why this is happening but its ...

I have some decent-sized cuts on my lower leg. One of them has got infected. The skin around the area is turning pink. I don't have any of that carbon peroxide stuff. Besides going to a doctor, ...

 Does it hurt when stitches come out?
i got 3 stitches between my thumb and pointer finger and due to come out this saturday scard half to ...

 My door slamed shut jus as I was going through, and hit my knee cap....?
it is really hurting, I did this about an hour ago, it still really hurts and it's bruised.
Could I have done something?
Should I just rest it or what?...

 I'm using a crutch for a broken knee On an escalator, which leg should go first at the top and bottom?
My left leg is in a zimmer splint and cannot bend. I'm at the point where I can get by on one crutch or even a cane. I know how to handle stairs but am not sure about what is the safest way to ...

 How are bruises formed and what causes the colour of the bruise?

 I have rectal bleeding everytime I have a bowel movement?
I must have ate too much or waited too long to go to the bathroom, because I got a rectal fissure.

I've had one once or twice before, but this one is much worse. There is a lot of ...

 What is wrong with me >_<???
Hey everyone!!!!

My doctors really don't know what is wrong with me. This has been going on now for almost 10 months this mid July. It is a very long story of what happened to me so ...

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what would you want there to be in the waiting room?
Coffee, pop, candy machines.
or what??...

 My foot really hurts!!?

 What colors do cast for broken bones come in?
i broke my leg yasterday and tommorow im going to get a cast. i would just like to know the full list of colors that they have to offer. THANKS SO MUCH!...

 Why is my arm turning grey?
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 Why do I keep bumping into things?
I am a 22 year old, healthy girl with good eyesight but I keep bumping into things. For example, I will go to walk through a door and end up crashing into the frame. Not just occasionally, but about 1...

Fell on my 'tailbone' (coxis) 3 weeks ago -still hurts like h**l! Anyone know how long before pain goes away?
Had a small fall, but landed on my bottom-and I can't tell you how uncomfortable it is lying on my back, or even sitting in a chair or car--anybody had same thing?

I know you're a right pain in the erse, I mean you've got a right old pain in the erse there.

I actually fractured mine. Yep, it sure did hurt. There was only one or two positions that I could be without pain. My muscles were so stiff from being in the same position so long that after the bone finally healed, 6 weeks or so, it took my a while to rebuild the rest of my muscles. Stretching really helped.

So, only another week or two of pain for you to deal with. Either now, or after the pain calms down, start stretching as much as you can - only if it doesn't hurt.

Everyday's the same again...
It can keep coming back. My mom fell on hers about 15 years ago on ice outside. She still gets twinges now.
Sorry - can't really give any advice, but I can at least empathise.

Mr Brightside
Mine hurt for 3 months.

Janice G
It depends how bad the fall was, I fell on mine 3 times in one year and that was in 2003 then last year in 2005 I feel again. My doctor said that its going to be fractured for a while since it doesn't heal. You should try siting in a bath with the hottest water you can handle, I use to do that for 20 mins a day and it helped.

Good luck!

Yes, I know what you mean, I chipped a bone, so I was told.
Took about six weeks to be healed. I used one of those rubber rings, and painkillers. Good Luck to you, poor thing.

yup, a bruised coccyx hurts like gangbusters, applying ice for 20 minutes every couple of hours will help. But it can take months for all the hurt to go away, that is after all the tail end of your spinal cord, bruise that and it hurts for a long time.

Outspoken but Honest
One of my family did the same it is still very pain-full after 3 months good luck with it

You can sit down? When I fell on my coccyx, could only stand or lie for weeks. Took six weeks to get back to work, after I had physiotherapy (in the UK). They do ultrasound. Suggest you check that out. I was also told to walk as much as I could. Hope you get better soon, it is so painful.

steven s
yes , it takes a very long time to heal, best to get physio, whereby they will "palpate" the area, ie but there hand between your legs and try to deep massage feels good after a while, and give you some excercises to do

plus get one of those ring cushions for when you need to sit

I fell on mine when i was 15 i am now 38 and still have trouble

The Worlds Jester Chic
I did that once when I was learning to skate as a Carhop at sonic. Hurt like a ....beep!!! I layed on the ground cussing for about 5 minutes, and then using a menu board, pulled my self up. It hurt for quite a while afterward. Sorry to hear about yours.

I did something to my coxyx whilst sneezing when I was 8months pregnant and it was agony for months, then painful for years, then finally healed about 10 years later. I got a steroid injection into it, which helped quite a bit , i`d recommend that, but it is a very painful thing and will take a while to heal, I dont actually know yet what exactly i did to mine, but I couldnt sit on it for months!! Good luck!

Jelly B
My son hurt his when he was still at secondry school, about 11 years ago, and it still plays him up sometimes. Sorry.

I did this a few years ago and I`m sorry to say hunni, but it doesn`t go away for aaaages :-(

x x x

Fifi L'amour
Oh you poor thing!
I fractured my tail bone a few years ago. I didn't know I'd done it til I went to sit down a few minutes later. I nearly left a dent in the ceiling from leaping up in agony!
I can still remember how painful it was, so I completely sympathise.
I went to my doctor and got strong painkillers to enable me to at least sit down. I was on those for about a month, and after that I was pretty much ok on brufen.
I think it took about three months for the pain to lessen enough that I didn't notice it, but it still hurt if I knocked it or sat down suddenly. I think it was about six months altogether for it to mend completely.
You might find a special cushion useful. The one I used was wedge shaped and had a cut out section where the tail bone is. It tilted you forward so you were not pressing on the tail bone, and sitting was more comfortable. You can probably get them from chemists that do disabled equipment and things like that. I got mine from someone at work so I can't help you there.
Keep taking the tablets, and I hope it feels better soon.

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