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 Can you die from cutting off ur tongue?!?
i herd rumors about this...is it true?
Additional Details
I wuz just wondering.


 Help! please!?
my brother just hit an oil heater(it was not on) and that caused his right eyelid to split. the cut was quite deep, do you think it will heal? will this require stitches? he will be able to see ...

 Is this normal?
Two weeks ago I was running, tripped and fell onto my leg. My knee hurt for about a week afterwards, and then the pain left, but came back a few days later. Is this normal?...

 My ear is bleeding?

i got in-ear monitors for listening to music, and because of that i clean my ears on a regular basic (usually every other day). today, i cleaned my ears, and when i removed it i ...

 I swallowed my toungue ring a week and a day ago, what should I do?
I swallowed my toungue ring on monday of last week, its now tuesday. I was told by many people if I don't pass it out within three days to go get x-rays. Well, atleast thats actually what I'...

 Car accident.. two weeks ago.. still in pain (neck and back)?
I was in a car accident almost two weeks ago. My mom told me i would be sore.. i understand after an accident one will be in pain, that but i am still in pain.. her excuses is to give it time and i�...

 I have a problem and i think it serious. Please Help!?
Here the story. Last sunday i was riding my skateboard and i was going really fast and so i lost my grip on the board and i slip and fell hardly and scrape my knees and hand. Now this is my first ...

 I am a male crossdresser i need to get rid of spider veins inside of left leg only fom ankle to calf help me
i would like to get back to wearing nude stockings and pantihose please only thoughtful helpful responses from girls ...

 What is wrong with me?
When I stand up for like an hour or so I feel light-headed, i get real dizzy, and tired. My stomach feels sick also. I always immediatley sit down for a few minutes and I will be fine. I started a ...

 Why do a lot of old people die when on the toilet?
Are they activating the nerve thats connected to the stomach and the heart? Or are they just pushing their heart into oblivion?...

 Im really worried...please help me?
so today i went to get my nails done...and the lady was doing a rly good job but then she cut myself with the thing that like trips cuticles and i kept bleeding!! and i wouldnt stop...so i was ...

 How long shoud I keep plaster (adhesive dressing) on wound after surgeon put it?
i had an accidend which made me to have half inch hole in leg (all skin to bone- just beside tibia)

I was wondering if i should wait till plaster (adhesive dressing will fall off itself ...

 What if you throw up during surgury?

 I have been hurting for days...?
My neck is killing me it's been doing this since friday. It's gone up into my head now and is making me wanna pass out. I never get like this. It may be stress, But I dunno. Schools over in ...

 Pus from ear piercing?
Hey I got my ear peirced about...4 months ago and everyone in a while theres a teeny pus that dries to my stud and i can see it when i take it out. Is this natural or is it a little infected, my ...

 Do you think people who cut themselves will ever be cured or recover?

 How do u tell if ur finger is jammed or broken?
I was playing basketball and i hit the ball and my finger kinda popped and now it's black and i can't do much i can barely type with ...

 I hurt my ankle at soccer a week ago and its still swollen. Should I go to the doctor or just rest?
I have iced it but I haven't had a rest because I play a lot of ...

 SO uncomfortable! Can someone help me with this?
So I did a fool venture today, with 500 chinese cherrypickers(bend one hand to opposite foot, repeat vice versa) in 12 minutes and no warmup.
Well...aside from feeling pretty dumb, my back is ...

 Help! I need some serious advice!?
I have been getting bloody noses alot. Atleast once or mabey twice a day.. Sometimes they are very extreme and will not stop and then sometimes they are very light.. I do not know how to fix them. I ...

not! at the disco
Do toenails regrow back after they've been completely ripped off?
I know it's disgusting, but I do bite my toenails and pick at them, but today I noticed that I picked at it a little too much and the nail is practically falling off the toe. I want to rip it off but I'm afraid it won't grow back - should I wait for it to grow and then rip the broken part, or do I just rip now and wait a year or so for them to grow back?

I'm very scared.
Additional Details
How long will it take? And if anyoen wnats to know, it's the toe next to the littlest toe.. =(

Steve B
Rip it off. The toenail will grow anew. It takes less than a year. I've had a fingernail fall off because I smashed it in a doorway. The pain goes away within a month.

Do not worry, toe nails won't stop growing. I also had my toe nail removed completely but now i have a better nail than I had before.

yes it well grow back ouch!!!!!!!

yea sometimes it takes a while but mine came back

Last summer I accidently ripped off a toenail while I was sleeping. We were sleeping in a small cuddy on a boat and my toenail got caught on some trim around the door while I was turning over in the night. OUCH! What a way to be awoken. It was pretty sore for quite awhile. Any way, it did eventually grow back but really deformed, but as time went on I just trimmed it from time to time and the deformed growth is gone now.

it will grow back. But it can get very bad. So the better thing to do is w8 and then pick it off. Otherwise it will get all fungus on the skin and everything. But either way it will grow back.

yes in about 4 months

yes it will grow back.

stop biting on your toenails. that is sick.

Your toenail will grow back. On occasion, the nail may grow back a little differently or deformed.
Please try not to chew on your toenails.

yes mine did :)


I am so glad :)


It looked discusting :(


1, 2, 3......RIP!!!!!
do it fast and it won't hurt as much.
it will take about a month for them to grow back, i think.
put a bandaid and some anti bacterial ointment on it and it shoudl be fine.
if it bleeds, press a tissue/ cotton puff for a while until it stops
good luck,

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