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 How long does it take for a sprained ankle to heal completely?
I sprained it two weeks ago, am walking fine, but it still hurts after I walk a lot or turn it too ...

 Do you have six fingers or toes?
Please tell mr your thots and experiances....

 How long before you can start walking on a broken ankle??

 My toe nail looks like its about to fall off and my mommy just told me she thinks it will. :(?
is there anything i can do to still have a toe nail by the end of this yeah or by the end of my life??? :( this makes me sad. bcuz i like my toe nails and i don't know how it happened :(

 Is it better to drink cool or room temperature water than very cold or ice water?

 If you smash your thumbnail and it falls off will it grow back?
i smashed my thumb between a couch and a corner of a wall. it bled for about 20 min. the nail had blood underneath it and i guess it scabbed up too....

 I just fell in my kitchen... my leg is bleeding pretty bad actually... what should I do?

 What causes the bruising ?
friday night i tripped over wearing high heels and twisted my ankle, that night i twisted it another 3 times as i assume i'd made it a bit weak. its now red and bruised around the lateral ...

 How do make a swelling ankle better?

 Neck problem?
My neck kind of made a slight crunching/grating noise this morning and now i cant fully turn or lift my head, its really painful, hoping it will go by the morning, but in the meanwhile, anyone have ...

 If I never had a cut or scrape ,or ever bled in my whole life,?
do I still have the same blood in my body as when I was born?

If not, where does the blood go, and does a 1 month old have same blood in its body as when its born . a 1 yr old? a 5 yr old ...

 My leg has a 'dent' on my shinbone, is it broken?
Last summer I fell pretty hard on metal stairs and hit my shinbone. I had jeans on and it broke the skin a little underneath. It really hurt, but I didn't go to a doctor becuse I didn't ...

 My dad he hit my kidneys and my skin where he hit me is black and blue?
it hurts alot. when i sit down. should i see the doctor ?...

 Is it possible to pull/sprain your shin?
I was playing Dance Dance Revolution and I moved/landed wrong and now my shin "muscle" really hurts. It hurts near the top of the front of my lower leg. It doesn't hurt too much just ...

 Have you ever had a black eye? If so, then how?
I've had one.

I was in 4th grade and a boy got mad at me. He pushed me, I kicked him, he hit my arm, I spit on him, and he punched me in the face. Wow! Course I did spit on him so I...

 Can i wear high heels after i dislocate my ankle?
i dislocated my ankle march 9th. 2006, a little over a year ago. its still swollen ( just a little ) but i walk normally. when i tried to put on heels. it hurts a little bit. so do i need to keep ...

 Why do i get cramps in my legs when im playing football?

 Ouchy things of past Disapeer, HOW????
n may I was in an accident in witch I was thrown from a horse and then she stepped on my arm it was gross, well now I have a HUGE scar from where they had to poke a scalpel in to drain fluids and I ...

 Is it possible for your finger nails to fall off?

 Swollen knee?!?
Well I have been having problems with my knee for a while, having physio on it etc, but yday bashed my knee, it has bruised and swollen up, and hurts to bend it especially when walking on it...it is ...

Cutting wrists? how deep will cause death?
whats the depth of cutting wrist that will lead to death?


uhmm dont cut your wrists. you can get hurt.
i would assume it depends on how deep our veins are and how wide the cut is . . . : /

Grand pa
Get help now cutting your self ually fails Call the crisis line ..

If you are asking because you want to do this, then you are crying out for help. Click on my avatar and we can correspond by mail. Nothing is worth suicide, even if one thinks it is, later they will realize how wrong they are!!!

I am guessing if you cut the hand off and laid there long enough you would bleed to death.

alanna e
it depend how much you cut yourself on the wrist but it not a good thing to do that. if cut the vernus the green part as you can see then it could cause to death.

mr danger
my best guess is that you probably can't. I slammed a glass door once . My right hand went right through it - and then I pulled my hand back. Mistake. I managed to sever nerves ,a tendon a couple of veins and arteries. Overall a real mess. I took me 30 minutes to get to the hospital. Guess what ?I didn't die.
As you no doubt know life can be excrutiatingly painful at times and this cry for help of yours is not so much about you not wanting to live but rather about you not wanting to live in pain anymore. That feeling is very human and very reasonable. You need to promise all of us that you are not going to act on this .You need to realize that if you do decide to act on this it is a medical emergency and you should either call a suicide hot line or take yourself to an emergency room.
So get on the phone and start calling people you trust and talk to them about this.
good luck

actually it is not how deep its other factors that i will not mention because i don't want anyone to go through what i did because i cut once and i just blacked out and was put on medicine in the hospital and have had to see a psychiatrist every week since because he is supposed to help but all it does is make it worst! But that all is another story! Also people at school will ask you crap like "What happened???" like they were your friends before or something! And if you do which it is not my fault if you do. Wear hoodies to school so no one will ask!

i hope you are not serious. life is worth living do not do anything to hurt yourself people love you GOD loves you and it would really hurt.call someone you love go see a friend but dont give up things will get better but you have to be around to know it.GOD has a plan for you ,you are important.i love you.

R U INSANE!!!! I think u shud consult a phycatrist, counseler or social workr. If ur tensed, don't do anything that stupid!!! Bcoz time doesn't remain the same.

As an answer, Just keep cutting... just keep cutting... keep cutting... cutting......

<333 Chelsea <333
People cut their wrists if they are depressed. You might either accidently cut a vein.You might also get an infection which can lead to death.

anything past the skin... Cutting, itself won't cause death. Its the bleeding that causes death. You have to cut pretty deep to bleed to death before you can get to a hospital..

As soon as you cut your wrist artery you'll start bleeding till you get shocked

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