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Car accident.. two weeks ago.. still in pain (neck and back)?
I was in a car accident almost two weeks ago. My mom told me i would be sore.. i understand after an accident one will be in pain, that but i am still in pain.. her excuses is to give it time and i'll heal (probly bc we are very short on extra money to pay for doctors visits) I hit a non moving object while backing up.(i do not appreciate the rude comments about my driving that i got the last time i posted a similar question) Anyway, i read online that if you get in an accident while your head is turned to the side it can cause alot of damage. I am not sure if the remaining pain could be from not sleeping right or from doing activities... i have been preety laid back.. but every other day my neck and back hurt .What should i do.. Should i wait it out or should i go to see the doctor?

u should go for check to cardiologist doctor

You should go see a doctor, It will probably help the most atleast take some x-rays just to see how much your body is improving.

A Landers
Usually a hyper flexation / extension injury which means the muscles have been stretched. Can be treated with muscle relaxers (Motrin), Aspirin, etc. Also the right combination of ice pack and or heat.
Best to see an orthopedic physician and get started on the road to recovery. Be sure to explain to him you have no medical insurance or money so you cant do therapy.

Speaking of money, some auto insurance policies cover medical expenses up to a limit if $2,000 - $10,000. Take a look at your policy for "med pay" or Medical payments" coverage or "no fault" coverage. Call your insurance company and ask them. These coverages provide coverages for you for reasonable and necessary medical expenses directly related to the accident.

Please go to the doctor. Car accidents are too unpredictable for people to propertly provide a diagnosis. Only a doctor would be able to provide some sort of insight to your problem. So, my answer is yes, please go to the doctor.

Lori S.
In a car accident
if hit from behind
it will violently have a force
on your neck forward backward
this is whiplash
such a force tears the muscles that support your neck
The pain is permanent can be known as a disability
You should have been taken to the hospital
without delay or the doctor's office.

This is one of the reasons why a person shouldn't be moved
in the event of injuries like this.

You should at least be checked out for whiplash, which is common in collisions like yours.

If it's not, that's good...and you can maybe see a massage therapist and/or chiropractor to help with the soreness.

But if it is whiplash you'll need treatment.

two weeks seems like a long, especially since you were going slow (i assume you were going slow since you were backing up) neck and back injuries can last a lifetime. it might be something easily fixable, or nothing at all. but it could also be more serious

id doctor it

I STILL have pain from a car wreck 8yrs ago! And child birth and other injury's...Sometimes these things never go away, just simmer down to a tolerably low roar. I eat alot of I B profrin; its an over the counter anti- inflammatory. A combination of hot and cold pack treatments. (advice from physical therapist after Major wreck). Epsom salt (any dollar store, walmart, drug store) in your bath. Its know to help with pain. Look into home remedy's for pain, they really work. Unless you prefer to waste precious hard earned $ to go see a "quack a practor"?

My car accident was 8 years ago, and my neck still hurts and lost some range of motion
sorry for the bad news

Sandra W
You should have seen a doctor right after it happened. They could have given you a neck brace, and pain meds. Any car accident (head turned or not) can give you neck or back pains. If it's been two weeks, and it still hurts, I'd recommend seeing a doctor. Try taking some Advil, in the meantime, and use an ice pack on you neck. Maybe a Chiropractor would help.
Hope you feel better soon.

yes, you could have a pinched nerve in your neck.
That requires physical therapy, the longer you wait,
the longer it will take to get well, or even maybe cause
more damage. You have hurt your neck, no question.
Since you do not have the money, or your parents...
go to the emergency room at your hospital.
Tell them you have no insurance and someone advised you of charity care..to put you on that. It will pay the hospital, and the doctors you see in the hospital.
All hospitals have it. It is given especially for those without insurance..a lot of people do not know of it, or the name of it.
The government pays the hospital. They are given millions of
dollars to help people in your situation.
Please go. Not to worry.

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