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ann e
Cant convince my doctor my back is bad what can i do?

I can tell you about a bad back - I broke mine in four places and through sheer will-power and determination I walk, work full time, run a house and keep up with my 6 year old (who was born before my, near-death experience, accident).

Don't get me wrong, I do not find any of this easy but exercise certainly helps.

Maybe you should try it!

Go to another doctor or chiropractor. They will be happy to take your money for no reason!

Montee P
Don't try to convince the doctors, just tell them to help you some how some way you want help. After losing many jobs and many so called friends due to unbearable pain. I still get angry when i think of what the doctors sent me thur. And when the MRI showed damage in my back they did not want to discuss their pass conduct with me. Now i some time feel like a cripple, if only some doctors would of listen and look at me it could of been caught early and i could be find. Sorry no disrespect to all doctors I just feel this way because of the constance pain.

Ask for x-rays and an MRI to show him.

Go find yourself another doctor, one who will listen to you.

Hi my doctor is the same ive had problems with my legs and back and my doctor wont do anything for me, He just recommends Ibuprofen but im allergic to them so i cant take them so i have to put up with the pain ive tried everything.. Im thinking of going to a different doctors as other people i know who have problems have xrays and stuff, so they can find out what the problems are. I would deffinaltly go to another doctors as there could be something wrong that another doctor may sort out for you. They dont realise how much pain were in. Hope you get your back sorted out soon

educated guess
You go find another doctor and keep on trying to get someone to listen to you.

Go to a new doctor.

My doc referred me to a back specialist. With the help of MRI pictures my specialist saw exactly where my problem was. Physcial therapy and changing how I did things helped immensely.

Get it off the bed in a morning to do some work.

see a private physio or chiropractor or try acupuncture

I broke my back 20 years ago, in all that time the best GPs have ever done for me (other than my current GP who booked an appointment for me with his chiropracter) is advise bed rest and prescribe pain killers and or anti-inflamatory drugs.
When I have back problems I don't waste my time trying to get a doctor's appointment I go straight to the person who can sort it out.

If you're genuinely having problems with your back go to a reputable chiropracter, of course you might not have back problems you might have something else causing you back pain.

If you're after a "get out of work card" just keep visiting doctors until one gives you what you want.

Decide what you want to accomplish.

If you need a 'bad back' diagnosis, keep going to different doctors until one believes you.

Lady Penelope
get another doctor's opinion.

Ask him for a second opinion.

Get another doctor....you get good ones and you get bad ones. If he doesn't believe you go to someone else.

Change doctor. Not all doctors are good, and I know. I was once given two weeks to live when all I had was a throat infection etc (ad infinitum). Seeing a Chiropractor is also a good idea.

Back pain is very difficult to disprove, If you say its bad then it must be, it could be muscular pain which could be impossible to prove, your doctor should have at least given you painkillers.
If you're not happy with the way the doctor dealt with you then ask to see another doctor or ask to be referred for physiotherapy etc.

See another doctor for a second opinion b4 it becomes really bad

see another doctor is your back is truely bad

Lyndsey B
roll around on the floor and scream help!or walk up 2 him and colapes on the floor and say haha i told u i had a bad back.

Big R
than your back is not bad !!!!!!!!!

miracle man
See a different doctor or believe what this one tells you

I walked around for nearly 12 years with server back ache only to be told time and again there is nothing wrong until one day i woke up and could not move my left leg and then it took 2 weeks before they oporated and found i had degeneration of the spine and a disk that moved about in my back.

Insist on an MRI and go and see an specialist.

go find another doc who would spend the time and patience on you and listen to you.

sarah k
If you need to convince your doctor you must be lying!!!


Your doctor could be right, it could be the way your sitting or your matress, or lack of excercise.
You need to find out when your back hurts more.
If its in the mornings then its your bed, you will need to get a better quality matress.
sitting at a computer for long periods.
excercise a little and losen up the muscles, just 5 mins of excercise will help.

Picking things up, bend your knees and keep your back straight.
90% its just simple things as above.

If you still feel this is not the case definatly ask for a second opinion.

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