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 Does an itchy wound mean it's healing?

 Infected Belly Button Piercing?
I think my belly button piercing may be infected. I t do take very good care of it, soaking it in warm salt water for 15-30 minutes a day; however, about two days ago I woke up with it swollen, ...

 My thumb hurts?
my brother pushed me down on the concreate and i tried to brake my fall that afternoon my thumb started hurting mostly in the joints and when i felt it it felt alittle weird but its getting a little ...

 I have bitten by a rat.what to do now ?
rat bite me on left toe....

 Leg "pain"... What would you do in my shoes ?
So, some two years ago I had a little accident. I am a postman, and was riding my motorcycle when it was slippery outside. I braked (or whatever) but accidentally "gave gas" (sped up), so ...

 How do i deal with lower back pain when docs say nothing wrong any docs have opinion?
M R I says
L3 - 4 thereis very mild ,early degenerative disc disease there is mild bulging at this level .this no canal or nerve root compromise.

L4-5 there is a small ventral ...

 My ankle hurts when i run.?
I'm in my high school track team. My right ankle started hurting when I was running a 350 breakdown at track practice like around February 20th. Could this be a sprain? I've been using ...

 Does anyone know how to minimize the appearance of minor burns?
Thanks in advance....

 Is it okay to clean a wound with toilet paper?
Okay, I'm with my boyfriend and he has a cut so I"m trying to clean it for him and take care of him and stuff.. So I tell him I'm going to get some toilet paper to clean off the blood, ...

 How much compensation am i likely to recive for an accident at work which fractured my metarsal bone in foot?
i have lost approx £1000 in loss of earnings and have difficulty sleeping at night,three to four times a day i have to massage my injured foot due to severe cramp.this has also led to swelling in my ...

 Which of the following is a cause of scoliosis?
is it
A. Leg legth discrepancy
B. Spina bifida
C. Spinal nerve root damage
D. All of the ...

 What fruit can you eat forever if you could?
what's your fav. fruit? yea that's what i ...

 Should I keep working my summer job even though I am experiencing wrist pain?
I am 18, female. I started working as a busser at a nice restaurant just over a week ago, and have gradually started feeling more and more pain in my left wrist from holding the serving trays. Now ...

 Hand burns?!?
I have four bad burns on my left hand. What kind i do to ease the pain? I've tried water but it stings like crazy.

Please, this is a serious question.
Additional Details

 Daughter needed stitches from camp. Does she have a case?
My daughter cut her toe on indoor bleachers while attending a ymca camp requiring 3 stitches. They allow the children to walk bear-footed on the bleachers. The Ymca has never offered some type of ...

 Shoulder pain!!! Any advice?
My right shoulder is in so much pain! I think its the muscle and it burns no matter how I hold my arm and if I turn my neck to the right it hurts even worse. Sometimes the pain shoots through the ...

 My knee is in pain?
About a year ago I Sprained my right knee pretty badly but it healed and I could run the same way again.(i love to run)...About a month ago the same knee started hurting again. the pain was so bad I ...

 Is my wrist broken?
This morning I fell down the stairs outside our house and landed on my outstretched hand. It is now very swolen and has been constantly painful all day and is increasingly getting worse. I cannot ...

 I crashed my mom's car and i'm scared of doing it again?
yesterday i crashed the car. no one got hurt and i'm ok, but the car is totalled. it's gonna cost a lot of money but i'm worried it could happen again. cuz i really freaked out in the ...

 How long does it take for a broken arm, severely bruised body, bleeding temple and shoulder take to heal?
say these injuries are on the body of an 18 year old male who has been exercising since he was 13, has been and still is eating adequately and leads a healthy life totally void of junk food, ...

Can you walk without a knee cap?

little flower
yes ofcourse it is only really a protector


yes you could. But they protect your knee joints

without the knee cap the ligaments that hold the joint together are gone. Be prepared to do a lot of falling down.

kneecap - a small flat triangular bone in front of the knee that protects the knee joint

it would be really painful to walkwithout them but doable, i wouldnt like to be without them.

The Tank
yes, but it's not easy because so many of the ligaments etc. are attached to it. It also takes a long time to re-learn to walk and you would be ever after prone to knee joint problems.
But you could still play the voiln if you wanted to.

Yes .Lots of people have them removed for medical reasons .You need a lot of physio to get going properly again after the op.

The Cheminator
You would probally need a brace to prevent you from hyperextending the knee joint...but you should be able to walk.

Sexy Red
Yes you can walk without a patella (knee cap) the patella is only there for protection,but some people do find it hard to become stable thou if they have to have this removed,so thy would have to have a brace fitted which does the job too.

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