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 I think I broke my toe?
ever since last night my toe has really been bothering me. it's the middle one.
It hurts really badly to walk on it and when I do I get a sharp dull achy pain in the toe. there is a ...

 Is it okay to break vicodin pills in half?
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 I think i broke my big toe!?
I slipped and fell down the stairs. Well half way down and i think i landed on my big toe while it was flexed. It hurts to stand. Its throbbing and

I can flex it with out too much pain ...

 My mom just cut her finger, what should we do?
Okay, so while cutting lettuce she cut the tip of her finger clear off. She didn't cut too much off, just a little but it's bleeding, and the blood coming out is pretty dark, not too dark, ...

 My thumb still hurts?
A few weeks ago i hit something with my fist and my pinky finger was sore for a few days but my thumb still hurts it hurts to do almost anything that requires me to grip with it or whatever. I didn�...

 I was swimming too deep in the sea yesterday and now all i can hear is water in my ear! help!?

 My nail died and now i think its gonna fall off... :(( ... will it hurt? and can i stop it?
PLEASE... answerr! i need help! it hurt so muchhh... :((
Additional Details
huh? pleasee! i need answers from people wid experience cuz i am confused if it will hurt or not......

 How do you relieve a pain in all parts of your hands after lifting a very heavy object?

 What's wrong with me?!?
In XC practice I could only run half of the practice then I left early...

Well about a week or a week and a half ago I don't know what happened but I hurt my foot and the pain was on ...

 Knee Problems... Need Help?
On Wednesday i taw the cruciate ligaments in my knee and damaged the cartilage. Does anyone know how long it will take to heal because i am a frequent sports player? And when i recover is it ...

 What is the quickest way to get rid of a bruise?

 Open Wound On Leg, What Should I Do?!?!?
Today my friends dog bit me and i have a small cut on my leg. It doesnt hurt and doesnt effect my mobility whatsoever. The dog is up to date on all its shots and i am also. It is an open wound but is ...

 Could a pain in my upper back and left chest caused by my crying so hard and sadness?
I was so sad and was crying so hard,and when i woke up my upper back somewhere in my left shoulder blade hurt so bad so as my left chest.i was vacuuming prior to that night.But the muscles there are ...

 Got an itch? How do you scratch your itch when it's under your cast?
Looking for good tips on what you do to scratch that itch under your cast....I would like to pass this info. on to others, especially during the hot summer months!...Thanks!
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 Laser eye surgery cost?
Can anyone tell me the average price of laser eye surgery?...

 I have muscle pain at my left back (lats). I've tried cold/heat treatment and Alleve/Advil. What next?

 Help Please!!!?
I'm kind-of worried. I sprained my ankle like almost a week ago and now it still appears more round and swollen than the other ankle. I can walk on it but it hurts. And I can't stand on it ...

 Is balance affected without a little toe?
I can not find ANY shoes that do not hurt my little toe on my right foot....

 Sprained ankle!! freaking out??
ok so i had sprained my ankle around 4 monthes ago... and since im in sports at my school and didnt have a note i had to run... and we run alot everyday... so im totally freaking out now bc my ankle ...

 Arm swollen after fall.?
I fell on my arm yesterday, I can move my arm,elbow,fingers etc. But I have some swelling above my wrist thats tender to the touch and feels tight (if that makes sense). The rest of my arm has no ...

Can you go to the ER if you do not have health insurance?
My friend broke his leg and he does not have health insurance.
He will not go to the doctor and he is in so much pain. what can he do?

yes, hospital ER's must treat you, plus many get state and federal money to treat uninsured patients, often you just fill out a form to have the bill written off. if you live in a large city, with more then one hospital, you might call around to see which one is the public hospital,,,,

go to the E.R. they will not turn u away if u have a broken leg. they generally wont turn u away for anything if its a community hospital. there are financial arrangements that can be made thru patient services. a broken leg is verry serious, can lead to other complications if left untreated! go to the E.R asap!

yes you can't be denied medical attention because of no insurence. They have people that can help you with that or something called a sliding scale. Depending on how much you make is how much you pay.

Like previously stated . E R 's can not turn you away. If he really did break his leg, immediate help is needed. Judging from your question, this happened a while ago. Go now, if you haven't already.

Alutiiq Beauty
Go to a County Hospital, because they cannot deny you medical assistance if you have no health coverage (it's the law). Good Luck , and hope he gets better quickly. God Bless. Go to the Doctor


Emergency Room's can not turn away any patient, for any reason, including inability to pay. It's the law that they have to accept any patient who comes in. He needs to go, he could even get an infection, and his leg might heal incorrectly and then he'll have way more problems. Some hospitals even have programs to help people pay for their medical bills if they can't afford it.

No ER can turn a person away from treatment....that is the law.....your friend needs to go to the ER to have his leg looked at and treated if it is broken....he can always work out a payment plan later on with the hospital...but he needs to be seen and worry about insurance stuff later.....so I highly suggest you get him to go...and if he did break his leg and it isnt set properly he can be looking at a host of problems including loss of limb down the road if circulation is compromised

He needs to see a doctor. Most ERs and some doctors offices will see patients without insurance. Its expensive but most places will take people without insurance as self-pay clients and most hospitals and clinics offer payment plans to pay for services.

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