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 I have a spider bite. When I stand up, blood pours out of it, is that normal?
I've had this spider bite for about a week. I went to the e.r. and they just gave me antibiotics and a scrub brush to pop it myself. But I found some things on the internet last night relating ...

 Took four advils will I be okay?
i worked out pretty hard yesterday and my muscles were really hurting so i took 4 will i be okay, scared!...

 Broken arm!?
ok so i have just taken my cast off my arm i had a fractured wrist basically and i have had enough its been about a week since i did it. and i took the cast off just now.. whats the worst that can ...

 My grandson claims his friend shot him in the leg with a bb gun. what does a bb gunshot wound look like?
The wound did not bleed,but he has a scab on it. I'm not sure he is telling us the truth. Is there any way of telling what it would look like. It does not bother him. Should he be seen by a ...

 If bruises are just bleeding under the skin, why are they sometimes yellow?

 What is a canker sore and how do you get rid of it?

 Ok i am scared and Need Help can u please please please please help me!?
Well i fell off my bike about a week ago and hurt my wrist
I broke it soo bad i have to have surgery on it :

So i am scared to DEATH wat its like....

 How do I know if my spleen is ruptured?
I just got over having mono for three weeks, and my spleen is severly enlarged, I'm a very small person, 5'3" 90lbs, so the doctors told me it would be very easy for me to rupture my ...

 Bones cracking at 13?
my ankles and knees crack not just like when you roll them but LOUD and when i walk it does it a lot i mean a lot! also, when ever i do a sit up in PE or run stort distances my hip feels as if their ...

 Knee Problem?
I'm an active person. I wake up early every morning, to go for a quick 20 minute run. For the past month or so, my left knee's been acting up. It's been pretty sore lately. I stopped ...

 No cast needed for my daughter's broken arm?
My 9 year old broke her humerus just below her shoulder. It was a clean break, apparently where a cyst was growing in the bone.

The doctor (presumably an expert based on the fact that she ...

 Is cutting bad?
Is it really that bad to cut yourself?
I mean it's a good stress reliever.
Like how some people drink to help stress;
it's my way of dealing with it....

 How do they treat a finger that has been broken for a few months?
do they have to re-break the finger and splint it or something else?
i am going to a specialist tomorrow about a finger that is possibly broken [most likely] the doctor said so

just ...

 URGENT, Hurt knee any ideas what could be wrong?
I was crouching and pushing a pile of freight when all of a sudden I felt almost like a crunching sensation in the back of my knee. It hurts when I move it, and on top of that my boss wouldn't ...

 If you were tight-rope walker and you fell, what would you like to fall on?

 My friend sprained his finger itching his butt. lol. what is the most embrassing injury you have ever had?

 Mouth full of canker sores and upper and lower swollen lips?
my son has been on an antibiotic for 2 days, his upper and lower lips are swollen and he has a mouth full of canker sores. no temp
but hes miserable. it started out just a simple sore throat. <...

 How should i remove a spell from my thumb, its getting painful !?

Additional Details
Sorry I am English and here a spell is also a tiny thorn that s embedded itself under the skin of my thumb....

 My urine is Highlighter yellow...could there be somthing wrong?

 How do I know if its athritis or carpal tunnel. This numbness is going on for a month now. Help!?
And should i ice it up or use heat?...

AOOGAH is a cool word :D
Can cutting your wrists kill you?
If you cut one of the easily-visible veins on your wrist, can it kill you?

Yup Yup
Yup it sure can because just nicking the vein would cause major bleeding and you would most likely bleed to death. And it's pretty painful.

UHHH YEAH!!!! if u cut one vein it can stop your whole body becuz it pumps blood from your heart or something like that but it can still kill ya!

yup sure can


Jennifer A
If you cut one of your veins you may not necessarily die if you stop the bleeding. If you cut your artery you will die from blood loss.

UMM YES!! why would you even think about doing that??

yes theres an artery that runs up ur rist. if u cut along the artery then u wil die. But if u just cut straight across ur rist then u will not die. However this is extremely dangerous cause u can bleed 2 death very fast cause u hit the artery.

YES!!! so don't do it!!!

keke s
yes it can if you cut too deep

God Is My Life
Yes it can. Why would you cut yourself though? you shouldn't waste your time doing that. Jesus loves you and so does God and there is no reason for you to cut yourself.

Did you know only 2% of suicides by wrist cutting are successful?

You would have to cut clear through the artery in your wrist, which would mean going to the bone, and then, you get to lean back and relax for about 20 minutes as the blood slowly seeps out of your wrist, killing you slowly and painfully...

But the simple answer is YES. Yes it can.

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