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 Should I try to save my severed finger?
As an experment, I've jjust cut off my little finger. I'm in an extrordinary amount of painn and I'm starting to wish I hadn't dne this. I also feel sick/ .should I take it to a d[...

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i no you mean well but dont say GP, or 999 its not ...

 Should i go to the hospital to have this nail in my head removed?
or can i safely remove it myself?
it was an accident with a nail gun i was playing around with.
geez i have a splitting headache!
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there are so many good ...

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 Please This is a serious question and i need quick responses?
Cut long story short, glass broke on my head lots of blood, sister fainted, She has now recovered

But what should we do with her?...

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 I'm a victim of a car crash which has left me?
with a badly bruised face. Any help to soothing, and clearing up this ugly bruising please fast??
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Epic i agree. ........ i need advise. all i have is some bad ...

 If a finger gets cut off?
okay my daughter is 23 months old and her pinky finger was cut off...she went to emergency and they sewed it back on and put a cast on her for a week...yesterday she got the cast taken off her arm ...

 How can I break my leg or arm?
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 Broken Foot?
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 I just got robbed and shot in the abdomin, how do i stop the bleeding?
Seriously why do people ask serious health questions on yahoo answers? People if you have a serious health question go to a doctor!!!...

Can I glue my toenail down?
I dropped a pickle jar on my toe about a month ago, and my toenail is detaching from my toe in the middle and top, but it's still attached at the sides and base where it grows out of (Yeah, sorry, I know this is gross) I can see down it. I don't want to get sand and dirt in there, is it safe to superglue it back to my toe so it doesn't accidently get ripped off? It makes me cringe just thinking about that :-(

i dare you to super glue it!!! hahaha

Brittany E
no b/e then it would be like that for a while it won't hurt it if u get stuff in it lol

i woudnt try it i would either try talking to your doctor or maybe even putting duck tape arount your toe so that it doesnt fall off

I had a similar situation with a bag of ice I was trying to break up. I just cut off the parts that were easy to cut away and filed down the parts on the side until a new toe nail grew back. I don't know about super gluing. You may want to call a doctor or nurse and ask their advice.

you can try it---but, it would seem that there would be no"grafting" between the old and the new---the new would probably grow underneath----wouldn't it be better to ask a podiatrist for an answer which is probably more correct than any you receive here on y/a ???

Do not try this. Tape your toenail down or use a finger cot (available at drugstore) to keep dirt from getting under toenail. It is important to keep it clean to avoid infection.

I wouldn't recommend that. When you sustain an injury to your toe like that, the nail is going to fall off. If you can't go to your doctor to have it removed, I would cover it with a bandage to keep dirt out, and wait for it to fall out on it's own.

And, don't worry, you will grow a new nail back.

No, don't superglue it because your toenail grows, and so its constantly moving up and that would just end up badly. Just wrap a bandaid around it and wear closed shoes. Eventually your toenail will grow enough for it to have healed back to normal. Once my toenail came completely off and slowly a new one grew on.

Let your doc cut it for you. Super gluing it would cause a BIG problem. If you get super glue on your skin, you have a bigger problem than that problem trying to get it off. I've gotten super glue on my skin in the past, "the voice of experience" knows what she's talking about.

I would soke it in the warmest water you can stand for 20-30 minutes to soften it up. After that work at it until it comes off. I have a jacked up toenail that I have to remove every couple months. If you have any type of circulation problems (i.e. DIABETES) see your doctor or go see a podiatrist at once. since it has already let go from he middle it will be eaiser to remove.
good luck

sexy mama
no, it needs to come off so a new one will grow back, just keep it clean use some Neosporin and cover it with a band aid if its getting dirt in it alot, its best to let it get some air as much as possible, you may have to go to the dr. and get it removed if it doesn't come off on its own

the same exact thing happened to my toenail a few years ago, except i got it from kicking something.

you need to go to the podiestrist. he will trim the part that has detached itself and he should perscribe to you an anti-Fungal topical solution.
right now you are very suceptable to a fungus because it now has a place to reside inside your nail. wearing shoes all day plus the moisture that creates will surly win you a fungus. and it is easier to prevent a fungus than to get rid of one!

so my best advice is to go to the foot doctor. it worked for me and now my nail looks perfectly normal.

Saul T
im not sure but if you superglued your nail down it would rip your skin when your tonail grew

you should LEt it fall off. Put a bandaid over it or something so it doesn't get infected. make sure you treat it. my toenail got smashed in a car door once and it fell off it self. becareful. super glue sounds crazy.

Kris D
Yeah you can but i wouldnt advise it. Just use a bandage till the nail comes off...because it will be coming off. Then just keep it clean and bandaged till the skin heals up and closes. Eventually a new nail will grow back.

Mango Muncher
okay i know this is gross.

last summer i stubbed my toe in an odd way and it was riooed off except for the very bottom. i left it like that for a while and really nasty stuff started to get stuck under it. si i took a small pair of scisssors and cut it off.

dont glue it, the dead nail will just stay there, you need to get rid of it. don't wait too long to cut it off or you will not be able to tell between the dead and new one. just cut it, dont pull, it seriously hurts. wrap it up in a band-aid to keep it clean from infection and dirt, and you will be fine. it will take about a mounth for it to grow back, drink lots of milk and get lots of Calcium so it wil grow faster and stronger. good luck!, i hop i helped.

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