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amy b
Blood blister in eye?
i injured my eye and got a blood blister in it last night, this morning i woke up and it broke -but it seems as if the blood i moving and my eye is starting to hurt and swell a little.
does anyone know if this is a serious thing or if will go away with time? please help!!!!

my sister had the same thing happen to her=she had to go see a Dr=perhaps you had better make an appointment=eyes are to delicate to fool around with=good luck

Jacobean Ruff
The blood appears to be moving because It seems like you have some burst blood vessels in your eye - this is known as subconjunctival hemorrhage. Mild pain and irritation are normal with burst blood vessels. Most of the time, the signs of the hemorrhages clear up without treatment, usually within 10 days. But seeing as the hemorrhage was caused by injury, consult your doctor as soon as possible! It could be serious.

Holy idiocy, batman!! Go to an ophthalmologist!

What kind of dummy injures his/her EYE and sits around and asks for help on Yahoo! questions?

Coming up next, an idiot who accidentally set himself on fire, and posts a question asking what he should do.

Czech Chick
How did you injure your eye? Anyway, if you have insurance, see a doctor asap. If not, ask a pharmacist for advice or if there is anything he/she can recommend you use/buy over the counter. Pharmacists are doctors too. One gave me great advice and saved me a couple hundred dollars for an office visit!

sexy g
go and see a doctor, eyes is sensentive part,

nothing serious, but if it is worrying you heaps, go see a chemist. I had a blood blister in my eye a while ago, and the pain went away in about 2 days.

My dad woke up one morning with a broken blood vessel in his eye. He was all freaked out that it was serious but he went to the doc who assured him it was not serious. It took about a week to completely go away. My daughter now calls him Red-Eyed Grandad and he had fun chasing her around the house, making scarey growling noises. Anyways..your eye will be fine :o)

Um to b safe I'd got to a doctor but if u don't wanna check out


Go see a doctor, this could be something very serious
considering it is starting to hurt and swell.

A blood blister is a type of blister that forms when subdermal tissues and blood vessels are damaged without piercing the skin. It consists of a pool of lymph, blood and other bodily fluids trapped beneath the skin. If punctured, it suppurates a dark red fluid. Sometimes the fluids are cut off from the rest of the body and dry up, leaving behind dead cell material inside the blister. It tends to have a texture like putty.

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