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 My son sprained ankle on August 3rd, his coach said to ice then hot water soak and then ice again.?
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 Anyone know what would cause sudden chest pain with blurred vision and severe weakness?
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 Daftest injury?
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 Can you move your shouder if you have dislocated it,?
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 Shot or stabbed?
Would you rather get shot in the stomach or stabbed in the stomach?

I'm thinking shot, just because it seems quicker? You get shot, it's in there, that's it. Stabbed is more ...

 What can I do to prevent a deep cut on my upper lip from scarring?
is there any cream I can buy to put on it, or any other helpful ideas I can try?...

 What am i doing wrong in my cpr training...?
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 I have broken my arm a upper arm fracture, would it be stupid to go hillwalking with this?
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Arm swollen after fall.?
I fell on my arm yesterday, I can move my arm,elbow,fingers etc. But I have some swelling above my wrist thats tender to the touch and feels tight (if that makes sense). The rest of my arm has no pain. Could I have broken it? Thanks for your help.
Additional Details
The swelling has gone down mostly, I have had it wrapped and in a sling during the day. Its still tender were the small swelling remains though. Thanks for your well wishes :)
ps. Going to the ER or Doc is difficult as I have no ins.

its an inflamation going on. no need to worry.just apply hot packs 3 times aday and if required apply a pain killing volini gel.

sounds like it's sprained.......if you still have movement

Rene B
I agree with MrMan-instead of asking here, you could have gone to the doctor and probably have peace of mind now with regard to your injury.

Thats a question for your doctor. Not some Joe Shmoes on Yahoo.

Sounds like a sprain. If you arm was broken, you would not be able to let it hang down at your side because you would be in SO MUCH PAIN you might pass out!

U can't b serious
Yes it is possible to have a fracture and still have movement & sensation. Xray is the only definate means of diagnosis. Go to Dr. or local ER.

The answer above is wrong. Ice for the first 24 hours to reduce swelling. If you use heat it will open blood vessels & make the swelling worse. See Dr.

I do not know where you are from. But in the states most county hosoital will treat uninsured patients, or call a Dr. and see if they will allow you to make payments. Don't ignore this due to lack of insurance or money.

It is probably just sprained. Keep an eye on it. You could have a slight fracture. If it gets bigger or turns red, see your doctor.

Start out putting ice on the swollen part. At least for one hour or so every day.(your progitive).If swelling reduces after a week or 2, it's just a sprain. If the swelling doesn't reduce in a week or 2 I would recocmend seeing your doctor, because it may be broken. If that is the case, because arm bones are long(long bone fractures take longer to heel) your arm will have to be in a cast and/or sling for a while. Best of luck to you. Hope you're ok.

Anthony Taurus
potential fracture.. might be so minor. its what they call a bruised bone. i had a similar fall a few years ago but i fell on both hands. my right wrist had the same problem you are describing. just apply ice and wait it out. my right forearm required a cast for 6 weeks. so go to a doctor and get xrays of your hands. they will let you know.

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