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 Fell on my 'tailbone' (coxis) 3 weeks ago -still hurts like h**l! Anyone know how long before pain goes away?
Had a small fall, but landed on my bottom-and I can't tell you how uncomfortable it is lying on my back, or even sitting in a chair or car--anybody had same thing?...

 How do you get rid of a scar?
i need a cheap way of getting rid of a scar the scar is from when i was 5 i am now 13 but i really want to get rid of itthe scar is across my stomach from an operation and i just want to get rid of ...

 I think i broke my toe?
I stubbed my little toe very hard and i cant tell whether it is broken, i can still move it, i put ice on it for about 30 mins to prevent swelling. the entire right side of my right foot is numb and ...

 Could my thumb be broken, etc?
I was playing football today with some of my friends and I seemed to twist back my thumb.. it was hard to move and hurt but I thought nothing of it and continued to play...

4 hours later, ...

 What do you do if you think you have a broken toe?

 Canker sores?
my cousin told me that if i put a lemon or lime on my canker sore it will go away quicker, is this true? if not can someone tell me how to get rid of them quickly? i have a band concert tomorrow and ...

 Im getting bruises that i dont know how i got
i got 2 on my leg but they are both going away and one on my arm is starting to go away. i had a blood test a month ago and it was fine. is it normal to get bruises without knowing how i got ...

 How do you tell if your toe is broken?
I don't have time to go to the doctor today..it's okay and everything cuz it's no big deal but I just want to know if it's broken (my pinky toe). Thanks so much!...

 Should someone pull a nail out of his head?
do you think if someone has a nail embeeded into his head should he pull it out himself or get medical ...

 Why do i always get holes in my socks but not in my toes?

 So I wonder if anyone can tell me why I get SO SORE when I work out?
I know it's normal to feel some soreness, but I get REALLY sore, like it's hard to move at all for the next couple of days, expecially the 2nd day. I don't know if this is due to a ...

 I got backpain?
i have had a back pain for i think 3 day it started when i woke up from sleepnig on my small sofa since then my back has been hurting at nite and i dont feel like takeing med to ...

 If you break a mirrow do you really get seven years of bad luck?
i broke a mirrow when i was eleven. now im thirteen. last year i dislocated my elbow 2 times and had 3 casts in eight months. 3 weeks ago i pulled a muscle in my hip and couldn't run for 2 weeks....

 Does Sadamm's neck hurt?

 I stepped on a nail?
i just stepped on a nail like 30 min. ago. and it refuses to bleed and i dont know how dirty the nail was. but there is something in my foot and its not the nail. its on my heel and it itches and ...

 Can anyone please help me its kind of urgent??
(ok this is my first question and i am so grateful to anyone who answers this.)
2 days ago i was running and i tripped and as i tripped i put out my hand and i fell on it.when i got home it was ...

 How can you reduce the show of scars after cutting yourself?

 Should i put ice on a bruised thumb?
i bruised my thumb and it's about 1/4th purple, what should i do.

Is it okay to put ice on it?...

 Help Me Please!?
Okay I have this breathing problem and my mom says its normal but I dont think so. When I breathe in it hurts and then when I exhale it hurts really bad!! I have no idea why this is happening but its ...

I have some decent-sized cuts on my lower leg. One of them has got infected. The skin around the area is turning pink. I don't have any of that carbon peroxide stuff. Besides going to a doctor, ...

A few months ago i hit my head on a granite table and now my head still hurts?
it happned in april while we wuz on spring break and the back of my head where i hit the table hurts alot! could i have like some kind of internal bleeding or something???


yea it tends to do that if you hit your head on granite....

I really feel sorry for you. I wish you will be fine soon. You should go to doctor and listen what doctor says.. You can also take Parasetamol. If you are 12 or under12 eat 250 mg If u are more then 12 eat 500mg. You have to eat 7 hour after 1st eat and the meadchin (parasitamol) Just remember Eat when u have pain on ur head.

you should place some ice on it.

yes, you could!!! go to the doctor!!!
my dad was in a car accident & kept a headache for the next 2 weeks (he didn't put it together) and about a week later he had a seizure & almost died... he had bleeding on his brain & had to have brain surgery
i'm not trying to scare you but please go have it checked & good luck!

Answers turns into questions? Did you F**k up the table? From an ex-nurse, because we just have to ask these questions.

Yes. You definitely have some head trauma. (joking)(im not a doctor i wouldnt know) Go to the doctor. I mean you hit your head what was your first clue?

Anon omus
get to the doctor! you could have fractured something.

yeah, go see a doc and they can do a CAT scan.

Matthew L
If it was internal bleeding, you'd probably be dead from a subdurmal hematoma (thanks CSI for putting "subdurmal hematoma" into my brain!).

Still, you should see a doctor. Or, to put it your way, "u shud c a dr." There could be bone bruising.

dizzy r
You could, but i think it's highly unlikely, it would have either healed itself or begun bother you more sooner. Go have it checked out.

Loving Life
Yeah really take ur butt to the doctor

You should go to doctor or hospital

DC ( I Rock) -Awesome-
just go to the doctor

Read the obituaries in the newspaper. Notice that most of the folks who died are older. Notice, also, that there will be the occasional young person who died as a result of an accident or 'sudden illness' or stuff like that.

A head injury is high up on the list of killers of young people.

You know what? Go see a doctor.


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