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Robert W
Why does it burns when my 7 year old son pees?
My son drinks lots of capri suns and water. He also drinks soda (sprite and pepsi). He eats regularly. He's been coughing a lot lately. I don't think he has strep throat. If so, he has not complained about his throat bothering him. This burning sensataion start last week for the first time. I just made him drink more water. The burning sensatation went away, but comes back every few days. What antibiotics do you recommend for a 7 year old?

Question #1: I don't know why it burns when your son urinates. It's okay to use the real words.

Question #2: I don't recommend anything except that he be evaluated by a doctor. If it's needed, the doctor will recommend and prescribe antibiotics.

Jesus rocks
It could be a urinary Tract infection.Other possibilities include bladder infection,kidney stones(yes even in a 7yr old).And as a matter of fact my son had strep throat a couple of years ago (that had gone un-treated) anyway it spread to his kidneys.the doctors were quite alarmed but he was given very strong antibiotics.Things turned out just fine.But seriously you should take him to the doctor.Kidneys are not something to mess around with.I am praying for you little one.God bless

I would ask a doctor. The burning sounds like a kidney / and or bladder infection; I get those regularly -- because like your son, I drink a lot of pop. Try Cranberry juice. It will cleanse his system. And water.
Coughing seems like it is unrelated, but when you have UTI's bladder/ kidney infections, your immune system weakens.
Advice: Talk to a doctor and buy some of the awful tasting Cranberry juice.

Sounds like a urinary Tract infection which is very common in children. Get that checked out promtly because if it is you do not want it to spread to his kidneys. Bad News!!

johns wife
if your son is seven i would make an appointment with his doctor or take him to emergency he could have a bladder infection.To much Pop for a young child is not good for them it could cause diabeties or kidney problems. A childs health is nothing to play with .
take him to a dr or hospital.

ginger lily
You need to get him to a doctor.

Bladder infection or urinary Tract infection. No one on answers can tell you what antibiotic to give him or what dose.

Pls take him to his pediatrician.

Hope he feels better.

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